Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Aarohi meets Rudra

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshu hugging Manjiri and wishing her happy anniversary. Manjiri asks how do you know. Akshu says I would know it. Manjiri thanks her. Akshu asks about Harsh, didn’t he go to temple with you. Manjiri says he had to go somewhere. Akshu says ask him to come early for the party. Manjiri says no need, everyone is tired, we never did a party before, forget it, have this prasad. Manjiri gives prasad to Abhi also and blesses. She says you didn’t wish. He asks does anyone wish for the punishment, sorry, but we know, you never got any happiness in this relation. She says wrong, I got you from this relation, don’t spoil your mood and don’t argue with Harsh today. He thinks he won’t even remember this day. He says I will try, where is Akshu, I have to go to hospital. Akshu says I have to plan this myself, Abhi asked me not to disturb. Abhi comes and holds her in his arms. He jokes. She says anyone can come. He says let them come, don’t you want to say sorry. She asks why. He says because of the incomplete romance, I m thinking to go back to Jaipur, there was Abhira romance in the air. They are seen dancing in some beautiful locales on Tu mera hogaya…. They hug. The dream ends. Abhi closes Akshu close. Harsh comes there. Akshu gets away from Abhi and greets Harsh. She says happy anniversary. Harsh says thanks and goes.

They have a romantic talk. Abhi goes. She says I will work for the evening surprise. Aarohi says they are shutting the music dept. Kairav asks what. Manish says Harsh, Anand and Mahima had this on mind. Aarohi says they didn’t tell anyone, a trainee heard this and told me. Kairav says I can’t tolerate this, Akshu is planning their anniversary and they are doing this. Manish says Abhi would know it and take some action. Kairav says Akshu invited us in Harsh and Manjiri’s anniversary party. Manish says we will meet and clear the matter. Aarohi meets Rudra. He flirts with her. She asks are you flirting with me. He says yes. She looks at him. He says I was joking, but I m saying something now that’s not a joke, my dad has many companies, but he wants to open a hospital, we have a big land, I want you to be a part of the hospital. She says I m not so experienced. He says I don’t doubt your sincerity and capability, my mom and dad have kept a party for my recovery, I want you to come at the farmhouse. She thinks of Akshu. Rudra stares at her. Abhi comes there and sees them. He gets busy with work. Rudra asks will you come. Aarohi says I will surely come if I get time, keep your reports. Rudra says we shall meet tomorrow. He leaves. He goes out and calls someone. He says Aarohi got convinced easily. He laughs. Abhi hears this.

Abhi thinks I will take Akshu and fly away. Akshu calls Reema and asks is the cake ordered. She says yes, my surprise is good, I wish everyone comes on time. Abhi thinks it will be good if we are away. She says everyone enjoys music, everyone forgets anger and upsetness when heart is happy. Abhi goes for the surgery. Akshu says I wish everyone comes, what else do I want. Abhi relaxes in his cabin. Nurse gives sweets. He says happy birthday. She says no, its my marriage anniversary.

He recalls his childhood. Little Abhi wishes Harsh happy anniversary and asks him to come and cut the cake. Harsh says no cake means no cake. Manjiri says he is a kid. He asks her to explain Abhi. He says we have no love and happiness, there is just hatred, I hate you. Abhi hears this and pushes the table down. He shouts I hate you. Harsh angrily leaves. FB ends. Abhi says I still hate you, my mum never got any happiness, I won’t let this happen with you, I will take my wife with me today for the conference, seminar and honeymoon. Aarohi relaxes. She says I have to give my best and become number one. She gets Rudra’s message. He reminds her about the party. He writes… I told dad about you, you can meet and discuss. Akshu says I should get happy soon. Akshu looks for the blue dress. Abhi thinks how to tell Akshu that I packed her dress. He sends her an audio and asks her to get decked up to stir his senses. Akshu says I have planned such a party that you will go mad in joy, I couldn’t do anything for Naira’s anniversary, I will do this for Manjiri, it will be like I m doing this for Naira and Sirat. She smiles.

