Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik worrying for Naira. He says she behaves like tigress, but she is not a real tigress, I have to find Naira fast and leave from here. Naira plays tigress sound. He gets scared seeing some bone. He looks for network. He gets a tiger toy and smiles. He looks around and calls out Naira. He says agreed that you are brave, come in front. She says not now. He asks will you take my life. She asks what will I do of your life, I want you alive.

Manish says this will look good. He says you chose this Kalgi. He says it will look good as my son is wearing this, he is very handsome and becoming groom now. She says I will one sack of red chilli to ward off his bad sight. He says he has grown up, but I could not become capable in his eyes, that I hug him and congratulate, to say I m happy for him, till when will this go on, I know you are more hurt than me. He hugs her and she cries.

Dadi comes there. She says its big problem, we entered haveli at wrong mahurat, we have to do puja. Suwarna says don’t worry, tell me about arrangements. Dadi asks Surekha to tell Kartik to sit in puja. Dadi says how did we do this mistake.

Naira says tigress have hunted a frog, I m proud of me. Kartik says you can come and eat me now, I also this myself. He gets the red dupatta. He asks her to come out now. He sees Naira running and runs after her. Dadi tells Singhanias that they are keeping puja for Kartik. Baisa says yes, do, we are also doing puja for Naira. Dadi asks did you not get haldi grinded. Baisa says we have rasam to grind haldi. Dadi asks is it of good quality, it can be allergic. Baisa says its from my own house, I got it for Naira. Aditya hears Dadi telling about calling Kartik at 5. Aditya smiles.

Kartik sees the decorations. Naira comes and says Kartik. He sees her reflection in river. He says how to see you now. She asks shall I go. He says no and turns to see her. He smiles seeing her. She says I love you a lot. She shouts I love you Kartik. They sit and talk via signs. Din me jugnu….plays…. Kartik shows Kaira’s heart. They leave the heart in the river. They cut the cake. He applies cake to her. She runs. They act like each other and laugh. He hold her hands. She shows him his name tattoo on her neck and waist. He looks on. Yeh rishta kya …..plays…… She gives him a flying kiss. He smiles. He runs to catch her. They have a romantic moment.

Dadi asks where did Kartik go. Kirti thinks did he go with Naira. Aditya smiles. Kirti says maybe he went to spa or salon. Aditya says Kartik is not just yours, you kept puja for him and he maybe with Naira, if Naira called him first, he will go there, I just heard it by mistake, I will keep quiet now, else people will blame me wrong. Suwarna says I m sorry from Kartik’s side. Akhilesh says its out mistake to not find him. Dadi asks why did he go, Naira took him, its marriage tomorrow, does this look good. She asks Suwarna not to say anything to defend them. Manish says Akhilesh explain both of them to take care of family respect.

Kartik thanks Naira for making this happy moment. She says its nothing compared to what you did for me. He says love changes everyone, you changed from tigress to peacock, and I…. She says you are still a frog. They laugh. He says promise me we won’t fight. She says its impossible. He says yes, fight is necessary, what to do, I know, let’s make this day special, we will commit something to each other. She agrees.

She gets orange cloth and says this is fire, we will make some vows. He says you won’t see any other guy, even I don’t see guys, I will not even see some girls unless they are too pretty. She says fine, you will change the deo, I can’t bear it. He says you have to throw your shampoo, it spells like kada. He says I will have bath everyday except Sunday. She says I will love you every day except Sunday. He says fine, I will bath everyday. They say one thing is left, we will say it together, we will not leave loving each other whatever happens, never ever. They hug. He says our vows come in this one vow. She says I will do my best to keep this vow.

