Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik arguing with Manish. He says media is covering the marriage, its all happening according to Manish, what’s his issue, his issue is how did I decide everything without his favor, so he is upset, I know how you show off, Naira’s family is equal to us in respect and status, they don’t show off, the palace is arranged without your interference. Manish says you think this about me, you make others great and make me small. Kartik asks her to talk straight. Manish says you think I m your enemy. Kartik says the one who snatched my mother is my enemy. Lav and Kush get scared by seeing the arguments. Kartik says you killed my mum many years ago, kill me today, your problems will get solved. Manish raises hand and stops. Everyone get shocked and cry.

Kartik makes Manish’s hand down and says there is big difference between raising hand on little boy and on me now, you raised hand on me before sending to hostel. My mum was not there to save me, I was little and did not have strength to save myself, now I have grown up, my hatred and I are strong now, so don’t make this mistake, everyone could regret later, everyone is happy for marriage function, so I bearing this, else I did not need anything, Dadi’s emotions, the family name and your respect, so you have to be quiet along me, I was away from many years and even now… He recalls Naira’s words. He says if I disconnect now, everything will be fine.

He cries and says i did mistake to agree to marry this way, everyone would be marry if I did court marriage, its better if Manish and Suwarna stay away from this marriage, you don’t have to act to be parents and I don’t have to act to be a son. Manish says it will be tough to do acting of a son, once you become son in law, it won’t be possible, say it once, we will fulfill your wish. Kartik shouts yes I want this, I want you and your wife to be away from every rasam, you don’t need to attend any rasam. Manish says done.

Lav and Kush call Naira and tell about Manish and Kartik’s fight. Naira gets worried. Gayu comes to her and sees her crying. Gayu asks why are you worried. Naira says Kartik and Manish fought because of that palace, what was the need of that palace, even Naksh and Naitik fought before, who was right and who was wrong, Naksh was right to fight with that man, who will explain Kartik, Manish would be hurt, shall I go to meet Manish.

Kartik and Manish go to their rooms and sit angrily. Gayu asks is he not answering. Naira signs no. Gayu says talk to Kartik tomorrow. Naira asks shall I go there now. Gayu asks her to wait and decide tomorrow. Dadi cries and prays to Lord. Lav, Kush and Mansi hug her and ask her not to cry.

Kartik asks Akhilesh and Surekha to leave him alone. Manish asks Priyanka and Suwarna to go. They refuse to go. Priyanka says your anger does not affect me, I will tell you what I want. Akhilesh asks Kartik not to turn away face that he regrets later, everyone bears his tantrums, it does not mean he does anything. Priyanka says Kartik is annoyed and adamant, what happened to you, you took wrong way to say right thing, you should have asked me or Kirti to talk to him, you like to play with fire, Kartik is your son, he has anger like you, he will not listen to anyone now.

Surekha asks Kartik to do anything he wants, but truth won’t change, you increase hatred and we will increase love. Akhilesh says I always supported you Kartik, Manish is not wrong, is this way to talk to him, I would have got much hurt being in his place. Surekha says last time such arguments happened and you left home. Suwarna asks Manish to calm down. Dadi praus for house peace.

Its morning, Gayu asks Naira did you talk to him. Naira says no. Gayu says maybe he is sleeping. Naitik says Naira, make me talk to Kartik also. Naira agrees. Naksh asks them to see the wedding invitation cards. Gayu says Naira was waiting for this. Everyone ask Naksh to show. Naksh says I will not show it easily, I want fees. Mishti says fine, leave it. Baisa says show it else… Naksh asks will you leave home. He jokes and asks for some sweets, shagun or gifts.

Bhabhimaa, Devyaani and Baisa give him money. Naksh says sisters take money from us, I got chance to get money. Naitik also gives him money. Naksh shows him the card. Naitik gets emotional. Naksh asks Naira how is it. She says nice. Mishti asks Baisa to see card, if her name is there or not. She jokes. They all laugh.

