Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira meet the gynac

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kirti shopping with Devyaani and Bhabhimaa. Dadi calls her and asks are you outside, come home for some time. Kirti asks what happened. Dadi says explain Naira that becoming a mother is a big responsibility, she has taught Lav and Kush to fight, what will she teach her child, I m afraid if she will become a good mum or not. Naksh hears this. Kirti says nothing such will happen. Naira hears Dadi and goes. Naksh says what happened, I have a right to know what did Naira do. Dadi says I told Kirti already. He says I heard it, if she is teaching Lav and Kush to stand against bullies, what’s wrong, why do you always misunderstand Naira, have you ever asked why she did this, she is not an impulsive person.

Naira says baby, you don’t get upset, I will prove

to be a good mum. Kartik says how will I tell her, why we need to meet the gynac urgently. He comes to the room. He picks the sock and keeps it. He recalls doctor’s words and ties up the woolen ball thread. The knitting of the socks open loose. Naira comes and shouts Kartik, why did you do this, I had made this for our baby, I won’t become a good mum. He says sorry for what I m going to say now, don’t make the socks again, socks and this flip book isn’t needed now, Naira, we will not become parents. She gets shocked and cries. He says we won’t have a baby, I have decided it, did you hear me. She says not a word more. He says I don’t have an option. She says let me go. He says I can’t let you go, let the baby go, no one will be more imp to me than you, not even the baby, sorry to say this Naira, Dr Vishal has also advised this. He tells her everything. He says I want this baby, but not at the cost of your life. She says I m absolutely fine, I will get better when baby comes. He says your life is most imp, sorry, I m being selfish. They hug and cry.

She says Dr. Vishal told this to you, not any gynac, we will meet a gynac, gynac will ask me to eat well and walk, so that baby is healthy. She asks baby not to be angry on dad, he gets afraid, but mumma is brave, we will do whatever gynac advises, mumma won’t let anything happen to you. Kirti comes to Naksh and tells what the neighbor said, that she doesn’t deserve to become a designer. He says no need to think about this, learn to ignore such things, who is she to decide about you. She says exactly, I m saying the same, Dadi’s opinion matters, but she doesn’t know what Naira is capable of, try your advice, don’t get upset. He smiles and says forget it, tell me what did you do on ladies day out. She says its our secret.

Kartik and Naira see Manish and Akhilesh discussing about baby. Even Lav and Kush talk about baby. Dadi asks Surekha to hang evil eye warder in the balcony of Naira’s room. Kartik asks shall we tell at home. Naira says no, lets see what gynac advises, don’t leave hope. Devyaani says we had so much fun. Naksh says this is not fair, you are not telling anything. They refuse to say. He says fine, then I won’t tell a good news.

Devyaani says fine, don’t say. He says I heard ladies have no patience, fine don’t tell me, but I will tell you. Kirti says I can’t believe this. Najsh says a famous designer want to work with Kirti. Kirti says its a big opportunity, but how will I work. Devyaani says pregnancy isn’t any illness, you can work. Naksh says don’t compromise on health. Bhabhimaa asks her to get help by hiring people. Kirti agrees. Kartik and Naira get ready. Dadi asks where are you two going, is everything fine. Kartik says yes, we will just come. Naira says Dadi, just bless me that would make my life happier. Dadi blesses her. Naira thinks everything will be fine. Kartik thinks I don’t think you should take blessing seriously, gynac will say the same as Dr. Vishal.

They meet doctor and how reports. Doctor says pregnancy is complicated, there are chances of clot formation, but we can’t say for sure, there are 50-50 chances, sometimes a perfect pregnancy gets complicated at the end, and even complicated pregnancies pass off easily at the end, we have to give our best, so what do you want to do, do you want to continue or abort? Naira thanks him and goes. Doctor says Kartik, we have less time, you have to decide it soon. Naira thinks 50 percent chances are much, it will be good if we visit doctor regularly.

Kartik thinks I can’t take any risk. Nurse says you should have listened to doctor’s advice, she would have got saved. Kartik gets shocked seeing Naira as the dead woman. He sees Naira standing away. Naira sees a woman praising the doctor for saving the child. Kartik says your life is at stake, no… Naira says we have to take a chance. Kartik runs and asks for abortion form. Naira sees the baby’s pic on a brochure. Kartik sees her. The man says sorry, its time to lock this door, go from some other way. Kartik and Naira look at each other.

Kartik cries thinking of doctor’s words. He says I m afraid to lose you Naira. He signs the abortion form. Naira checks that and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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