Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik feels guilty

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik seeing Kirti and recalling her words. Naira dances in Mere Saiyyan superstar…. Kartik smiles. Everyone dances. The switch board gets some sparks. Naira attends a call and goes that side. Naksh sees the fire in circuit box and gets worried. Kirti also walks there. Kartik turns and sees…… the light goes. Naksh shouts Naira. Manish shouts Kirti. Dadi says Krish is safe with me, don’t worry. The light comes. Kartik gets Kirti, and Naksh gets Naira with him. Naksh asks are you fine. Kirti sees Kartik. He thinks of her words. Manish says its good they are fine. Akhilesh says yes, switch board was close to both of them. Krish cries. Kirti goes to take him. Naira says don’t worry, I m there for him. Naksh says Naira is right, why to worry if

she is there. Kirti gets away.

Dadi says we shall leave now, we will meet tomorrow for haldi. Bhabhimaa says just pray that marriage happens well. Dadi says take care, we will come tomorrow to take you. Lav says Naira will stay with us. Naksh says your happiness is most imp to me, wherever you stay, I will always support you. Everyone leaves. Naira stops Kartik and says I liked you, I asked you for dance and proposed you, you play your role now. He sees Lav and Kush in the car. She says guys are romantic, but you are civilised and decent, I came here to see you off, you are going without saying anything romantic. He says see you. The tree leaves fall on them. He recalls the old moment. Khayal tera….plays… She says this happens all the time, decorations fell on us in dance class, did you understand the message, this means, you may try to get away from me but you won’t be able to go, I will permit you to go now, you have to come back tomorrow. He says always keep this in mind. She asks what happened. He says no matter what happens in our lives, one thing will never change, that I love you, don’t forget this, Kartik loves Naira. She asks is everything fine, are you okay. He says I just felt like telling you that I love you. They remove the tree leaves. He gets in the car. She gives him a kiss. He drives off. Yeh rishta kya….plays… She says its my marriage tomorrow. She dances.

Manish gets ginger tea for Kartik and says I made this for the first time, how is it. Kartik says its good. Manish asks did you say its good. Kartik says its fine. Manish says you don’t want to have an eye contact with me and saying this tea is fine, what happened, did Naksh say something. Kartik says no, am I good brother, I have never done anything for Kirti, she has tolerated a lot, what’s worse is that I never asked her anything, I didn’t support her unconditionally like Naksh supports Naira, he protects Naira, because of my mistakes, happiness and issues, Kirti has to suffer always. Manish says tell me, did Kirti say anything. Kartik says no. Manish says there has to be some reason, tell me. Kartik says nothing. Manish says you are a good son, a great brother and a wonderful person, the decisions you made was for everyone’s good, you knew Naira’s condition, Kirti’s circumstances and for the baby, don’t blame yourself, why this self doubt, its your day, enjoy every bit of it, I will try to make another tea, maybe this time it comes out better. He goes.

Kartik says as a father, you are not finding any fault in me, I know how much Kirti suffered because of me. Naira plays with Krish. Kirti comes and says I will make Krish sleep. Naira asks did Kartik and you have any problem because of me, Kartik looked upset, and even you look upset, Kartik didn’t call me. Kirti says maybe he is busy. Naira asks are you sure, is it because of me. Kirti says no. Kartik stays restless. He sleeps. Kirti comes to him and says Kartik, don’t snatch my Krish, you all snatched my baby, Naira married you and took my child, for whom will I live now, I will die. She takes some pills. He gets shocked and wakes up, saying Kirti….Bhabhimaa asks will she come dancing even today. Devyaani says yes, she will come in some time. Naira comes shouting its my marriage today. She takes Krish from Kirti. Devyaani asks Kirti to go and get haldi. Kirti sees Naira with Krish. She goes.

Dadi says call Kartik, where is he. Akhilesh says he will come. Manish says I have never seen anyone so excited before. Kirti comes and says I have come to take haldi, Krish is with Naira. Dadi says its better if he is with her. They think where is Kirti. Surekha says maybe he went to get gift for Naira or went to meet her. Lav says no, he didn’t go to meet her. Kirti thinks is it because of me…..

Naira ruins the mandap and cries. Kartik walks on the road. Naira says there won’t be any marriage, he doesn’t want to marry me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. kap dheko tamasha… finally kartik ne kirti ko guilty feel karwathiya… kirti ka galthi kya he isme. tamasha ki bina kuch bhi ho nai saktha kya. i Hope future me atleast kaira ki 4th shaadi shanthi se hona chahiye itna tamasha nai

    1. Yeah . Its really irritating to watch .
      Its kirti’s child god damn it. Just let her have it atleast. Once she was standing near naira with her hands in front to taje krish and even then naira didnt give the baby. And seriously how many times will they marry. This show has lost it all now.

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