Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kairav requests Kartik

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik coming downstairs and seeing the family discussion going on. He says there won’t be any pobble. Akhilesh asks pobble? Kartik says I mean there won’t be any pobble/problem. He laughs. Suwarna and Dadi smile. Kairav hears a phone ringing and says whose phone is it. He goes out and says its D’Souza’s phone, it would be dad’s call. Naira says tell D’Souza uncle not to entertain Kairav, I don’t want Kairav to talk to stranger. Kairav says I talk to dad, not any stranger, she scolded D’Souza. Naira says I will break phone if I get angry. He says she will break phone, how will dad call me. Naira asks Liza to explain D’Souza. Kairav goes. Kartik says very good Beta, you made a good drawing. The man says its a digital design.

Kartik says I meant the same, send it to Goa if consignment is ready. The man says it has to be sent to Patiala. Kartik says yes, I want a break. The men leave. Kartik says how will I focus on my work if I think about the kid all the time. Vansh asks is God a man or a woman. Dadi says I have told you many times. Vansh asks why does God look different in all photos. Dadi says photos are different for different Gods. He says wrong, God is one. She says he has many avatars, he appears as per one’s thinking, no one has seen him, we can form his image by our thinking. Kartik hears them. Dadi says stop bothering me. Kartik closes eyes and thinks of Kairav. He smiles and sketches him. He says his hair would be like me and eyes like Naira. Kairav hears the kids saying dad has to come tomorrow, will your dad come, is your dad dead, is he angry at you, your mum comes always, he does come home right, you don’t have a dad, he has become ghost. Kairav says he is for real, he will come and play football.

Naira says no, we have decided to alternate, Ayush’s mum and I will get kids home alternate days. Liza says good. Kairav comes and says its fathers day tomorrow, dads will play football match tomorrow, everyone’s dads have to come. He goes. Naira checks his diary. Yeh rishta….plays… He gets sad. Liza asks what will you do. Naira says the day I decided I will raise him alone, I m both his mum and dad. Kairav says I must tell dad, how friends were teasing me, he has to come. Liza asks what are you thinking, tell me. Naira says you were a football champion, right, teach me. Kartik asks what happened, I called you many times. Kairav sounds sad. Liza teaches Naira. Naira says its not so tough, I will manage, I have played football before, its not rocket science. Liza says you need practice, you can’t become a champion overnight.

Naira says we should just think of Kairav, I can learn anything in an hour for my son, he shouldn’t feel he lacks something. Kartik asks what happened. Kairav says its fathers day tomorrow, teacher said everyone’s dads have to come, will you come, tell me. Kartik says I…. pass the phone to your mum, she must be knowing that you are talking to me. Kairav says she will get angry and break the phone. Kartik says she won’t be angry if I talk to her. Kairav says I can’t make you talk to her, I told everyone that you will come. Kartik says sorry, I can’t come. Kairav shouts you are a bad dad. He ends call. Kartik says poor kid, he got angry on me. He calls again. Kairav packs his clothes and says mom doesn’t listen, dad doesn’t understand, I have to bring dad here for the football match, I m coming dad, get ready.

Naira plays football. Kartik says I was going to sleep now. Suwarna asks are you thinking about the kid. Kartik says your eyes have a scanner, he called and asked me to come, his school has a football match, he is sad, so I feel bad, I have never met him, I have Vansh and don’t need any other kid, but this kid has made a special place in my life, I like him, don’t know how will his parents react. Suwarna says his mum will understand him, don’t feel guilty, be proud, you are so attached to a stranger kid, when a child is in mum’s womb, we can’t see or touch him, we do feel attached to him, there is no reasoning in love, you can only feel it, anyone can fall in love. He says its different case, its love between stranger kid and assumed dad. She says Lord chooses special ones for his work, go and meet him, maybe Lord connected you two for some reason, what’s his name. He says fine, I haven’t even asked his name, I will ask next time, promise.

Kairav says why is it not morning yet, time is running slow. Naira sees football video and says why is time running so fast, I needed more time to prepare better. Kairav says mum will be happy by this surprise. Its morning, Kairav wakes up and says happy fathers day dad. Kartik wakes up and says I felt that Goa kid told me something, I heard his voice. Kairav says be ready dad, I m coming to take you. He goes. Manish asks what happened Akhilesh. Akhilesh says Lav and Kush sent this watch for me from hostel. Manish says great, their gifts are getting better every year. Vansh says happy fathers day and gives card to Samarth. Samarth thanks Vansh and keeps the card. Gayu sees him. Dadi looks on. Manish asks Kartik to look at all the kids, they are wishing and giving gifts, you didn’ even wish me.

Kartik says I would wish if you are my dad, you call yourself my elder brother, you took challenge to become my younger brother. Manish says of course. Kartik says you need to become father first. They laugh. Manish says Vansh you are the naughtiest one. Vansh says sorry Dada ji. Manish says don’t call me Dada ji. Manish drinks the juice and gets a key. He shouts and asks what’s this. Vansh says its Kartik’s gift for you. Akhilesh says your new bike. Manish asks the one I showed you. Kartik says yes, you are my dad, happy fathers day. Manish hugs him and says may Lord bless you with a son like I have. Kartik gets sad. Kairav says mom is so smart, she has sent me with church’s father, how will I go to take dad, will you come for match, dad, if my dad doesn’t come, they will make fun of me. Naira practices and gets her foot twisted. Liza says you didn’t sleep since yesterday. Naira says I have to become Kairav’s dad.

Liza says father dropped Kairav to school. Kairav says I will tell dad that I m coming to him. Naira says Kairav doesn’t have your phone. Kartik calls Kairav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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