Kartik comes and apologizes to Dadi. Akhilesh says you should have informed us. Dadi says I was doing this puja for you and Naira, even Naira does not understand, I know she called you. He says no, its my mistake, I told her to give me some good surprise. Aditya says how can anyone love someone so much, teach me and Kirti too. Dadi says you got mad in Naira’s love. Kartik says nothing like that, we will do puja now. She says mahurat passed. He says we can talk to Lord anytime, I did not know what I did, I m really sorry, my cute Dadi, explain her not to get upset. Dadi laughs and hugs him. He asks her not to get upset by him and Naira. She says you won’t go anywhere till marriage. He says its not possible and runs. She says I have fear in heart, something wrong can happen. Mansi runs after Lav and Kush. Akshara’s pic falls by her hand. She picks it and cries. Kartik holds her. He asks what happened, tell me, why are you scared. She says I did not do anything intentionally, it happened by mistake. He sees the photo frame and says its fine, we can repair the photo frame. She says no, not photo frame. He asks what.

Akhilesh asks what happened Kartik, don’t you trust me. Kartik says no. Akhilesh says its nothing like that. Kartik says don’t force Mansi to agree to you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. nice epi…..but no naksh and kirti scenes???please bring them closer soonnnn

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  6. What has Mansi done?

    1. She killed Aksahra (Naira’s mother)

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  8. hey dear tehreem actually mansi did aksharas accident and none knows it except akhilesh and surekha so she is scared and I think maybe tomorrow kartik will know it…!!!

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  11. Hi all. Now i know I’m going to get gate what I say but I am only saying my opinion.

    The wedding is a massive drag and the whole wedding drama has been happening since mid December which leads me towonder : have the creatives lost their creativity? The show is now so boring and irritating and all we see is s*xualisation if naira and karthik which is inappropriate particularly because it is on a family channel. Some romance is healthy but showing these two lovers unable to stay away from each other is a bit too much….the elders n the show say good things about younger generations learning from older but these dialogues are hypocritical by the makers because they’re doing the same. For example, the irrelevant tattoo at a random body part could have easily been replaced by a cute or bracelet that has kaira. I know some drama is necessary but this is just a daiky view of cutesy love scenes which don’t add on to the story. This was not the case before.

    1. Hey Margaret
      Nice comments and I think we are all saying the same thing
      Also Margaret your opinion is never wrong because it is your thinking – we can try to change it but it will not cause us to hate you. On this page no one is hated for their opinion, the only time my family members get upset with some one on this page is when they are personally rude to one of us.
      In this case you are only stating your opinion. Rahul will agree with you as he has said similar recently. Even me today felt that the romance scene between Kaira was unnecessary and it led to more drama amongst the Goenkas.
      Please feel free to comments.

    2. Exactly I too have same opinion. everyday romance every episode we have a romantic scene its overdose of romance which becomes boring as time passes by .They can show better family scenes of father daughter naira naksh naira n other family bonds or kaira emotional talks but no romance. I am sure marriage will have so much drama that they will drag to March third week what crap three months onwards just marriage track . They will show one day gap of haldi n marriage three weeks drama..mansi drama they will show which was not needed .High time creativea concentrate on all relation even though kaira r leads . Either romance or dadi drama n followed by karthik doing emotional blackmail n dadi agreeing for his sake . Sometimes I feel trps should drop than they will understand. as they have no much competition right now it’s getting trps .yhm n saathiya no one likes their plot n swabhiman is same drama so yrkkh s getting trps n number one in star. yrkkh was not about romance it was about bonding which s being lost .post leap post ak death also we saw such amazing scenes now its monotonous. sorry if I hurt someone . just don’t want yrkkh to lose its essence just to satisfy some youth who crave for romance

    3. Rahul96

      Yesssssss Margaret and Shilpa
      I 101% agree with the fact that YRKKH is overdosing by showing so much romantic scenes . And sometimes it’s really become awkward to watch romantic scenes of Naira and kaira in Front of parents. I remember in the last month , while I was in home during vacation , a kaira romantic scene was on , parents besides me , I just shy away and was feeling awkward yaa I can tell “under se Michi Michi ho Raha tha ekdum wo wali feeling aarahi thi means shrm aarahi thi ” . Hahahaha…
      And even now I really feel awkward when I see such s*xualism in kaira romance !!!
      And yes seriously YRKKH was all about family wedding and family relationships and not about romance and all that this thing !!!! Post akshara death and leap YRKKH has start losing its charm !!!!
      And Yess I agree with you about that tattoo portion !!!!

