Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik gets a shocker

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish asking everyone to write wish on chit, so that they can keep the chits in temple by Krish’s hands. Kartik thinks I wish Goenkas’ loss get recovered. Naira thinks Kartik and I should always love each other and have no misunderstanding. Everyone keeps the chits in the cradle. Kartik takes Krish in arms.

Kartik comes to room and sees the lovely candles and decorations. Naira comes and hugs him. She asks how did you like it, I got this new nightie from a new designer. He recalls seeing MK tag and says I know its from Mihir’s collection. She says yes, how did you like, we shall have a talk all night. He says not today, I m feeling sleepy. She asks are you annoyed. He says no, I have much headache, I have much work tomorrow. She says don’t give much

explanation, you sleep, good night. He goes to sleep. She blows the candles and gets sad. She thinks he is still annoyed, how shall I convince him. She goes to sleep.

Kartik wakes up by a call. He gets shocked. Naira wakes up and looks at him. Naksh shows a car toy for Krish. He says I got a new car for you. She says you are taking the car for Krish. Naksh says I love Krish and you also. She asks which car are you buying, I want a big car. He asks will this work. He shows the ad of Renault triber. She says its spacious, I want this. He says let this get launched, I m waiting. Samarth says the jewellery didn’t reach there. Manish asks how can this happen. Akhilesh asks Ranawat to answer him, he paid him a lot to get secure van, how can this happen, how can van go missing, find out and tell me. Dadi cries and says we got over one shock and this is another problem. Manish sits back. Kartik asks are you fine.

Samarth says don’t take stress. Dadi says Suwarna take care of Manish, he may fall ill. Naira says we have to do something soon. Kartik says yes I know. Dadi says Kartik is responsible and knows his work, no need to tell him. Akhilesh says we can’t doubt our old workers. Samarth says I will talk to ACP and request him to keep this matter discrete. Akhilesh says this matter shouldn’t come out. Naira disconnects Mihir’s call. Kartik says I have sent you car and driver details, get the footage and other info. Naira answers Mihir’s call and says I will call back in 5 mins. Kartik says don’t tell anything to Mihir, we can’t let this news spread in market. Dadi says you may get commission there, don’t forget you are owner’s wife here. Kartik says I want to go on that route and find out. Akhilesh says we will go by other route. Naira says don’t refuse to me, I will come with you.

Naksh and Kirti ask Krish whom does he love more and joke. Gayu calls Naksh and says its a bad news, the van got missing, it was going to deliver jewellery at Jadejas, please tell us if you can help us. Naksh says I will see. Everyone worries. Naksh says maybe someone planned this. He leaves. Naira leave a message for Mihir. Kartik and Naira argue on the way. She says I m also a Goenka, I will handle things. He stops the car to ask someone. They ask about the van. Suwarna says where did the van go. Surekha looks for it. Suwarna says call your uncle,maybe he helps us. Surekha agrees. Akhilesh says we didn’t find anything. Manish asks what’s happening. Dadi asks Manish to take medicines, nothing is imp than his health. He says nothing is fine until we get the van. Naira holds Kartik’s hand.

He answers a call from Karan Singh. Karan asks how can jewellery go missing, either its not ready on time. Kartik says no, it was ready from our side. Karan says don’t fool me, we understand everything, we have rasams today, we won’t spare you, we will take ten times advance back and insult you in a bad way. Kartik says don’t worry, we will get the jewellery. Karan says it will be good for you. Naira asks Kartik to relax. Samarth asks his friend to ask his men to take action soon, after all he is ACP. Surekha calls Akhilesh and says I called my uncle.

He asks who asked you to call, we are hiding it so that company name doesn’t spoil. Samarth calls Kartik and asks are you near the highway, my ACP friend called and told about the van accident near the airport, I m at a far route, go there. Kartik agrees. Naksh talks to Bhabhimaa and says Samarth called and said about the van accident, I m still far. Bhabhimaa says call us when you reach there. Naira shows the van to Kartik. They see the smoke arising from the van and rush to see. They see the police. Inspector says we have sent those people to hospital, they got some injuries, we don’t know what was inside, maybe it was precious. Kartik says this van was booked by our company, can we check it once. Constable shows the van. Kartik gets shocked seeing the jewellery missing. Manish asks how can this happen. Lav asks what will happen now. Gayu says nothing, you don’t worry, go to room and sit. Dadi cries.

Naira gets a call and goes. Dadi says she is still after her work. Akhilesh gets a call. Samarth asks what happened. Akhilesh says Karan’s secretary is asking for money back, they are taking the designs from Mihir, which Naira has designed. Samarth asks did Mihir do all this. Naira says Badi Dadi… I m scared, don’t know what is happening. Kartik hears everyone. Dadi says Naira isn’t so foolish that she won’t know this. Manish asks why do you blame Naira, we know Mihir, he can’t do this. Samarth says he appears good but maybe not. Manish asks Kartik to find out about Jadejas. Akhilesh says even then we will doubt Mihir. Samarth says maybe that’s why he hired Naira. Gayu says you mean he used Naira against her family, maybe he is taking revenge on us. Naira looks on. Kartik sees her.

Kartik throws the files. He says Goenkas business is over, but your name should be high, after all you are face of Mihir’s brand. Naira cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Same story again and again. Sathiyama intha loosugala epdi best jodinu solranganu therla. Worst jodi ever. Seperation and milan. Vera oru thaaliyum theriyadhu pola directr ku.

    1. Athira Ramesh

      Exactly.. donno what is happening!! I have read some gossips also. It is saying that Naira will be moving out of Karthik’s life & shown 5 years leap & She is staying with Mihir..😡😡😡

  2. I will stop watching if it going to be another leap!!!

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