Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st August 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedika upset with Naira’s return

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying let me meet Kairav once. Dr. Mehta says he is critical, you can’t meet him. Kartik says we are his parents, we have a right to talk to him. Naira says I will talk to him and make him fine. He says yes, we will explain him. Dr. Mehta says he is not in his senses. Naira says I m his mum, when I sit near him, he will listen to my words. Pallavi says let them meet, medicine is just science, but love is magic. Kartik and Naira go to Kairav. Vansh asks why is everyone so angry, did I do anything. Gayu says no. He asks then who did this, why isn’t everyone dancing. Vedika says everyone is tired. He asks where is Kartik. She says he isn’t at home, he went for work. Dadi cries. Vansh says when he comes, tell him that we will dance. Vedika says pray that

his work is done well. She asks did anyone talk to Kartik. Samarth says I spoke to him, he said there is no change. Dadi prays. Kartik and Naira come to Kairav. Yeh rishta….plays… They cry and ask him to wake up, his mum and dad are here.

Kartik says I left everything and came to you. She says everyone is waiting for you, I will trouble you a lot this time. They hold Kairav’s hand and cry. Kairav opens his eyes and sees them. They happily hug. Kairav smiles seeing them. Naira says he looks like a frog. Kartik says no, he is a tadpole, he said I m a frog and he is tadpole, he is brave being lioness’ son. Pallavi checks Kairav and says he is fine now, let him take rest now. They kiss Kairav. Vedika comes and sees them together. She sees her mehendi and cries. Kairav says I was scared. Kartik says you are brave, I have seen you, you didn’t cry when doctors removed germs from your tummy. Kairav says not that, I thought dad won’t be here when I wake up, thanks for not going, I want mum and dad. Vedika cries. Kartik says we both are here with you. Kairav asks will we always stay together. Kartik says yes. Kairav says wow, I have list of to do things. Kartik says give me the list, we will do everything together. Naira sees Vedika and recalls Kartik’s words.

She collides with a couple. Vedika says sorry, I didn’t wish to come between, did I really come between them. Doctor asks Kartik and Naira to go out, Kairav need rests, they have to do some tests also. Kairav asks Naira not to let Kartik go anywhere. Kartik says your mum has a habit to leave and go, not your dad. Naira says we will be outside, tell us if you need anything. She goes and messages Liza. She asks Kartik to tell the family that Kairav is fine, they would be worried. He asks since when did you start worrying for my family. He goes. Morey saiyyan…plays…. She cries.

Kartik calls home and says Kairav is fine, he spoke to me and asked for you all. Dadi says you are there, give prasad to everyone, I will make some charity on Kairav’s name. Suwarna says Bhabhimaa, Devyaani and Naksh went to kuldevi temple. Dadi says give him love from my side. Kartik asks who, child stealing aunty. They laugh. Dadi says that’s why Kairav says so. Manish says kids say the truth. He asks did Vedika reach there. Kartik says I m not getting your voice. Call ends. Dadi says Kartik didn’t hear Vedika’s name. Gayu says after Naira and Kairav came, he won’t hear and see Vedika now. Samarth says its true, we didn’t strike that Naira’s first wife has come back on his life with their child. Dadi says Naira didn’t return in his life, Vedika is our bahu, Kairav is our family heir, Kartik’s son.

Naira comes to Kartik. She sees Manish and Samarth. She goes. Vedika asks why did you all come. He says you should be with Kartik. She says Kartik went to Kairav. Manish says come with me, I have to give mum’s message to him, some rituals have to be done. Samarth says we will be with Kairav, you go home. Dadi asks Vansh not to touch puja items with his dirty hands. Vansh says my hands aren’t dirty, what is all this. Dadi says this is for orphanage, you were asking about Kairav, Kairav is really Kartik’s son. Vansh says Kartik said he is doing a drama. Dadi says no, he is really Kartik’s son. He asks did he lie to me. Dadi says no, you won’t understand, Kairav is Kartik’s son. Vansh asks how, did he buy him from a mall or grow him into a pot. Dadi asks what, Kairav was born like you were born. He says I don’t understand. She asks him to go and play. She asks maid to take the things fast. Vansh says how can Kairav be Kartik’s son. Gayu says Dadi never kept any puja for Kairav. Suwarna comes to Dadi.