    4. Rahul96

      That tattoo portion was an unnecessary dragging .
      And guys I think that because of scenes like this in serials and films , this generation ( means our generation ) have failed to recognise difference love and infatuation !!! They think that love is about s*x*a*ism and romance . But I think that love is above s*x*a*ism and romance it’s spiritual . Because people may say that this are just serial , but it does have impact ( little or more ) to those who lives alone yaa in hostel . And also creates a fake dreamy sequence .
      But one of the good positive side of YRKKH is that , it is the only serial which show a true family values . It teaches to respect family values and for this reason it’s unique . And other serials like YHM , etc has become crap a total crap !!!
      I agree this unnecessary dreamy kaira romance should be lessen and the show should shift back to its original family values . I agree some healthy romance is necessary but now a days , makers are overdosing this !!!

    5. Rahul96

      But Margaret
      We become upset only when someone personally abuse our family members!!!!
      You are wrong here!!!
      Hi pat dii
      Thank you so much!!!!

  12. Hate* not gate
    Of* not if
    By a cute chain or bracelet*
    Has kaira written on it*
    Daily not daiky*

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    It looks like Mansi’s secret is going to be out by the end of this week.
    Have a wonderful and blessed day you all ?????

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    Hi everyone!! How are you all?? Hope everyone is perfectly fine..
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    1. I am good and how are you?

  15. Exactly I too have same opinion. everyday romance every episode we have a romantic scene its overdose of romance which becomes boring as time passes by .They can show better family scenes of father daughter naira naksh naira n other family bonds or kaira emotional talks but no romance. I am sure marriage will have so much drama that they will drag to March third week what crap three months onwards just marriage track . They will show one day gap of haldi n marriage three weeks drama..mansi drama they will show which was not needed .High time creativea concentrate on all relation even though kaira r leads . Either romance or dadi drama n followed by karthik doing emotional blackmail n dadi agreeing for his sake . Sometimes I feel trps should drop than they will understand. as they have no much competition right now it’s getting trps .yhm n saathiya no one likes their plot n swabhiman is same drama so yrkkh s getting trps n number one in star. yrkkh was not about romance it was about bonding which s being lost .post leap post ak death also we saw such amazing scenes now its monotonous. sorry if I hurt someone . just don’t want yrkkh to lose its essence just to satisfy some youth who crave for romance

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    Happy Belated Birthday Bhai
    Urs sis Rosa

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    1. Welcome Lakhan.

  19. Hi SOUMYA, Thanks 4 not wishing b4 6am. Ua care means a lot dear. TYSM.! Hi PROFESSOR X, Althoug v didnt had any peronal conversation here b4 but reading ua wishes were like reading wishes 4m my favourte school teacher. Yes, I agree we should b together forever as a virtual family. TYSM.! Hi FENIL BHAI, Thanks 4 asking GANPATIJI to bless me. TYSM.! Hi RAHUL BHAI, Although being being busy, u wished me. It means a lot bro. TYSM.! Hi Ishika, TYSM 4 wising dude.!

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  21. After a long time, I got the phone, So would like to post so many comments regarding the show. But a request to all of u- Read my comments, ALL IN ONE GO.! Few days back, it was being disscussed that, starting days of YRKKH were as an epitome for the focus on family bonds n relations. I agree with this point because at that time it was based on relations as 20years ago(according to this serial) FAMILY was the priority of all the ppl.