Abhi gets Akshu’s pic and says you look lovely. She asks him to come for the surprise. He comes home and gets angry seeing Akshu’s surprise. Akshu sings Piya tose…. Manjiri smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Akshara is surely doing everything to make Manjiri happy but she’s forgetting that even Harsh is involved in this whose screws of brain are lost. She can plan Manjiri’s birthday to make her happy instead of planning anniversary and getting a strong dose from Harsh and maybe from Abhimanyu also. Akshara finally remembered her Sirat mumma. I wish she remembered Sirat on her wedding day also along with Kartik-Naira.
    Everyone wants to be at top position in their field but becoming number 1 shouldn’t become one’s obsession. Aarohi is dealing with the same situation now. She’s soo obsessed to become number 1 that she sometimes takes risky routes and get herself troubles. She is for sure brilliant and intelligent but she should also learn to take calculative decisions to attain success without herself falling in trouble. She should forget about people calling Akshara best and focus on herself and trust her capabilities. She just needs a proper guidance from someone as her family is too busy to even notice what and how is she doing. I hope Abhimanyu becomes her mentor as both are in same field and guide her through her career after this Rudra chapter as he clearly understood Rudra’s intentions and he also knows that Aarohi may take extreme measures to become number 1. This time I also want Akshara to become a doting elder sister and slap Aarohi if she comes into Rudra’s trap and plant some valuable words in Aarohi’s mind. I hope Aarohi doesn’t fall for this Rudra nonsense. He looks like total tharki and beside Aarohi he looks like a complete joker. Neil-Aarohi looks like a royal couple. Hope makers don’t drag this Rudra nonsense and start with Neil-Aarohi track.
    Chotu Abhimanyu is soo cute😍. Even if Harsh doesn’t like Manjiri, he should have atleast cut the cake for his son’s happiness as he claims to love his son. A small glimpse of Abhimanyu’s childhood is revealed and looking forward to see what actually happened that Manjiri got stuck with this man.
    Again Piya Tose…🤦‍♀️😂 Does Akshara even know any other song…day after tomorrow, Abhimanyu will become angry and I think Akshara will again sing Oh Kanha or Dil se Bandi😂

  2. Really this akshara is irritating she is just new to this family, only two days , why she should do all these functions, she could have asked some one about this,daily something or other is happening in birlas house

    1. Akshara is just trying to bond the family, aftr seeing Harsh n Abhi’s fight!! How is this irritating??? All the more bcoz she is new, a new bahu in the family! Maybe she can make a difference??

  3. So cutie Abhi has planned a surprise for his Akshu. Mr. Shareef Birla is finally getting Ashareef.🤭 Not complaining though. But sadly, he will get a shock before that😂. Both junior and Senior Abhimanyu were so cute today.😍 And married Abhira has been serving already but still I want more scenes of them. Jitna bhi dkho, mn hi nhi bharat.🙈 Yesterday also, the sequence was fire🔥. The way Abhi looked at Akshu at the end when she slept, it can’t be explained in words.😘 Harshad’s eyes were even more pretty and expressive in that scene.

    Akshara has her way of doing things, and if she believes her ways can bring a change, she should try it. Though Abhi will be hurt, I am sure they will make up for it later, because everything is unintentional and a rude game of time. (Everytime he brings a Red rose for her, he is never able to give it)😂🤦‍♀️

    Seems Arohi’s being No.1 has become her obsession. And I think that has often become the reason of her being unhappy or falling in problem. Abhimanyu told her in first meet too that one doesn’t need to be like someone else. If she would not have messed up his lovestory with Akshu, I think he would have become a good guide for her like he was initially. But he gifted her a rare medical book after that fiasco, so I think even now there’s a possibility for that.
    That guy Rudra didn’t seem right. Though, it can be a start of Neirohi track too as Abhimanyu might send Neil for help. And Neil too can be a good guide, except that Arohi never listens to him. And him doing nothing makes it worse since she will listen to someone influential only.😂