Mishti says there is nothing written inside. Naksh worries. Everyone check cards and says there is nothing inside. Bau ji asks him about the middle leaf. Gayu says maybe they forgot. The man brings and tells Naksh that the guy forgot to add the leaves. Naksh says we have no time to set this. Bau ji says we will do it. Baisa asks them to put two cards, keep one in temple and send other to Goenkas, Naitik has to go there. Naira worries.

Naksh sees Naira and asks her what happened, don’t give fake smile, did you not like card. Naira says card is very nice. She asks did I get fat. He laughs and says a lot, girls diet before marriage, you are taking stress, what’s your problem.

Lav and Kush talk. Lav says no one came down, will Kartik not get married. Kush says no, Kartik and Naira will get married. Dadi prays. Akhilesh gets call and says I don’t answer calls from unknown number. Suwarna greets Dadi. Dadi asks Akhilesh did you talk to them. Akhilesh says yes, their anger got down, but they did not agree. He gets call again and disconnects. Dadi says don’t know what’s Lord wish. Akhilesh says someone has to take step ahead. Dadi says no, this time its Kartik’s mistake, I m with Manish, we have bend infront of Kartik for his love, is Goenka family respect not his respect. Suwarna says Kartik will understand, I will talk to Manish. Akhilesh gets call and answers. Dadi says I have told my decision, if Manish does not go in marriage, none of us will go. They get worried.

Naksh says Gayu told me that Naira went to meet you, she did not come back home, so I m worried. Manish says no, she did not come here. Naksh says where did she go then. Kartik worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I think they should show what happened before Kartik went to hostel. And I’m pretty sure that whatever happened to Naira, Aditya is responsible for it….

  2. Hope all the issues between Manish and Karthik sorts out soon… All eagerly waiting to see karthik and Naira marriage… Waiting fa Gayu love interest… I love Gayu a lot… I hav a soft corner fa Gayu… hope she deserves some1 better.. Naira and Karthik chemistry is amazing…

  3. Fenil

    Hello,howzz u vrushy,hales,lasiii,rahul,adi,aniket,twana and all?
    Thanks Vrushy
    its 2300 episodes completed.
    Manish and karthik both has anger and hurt each other always, what was the karthik’s mistake in this that he ask forgiveness behalf Singhania’s….Manish and Dadi always care for their so called reputation and power….they didn’t care if someone suffered becoz of their reputation.

    Guys, What u want about karthik’s decision abt living separately ?

  4. This show is a good example of real life… Love a lot.. whenever I see naitik and Naksh discussing Abt marrige arrangements I remember my dad and brother a lot… How much tension dey would hav faced during my marriage… Miss dem a lot.. it’s been 2 yrs dint see dem.. Hope ma visa extension happens soon … Waiting to see dem asap…

  5. Vrushy

    Hawww ?!!
    Naira went missing. Hope she is alright !!
    So this was 2300 th episode. Didn’t like the fight between manish and Karthik. He shouldn’t have talked like this with his father no matter how angry he is.
    Loved how Naksh blacmailed Everyone to show the wedding card. The old naughty Naksh us back !! I wonder where did Keerti and aditya go ?!!
    PS : I read a spoiler about badshaah and SRK coming to kaira sangeet. Badshaah to promote dil hai hindustani and SRK to promote raaes. Hope its true !!

  6. Hello, peeps…
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    BTW, how about Neerti for Naksh and Keerti.

    This Aditya is too much. And Goenkas are too much arrogant.

    Hope Kaira relation doesn’t get destroyed because of Mansi.

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  8. dont know wat will happen now. i really feel akshara should come back now by any cost. we need her.
    manish should think good about singhanias.
    that palace manager spoke very bad with naitik so wat naksh did was right.
    manish should be informed of how that manager behaved.
    too much dragging unnecessarily.
    kaira wedding should happen

  9. guys is it really true that karthik will get married to gayu???
    this should not happen ya..

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