  22. But now, I mean 20yrs later, who would like 2 c the same arranged marriage of KAIRA OR KEESH? Noone ri8? So all that what was needed was to change as per generation.! Truly speaking, I liked the show till Rashmis 2nd marriage where everyone misunderstood Akshara and for the 1st time she got annoyed. But after Rasmis marriage, in all the scenes, the serial just revolved around Akshara. So that was quite boring.! So somewhere I appreciate KARANs decision of walking out of the show.

  23. When Karan was replaced by VISHAL, truly saying- No one from my town liked the chemistry shared by Vishal n Hina. Every1n wished that Vishal should walk away, but also all were willing that Hinas screenspace should b reduced a bit,coz its time 4 her children to marry their love. So Hina walking out of the show was also loved by all the members in the town. Then there came, Rishi dev, as new Naksh who stole the show. Everyone liked his acting. And then, VISGAL, SHIVANGI n RISHI-DEV were liked by audience.

    1. Correct.

  24. Wish u a very very happy belated birthday BFF…….. I’m very sorry for being late… I didn’t hv the 4n yesterday although I remembered your birthday plz accept my Apology!! Mommy went out of the town n she took the 4n with her… sorryyyy
    Happy Belated Birthday again..
    U r now 18 right?????
    An Adult? ??
    May u b blessed with a very long n Healthy life…
    Sorry for being late
    With Love ur BFF Twana

  25. Where I feel the mistake is that introduction of so many Goenka members. Bcoz its a serial of MAHESHWARIS n SINGHANIAS, and I dont wanna c Naira changing Goenkas mentality coz then the show would revolve around Goenkas. What I wish is- Show should revolve around KEESH, so that Singhanias along with Maheswaris get the screen back. Seriusly saying, I want KAIRA as lead only till they get married n Mansi,s truth come out. Later I want KEESH as the leads.

  26. Reason 4 wanting KEESH as leads is- If KAIRA will b the lead, then the show would b like YRKKH part1 n part2 where in part1 Akshara changed Singhanias n in part2 Naira will b changing the mentalities of Goenkas. If this will b the fate of YRKKH, then let me tell u all, the show would b like a copied serial of- BAALIKA VADHU aired on COLORS, where ANANDI n JAGGYA were leads in 1st part and in 2nd their daughter and son in law took over the leads. The reason for part2 was that ANANDI was died.

  27. If KAIRA becomes the lead, then YRKKH will be a copy of BAALIKA VADHU. And what I want is YRKKH should remain a unique one lifelong as it hass always been till date. Also I agree that Kairas romance should b decreased n then dadi should come to know about good heart is more imp than wealth. If dadi learns this soon then only the track can focus on KEESH. This is just my take on the issues n nn intention to hurt any1n personally.

  28. Finally last thing I wish is- Gayu should get married to Ananaya,s husbands,s brother. I mean to Ananaya,s brother in law. Only then Ananya and Gayu can get the screenspace n that Maheshwaris dont get sidelined.

  29. Now its time to thank the ELDEST SISTER- SACHU DI, TYSM di. What else one can ask 4 a gift when the eldest member of ua family got registered on ua Bday.! U posted comment when it was 12:02am of 22Feb that means u got registered on late evenings of 21Feb. Thanks a lot di. And yes, my nephew is sooo cute. After all, mera hi to nephew hai.! Convey my warm regards to him. And no sista, I am not upret 4 that matter. How can 1 b upset with u just 4 no reason.! Hug Adhu 4m my side. When u do so, convey me.!

  30. Hi Everyone!!
    How r u all??
    Hey Lakhan!!
    How can ua Gayu forgt ua b’day bro?? No need to thank me for remembering it…How r u?? All the very best for ua exams bro….Prepare wellll as ua exams r very near….My best wishes r always with U!!
    Hi Chanya!!
    How r u dear?? We won’t forgt U my lil sis…U knw, even I won’t b able to comment from next month bcoz of my boards. We all will miss u but won’t forgt U. All my best wishes r with U.Prepare wellll for ua first sem & I hope, U’ll hit a big score..Best of luck..& thanx for ua wishes..
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