Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik thanking Devyaani for taking good care of him. She smiles and hugs Akshara. Ananya says she will study later. Jasmeet says even I used to get angry when mum asked me to study on festive days. Kaki says I will see you when this time comes, its hard to do this when you become a mum, even Varsha finds it tough to make Ananya study today. Everyone discuss about Ananya. Bhabhimaa tells Bau ji about Devyaani and Naman. She says she got happy with Naitik and Naman got annoyed. Akshara says the day will come when she gets happy with both. Devyaani does her work. Bhabhimaa asks Chitti not to make extra food. Chitti says this time it won’t happen.

Devyaani says I wished relations have love. Akshara pacifies her and laughs. Jasmeet says she has ordered good flowers online, its good if we get comfort at home. Varsha thinks. Naksh talks to Naitik about Janmashtami. Akshara comes to them and asks Naitik to have medicines and Naksh to brush his teeth. She says Devyaani took good care of Naitik. Naitik says yes and thinks. She says sorry, I know you don’t like discussing this. He says no, I did not say. She says I know you don’t deny any truth.

Its morning, Bhabhimaa says no way. Bau ji says why, you always keep fast. Naitik says yes, let us keep too. Akshara says no, only women will keep. Naitik says how can you stop us. Bhabhimaa asks why did they think this. Dadda ji says seeing you all. Bhabhimaa says fine, but not Naksh, as he is small. Naitik asks Bhabhimaa did she talk to Nandini. Bhabhimaa says no, I spoke to Rukmani. Naksh asks them to give attention to him, as he is Lord today. Naskh says can’t we order food by coding. Dadda ji laughs.

Naksh says I will just order as I m Lord. Everyone laughs. Dadda ji goes to rest. Bau ji says the manager called right. Naitik says yes, I have to talk and goes with him. Jasmeet eats biscuits. Kaki says I told you its fast today, did you forget. Jasmeet apologizes. Kaki says how will you learn things ahead, its Teej and Navratri ahead. She gets annoyed and leaves. Bhabhimaa is angry as Chitti has kept very less Sabudana. He says I thought everyone is fasting and won’t eat, why is it a problem to make more or less.

Bhabhimaa and Devyaani talk. Akshara says she will make something. Jasmeet apologizes to Kaki and does sit ups. Kaki says enough, I know its new for you, but you have to learn, when will you learn, everything looks good on right time. She leaves. Varsha asks Jasmeet not to worry, as she will help her. He hugs Jasmeet. Naman talks to Karishma. She asks him to do what she is saying. He says come here and meet me to get many kisses. She says first you do what I m saying. He says fine, as you say.

He calls Naksh and asks him to lend his flute for sometime, as its big problem, Karishma wants to see me as Krishna ji. Naman takes some pics with Naksh’s help to send to Karishma. Girja tells everyone about a group of thieves who get into rich houses in festive times. Bhabhimaa gets worried. They ask Girja why is she going in neighbor’s house by many reasons. Girja says no, I went to take items. She leaves. Bhabhimaa says don’t know where is her focus. Shaurya says Karishma will join from tomorrow and tells this to Anshu and Jasmeet. They get happy. Jasmeet says why is Karishma doing job, she wanted to study in Delhi, she did not tell me.

Anshu says call her and ask, she is your friend. Naitik calls Akshara for a file and holds her getting romantic. She says I have work, leave my hand. He says I will tease you through out the day and gets romantic. She pushes him and says don’t make me ill now, and you too don’t get ill. He says you got boring and flirts. She smiles. They get closer to kiss. Someone knocks the door. He opens and sees Naksh. Naksh asks why did they close the door, he is Lord so he knows everything, give my surprise gift now, which you were hiding.

Naitik says we will give later. Naksh says ok and leaves. Akshara says do more Rasleela. Naitik says fine, no Ishq, no Romance, just work talk. She says you are too much, you make mistake and then attitude. He says you have more attitude. She says me and leaves. Naitik says once you get married Naksh, I will count and take revenge. The men find it hard to keep the fast. Naksh wishes the Lord to send someone for him. Even Naman is annoyed as he is missing Karishma. Naksh says its so boring. Devyaani says we will do Bhajan. Akshara says it will be fun with Yash.

Naksh says its raining, will Nandini come or not. Rajshri says Jasmeet ordered food but it did not come because of rains. Omi says we have at home. Rajshri says it will be less. Annaya gives suggestions and everyone praise her. Devyaani gives kada to Naitik. Bau ji talks to Mohit and says fine, as you find good. He tells everyone that Mohit can’t come, rain is heavy and he is stuck on highway. Naksh says Yash can’t come, I will get bored, this is not fair. Bhabhimaa says even Naitik was waiting to get rakhi tied by Nandini. The door bell rings. Everyone turn to see.

Devyaani says who came at this time. They open the door and see many people dressed like in Ramleela. Bau ji asks who are they. Naksh says I know who are they and names the Lord. The man says we are not real Lords, but play actors, we stopped because of rains. They ask can they sit here till rain stops. Bau ji says yes, guests are like Lords. Girja tells Bhabhimaa are they thieves gang. Devyaani says Naksh is glad now. Akshara says yes, it looks like Lords came. Bhabhimaa says maybe they are thieves, Girja told us. Everyone worry seeing them. The guys look at the house. Girja says lets make them leave. Devyaani says if they are not thieves then. Akshara says yes, it will be wrong. They think.

A guy leaves his bag. The ladies check it and see some sprays. Devyaani asks is it for making us faint. Akshara says it’s a problem we can’t tell anyone or do something.

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  1. Why don’t no one discuss anything about this serial..Hahha

  2. Hi leavessky !! This is my favourite serial. It is very neat n clean. No dirty politics, all relations are portrayed so well. The situations are so close to real life that we can connect to it.

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