    1. @Anjali
      I think Abhimanyu will only go save Aarohi this time. And I think he will only guide her and bring her out of this number 1 obsession and guide her in her career. Once she comes out of this fame, power obsession, only then she can see and feel the beautiful heart Neil has but for time being Abhimanyu will be the perfect mentor for her.
      I really wonder what Goenkas are doing without checking what is happening in their kids life. As they know that Aarohi does anything without thinking, they should atleast try to know what is happening in her life or give her assurance that she can share things with them. After this Rudra’s track, I hope makers show Kairav-Aarohi’s heart-to-heart conversation.

    2. Yeah, maybe. No matter how much he dislikes Arohi, he won’t let her be in any problem. So, yeah, it’s highly possible.
      I think families can observe only when there is some change in her behavior or some tension. Today, it was a normal incident and there wasn’t anything for them to worry. But, yeah I agree they haven’t really been able to see through children’s heart.

  4. When Abhi told Akshu, that in this family you don’t receive anything good for being good , Akshu said I have received – You.
    Today, when Abhi said to Manjari what this marriage hasn’t given you any happiness, she too said, it has given me the biggest one – You.
    It was a nice parallel showing how Abhi is a ray of light for these 2 good-hearted people who Hasn’t received any love/respect for their goodness from their loved ones at some point of time. Because he is the only one who has loved them the way they deserve to be loved for being so giving, kind and good-hearted always. In a world where people harm others for their own benefits, Akshara and Manjari are literally Angels. But, innocent enough to be taken benefit of. That’s why I feel Abhi being in their life is also a blessing for them.😂 Because he would never let it happen.

    Abhi’s bond with his mother is also so pure. The way he loves Manjari as if he wants to compensate for all the love she didn’t get from her husband. I hope makes never ruin this bond in future too.

    1. @Anjali
      Abhimanyu and Manjiri’s bond is soo precious to break but there is no guarantee about Abhimanyu and Akshara’s bond as separating the leads due to misunderstanding and then uniting them is favourite time pass of makers. But I hope they won’t show mockery of marriage like in 2nd generation.

    2. @Siya
      Yeah, leads will definitely be having separation. And I am fine with it as long as they keep both the characters intact. Separation brings new feelings, angst which literally serves but it shouldn’t be at the cost of leads’ character.

  5. Akshu baby is looking gorgeous in precap.😍
    Bechara Abhimanyu, uska surprise to khrab ho jaayega. I hope ki Akshu usko compensate krde. Khin ye Harsh Party k baad phirse Akshu p na chillaye😠. Bs Abhimanyu rhe uske paas, phir to vo Harsh kuch nhi bol paayega.
    Lgta h ye Arohi phirse problem m phsne vaali h. Jo bhi ho, bs Akshu dur rhe isse. Vrna kya pta fir s kh de sb Akshara vjah s hua h jaise car Accident ki wqt bola tha. Neil or Kairav can go to save her.

  6. Today’s episode was super, it will be really good if this functions goes smoothly without any argument between goenka and birla about music academy,

  7. So what exactly did majiri do to harsh to make him hate so much? Did she cheat on him maybe🤷‍♀️ this whole thing is about to turn on its head after the truth is revealed. Abhi is just a damaged child living in an adult’s body. A whole medical practitioner that doesn’t know the benefits of seeking professional therapy for his issues instead of just marrying someone that reminds him of his mom so be can “be a better harsh”

    1. @Vaijyanthi
      I don’t think Mahima cheated on Harsh. She values relations soo much and one who worships relationships will never do such acts. I think Harsh doesn’t like her as she is not a doctor and I am assuming that Mahima made Harsh marry Manjiri by so that she can rule over Birla house as she very well knows that Harsh would want an ambitious wife.

  8. Its high time Akshara left her Goenka-panti at her maika.. All of this Hum Saath Saath Hai won’t work at Birla House and playing this bahu-bahu game is not gonna take her anywhere

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