Dadi says don’t say anything I don’t like. Suwarna says calm down and think of Naira and Kartik. Dadi says enough, Surekha handle the work. Suwarna says questions won’t end doing this. Naira sees Manish, Vedika and others. She goes aside. Manish says Kairav is looking cute like an angel, he talks non stop. Samarth says yes, he came home and made us so happy. Vedika says he is sweet. Akhilesh says he looks just like Kartik. Kartik comes and sees them. He says you all here so early, go home and rest. Manish says we wanted to come. Kartik says what’s the use, just me and Kairav’s mum are allowed inside. Manish says you go home. Akhilesh says yes, you would be tired. Samarth says Dadi called you and Vedika home. Kartik says I have to meet a specialist, please you all leave. Naira looks on.

Vedika asks for Kartik. Vedika says you can give card to me. Doctor gives it to Naira. Naira says sorry, I didn’t wish to come between you two. Vedika says even then, you had come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When did Karthik marry Vedika?

  2. I think Vedika had put the Mangalsutra and sindoor by herself.

  3. Dadi is so stuipid , if she don,t consider naira as her daugher in law, then shedon,t have no right on kairav, naira suffer beacause of kartik.

    1. Naira is wrong. You cant run away from your problems every time. this time there was a child involved. Divorce him if she had to not fake your death

  4. What is vedika’s fault

  5. If makers want to bring naira back,then why they got married to Karthik and vedika.what about her life.

    1. why are you so much well wisher of vedika after all she should also understand the situation.
      As naira has always,and still naira is understanding vedika’s pain

  6. Seshasai Bolisetti

    Please stop this serial seriously bcoz my favorite serial this is. Now a days this serial is going very wrong direction. I am not like this vedika season please stop this serial as soon as. Or else complete the serial kill Naria my humble request please stop the serial.


    now dadi will want to snatch kairav from naira. there will be a big drama….

  8. I f**king hate this dadi, screw her for real man. She is the reason why Karthik asked that question to Naira and as a woman I know its so humiliating like someone just killed your soul which will never come back, okay she did run but won’t you also do it knowing that the man you loved so deeply is doubting their relationship, and not just that you sanctity, your value, your love, your devotion and also the child which is growing inside you. Trust is the true foundation of any relationship and if it’s not there its not a relationship but more like a contract which binds two people legally but not their souls. Naira was definitely wrong but this dadi is a real b*t*h out here and honestly someone really need to teach that woman to respect other people rather than making them suffer because of your insecurities and societal norms.
    And yes to all the haters who will say that how can you say dadi a b*t*h and don’t you have any respect for elders, I do respect them but only the one’s which actually respect us back and understand our point to meet a middle way and for other I do know how to give them a taste of their medicine.

    1. I agree with you definitely as it’s not really her fault to run away Karthik is also responsible for this.
      Everyone knows that naira did wrong and they suffer due to her no one care or notice that she have also suffered alot as she stayed away from her own family too and being a single mom is really difficult.

  9. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Dadi has always been a pain for Naira and never truly accepted her… Naira should just take Kairav and get out… I feel for Kaira… but Dadi is a manipulative individual who only cares about her wants and needs ? and if Naira were to remain for that family to dote on Kairav then she will only face anguish and humiliation in the process, so it’s best she just leave…

  10. Naira is not wrong. It’s dadi who should face the anger who unnecessarily forced him to marry. And it’s utter nonsense there is a family of 3 who wants to stay together but there is unwanted situation.

  11. When vedika got which episode ????

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