Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik asking Vipul not to be afraid of anyone and he will do the paper work. He says fear is in us, don’t be afraid of them. Karishma tells Naman that Jasmeet has changed so much. Naman says leave her, talk about romance. She says you don’t have time for me. He says atleast I take your call, you don’t even do that. She says I can’t talk at home too, as Jasmeet told her parents, if my parents know, they will take me. Naman says don’t start it again. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara did she talk to Naitik. Akshara says he is fine, he is having Kachoris today. Bhabhimaa says its good he is helping them. Devyaani makes pickles. Alkshara says lets call her here, we will meet her and give pickles. Bhabhimaa says Rukmani will not send her. Akshara says fine, I will meet her in evening and give gifts from Surat too.

Devyaani asks Bhabhimaa what happened. Bhabhimaa says she wants to meet Nandini. Devyaani says I think we should talk to Nandini, as she should be happy. Jasmeet tells everyone that she wants to work from home and open a boutique. Omi asks does she know about it. Jasmeet says yes, I know very well and everyone will help us, give me once chance, lets try, it it works then good, else we will end it. Vishwamber asks her to be determined and work by heart. Jasmeet promises she will work hard. Everyone smile.

Mohit tells Rukmani that he wants to show Nandini to a doctor. Rukmani says I will come. Mohit says no, you can’t come, I will take her. Nandini asks which hospital. Rukmani says go, don’t worry. Jasmeet is hiring a tailor and asks him to come from tomorrow. Varsha asks Jasmeet the boutique name. Jasmeet says we will decide that later, what about place, my bedroom. Everyone say no, keep it in living hall corner. Jasmeet says fine, thanks a lot. Dadi says you need new machines. Kaki asks Jasmeet not to hurry up, as its tough to design clothes, first learn stitching. Jasmeet says I will learn.Rajshri asks Kaki to let Jasmeet do, maybe she will learn. Jasmeet thinks to show Karishma.

Rukmani talks to Koel and says Mohit got responsible, now I have to call Devyaani. She calls Deyaani and Girja takes the call. Girja says Devyaani is making kada for Nandini. Rukmani is shocked knowing Nandini went there. She says I m coming now, don’t tell anyone, I want to give them surprise. Rukmani thinks Nandini lied to go there. Akshara tells Mohit that Rukmani will feel bad if she knows you came here. Rukmani stops Devyaani from having the kada. She scolds Nandini to come here by lying to her. Mohit says I will explain. Rukmani says how can you lie to me, Nandini taught you this or her family. Mohit defends everyone.

Rukmani says everyone might be blaming me, I m not her enemy, I just want her and the child to be happy but Nandini trusts her family, not me. Nandini says no. Devyaani says Nandini did not know she is coming here. Devyaani says we want Nandini to be happy, you chose wrong way. Akshara asks them to calm down. Nandini says sorry, this won’t happen again. Rukmani asks Nandini to stay here in her Maayka. Everyone is shocked. Nandini cries and says don’t say this. Rukmani gets angry. Akshara asks her to sit and talk. Rukmani scolds her and says keep Nandini with you, take care of her as you all want. Mohit says fine Maa, I will also stay here with Nandini, even Yash will be with us. Everyone is shocked.

Mohit asks Akshara to let Rukmani leave, he will not plead her. Bhabhimaa says what are you saying. Mohit says yes, but Maa is wrong. Rukmani says fine, I m bad, you stay here with good people. Rukmani says I don’t want to see any drama and starts leaving. Akshara locks the door and stops her. She says Mohit stop her please and requests Rukmani to forgive Mohit. Rukmani says he is not kid now, he is grown up. Mohit argues. Nandini cries. Akshara tries to make them think about the baby. Mohit makes Rukmani realize how she stops Nandini every time. Rukmani says I do this as I care for Nandini and baby.

Devyaani says don’t feel bad, we know you take good care of Nandini. But she is pregnant, it not a disease, let her be happy. Rukmani says she can’t let the baby get upset. Everyone smile. Akshara asks them to patch up now. Akshara asks Rukmani and Devyaani to patch up. Devyaani says we are best friends. Rukmani apologizes to everyone. Akshara says lets have tea and pakodas now. Karishma comes home to take her presentation pendrive. She hears Pammi and Sethi talking about Jasmeet opening a boutique at home. Akshara and everyone say congrats to Jasmeet on phone. Devyaan says we have festivals now and will get clients. Rukmani says you will get more orders from my kitty also.

Jasmeet tells everyone that they are very happy. Dadi says yes, money is not important, relations should be sweet. Jasmeet says don’t worry. Rukmani worries for Nandini and says sorry. Akshara says no, you can stop her for right thing. Akshara gets a work call and says she will come. She tells Bhabhimaa that she has to go office. Jasmeet gets all machines and says she will learn from demo CD. Kaki is annoyed. Naman and Karishma talk. She complains about Jasmeet. Naman says ignore the talk. Naman says stay there where you are, thanks to Naitik for helping us. Akshara and Naitik have a talk on phone. Akshara’s fruits bag gets exchanged with some lady’s bag.

Naksh gets a gun and says it was in your bag, did you get for me. Akshara says no, I did not bring. Naksh asks is it real, shall I fire. Akshara says no, leave it. Mohit says I think someone has put this. Muskaan says check bag. Akshara sees a big knife and everyone is shocked. She gets a letter and is shocked reading it.

Akshara talks to Naitik and says its notice from Naksh’s school.I have to become teacher for one day to volunteer. He says what.

Update Credit to: Amena

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