Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh recalling the problem at home and how Akshara is hurt. Naira talks to him. He says they are wearing happy faces mask and he will find out the real truth. Naira says when we asked her, she got tensed. Naksh says when we asks for something, they all get comfortable. Naira says its something between Bhabhimaa and Akshara. Naksh says I don’t know what happened, it was all fine before Dadda ji’s death, and then we went to cape town. He says its something related to Dadda ji’s death. Naira says but mum used to talk to Bhabhimaa on phone. Naksh says there is some tension between them. He says he needs some excuse to bring Bhabhimaa and Akshara close and then truth will be out.

He says its factory’s opening tomorrow and he will bring this truth out. She says no one can lie to us. He says no one can fool us now. Rajshri talks to Vishwamber and worries for the function, as its related to Dadda ji and the things can come to surface again. He says if its written then it will happen, I think they should talk face to face. She says no, I wish it ends hidden. He says this silence is making wound deeper, its good if this silence breaks. She says I m scared to think.

Akshara does all the arrangements at night. Bhabhimaa comes and says I knew it you will help, everyone thought I will not know, but I remember everything. Akshara says sorry. Bhabhimaa says enough, I can’t bear it now, stay away from everything related to Dadda ji, no need to do anything, I don’t know what will you tell Naksh, I can’t bear you, this distance can’t end in this birth, I don’t want to see your face. She says don’t make me helpless, make any reason and leave from here. She cries.

Naitik comes to her and she says why did we come here, we should have not come. He says I know you are hurt by Bhabhimaa’s words. She says no, I m not hurt, she is hurt by me, I came in this house thinking that maybe I will get my place back, but I does not want to hurt Bhabhimaa, please we should leave. He says yes, we should leave, we don’t have any way now. She hugs him and cries.

Varsha says she kept sugar free sweets for Naksh. Dadi asks them to get ready, its big day for Bhabhimaa, she will be very happy. Ananya says yes, I will not let you wait, I will reach on time. Shaurya sees her and says he is worried, till he does not know the truth, his BP will be high. Varsha asks him to ask Ananya. Shaurya asks Ananya with whom is she talking on phone, she can tell him, he will not tell him anything. Dadi asks her not to trouble him more.

Ananya says I wanted to tell you before, I was scared, maybe you can get annoyed, I got the job. Shaurya asks who is that guy… and Rajshri asks what job. Ananya says I will answer. Varsha says you troubled us a lot, Shaurya did not sleep all night. Ananya says I m sorry. Shaurya says its fine, I was possessive, promise me, you will never hide things and share with me. Ananya hugs him and says thanks. She says she is blessed to get supportive family.

She says we all understand each other. Dadi says relations means understanding and parents should give freedom to children. Naksh talks to Sanju and says he will know everything today. She asks is he sure. He says whats the problem. She says he has to arrange things. He says he did the arrangements. She says I will pray for you, inform me. He says thanks, I m sorry to take you for granted, I m useless friend and I did not get you home, I m stuck in family matters. She says its fine, I m proud of you, kids don’t talk to parents and you are worried for them and grandparents, I m proud that you are so caring.

He says enough, I will faint now. She says I m just a call away. He says I love you Sanju. She says love you too. He says I will know the truth in some time. Akshara asks Naitik to get ready, they have to go in factory inauguration. He says no, how can we go, Bhabhimaa refused us. She says she refused me, not you. He says he will not go without her. She asks him not to lose this chance. He asks will she be alone. She says no, you are with me, you left family all because of me.

He says I knew you are not wrong, we will go together. She asks him to go and convinces him. He hugs her and she says she will be with him, not away from him, her heart will be there. He says what will we tell Naksh and Naira, they will ask us. She says I don’t know, I did not think about this. The maheshwaris get ready for leaving. Ananya says she will do her work and come there directly. Shaurya says he will drop her to office, she can grow up but remain little daughter for him. He hugs her. Rukmani tells Nandini that Bhabhimaa will react seeing Akshara and Naitik. Nandini says Akshara is smart, she will manage. Naman and Karishma get ready. Naksh compliments them.

Devyaani and Bau ji come. Naira says Akshara should come. Naksh says will she make reason again. Naira says klet them make any excuse, we will take them. Bhabhimaa comes and they compliment her. Naira says mum and dad did not come. Karishma says we will not go without them. Naitik and Akshara come. Akshara says she got ready as kids said, but don’t worry, I will not go against you. Naitik says he will go by other car and Naksh argues. He says he wants everyone to go comfortable. Akshara says we will leave first.

They leave and Naksh and Naira smile. Naitik changes his way and leaves. Naksh does not see their car and asks where did they go. Bau ji says there is another way to reach there too. Naitik and Akshara get sad.

Naksh says mum will make Dadda ji’s statue wear this garland. Bhabhimaa loses her temper and shouts on her to stop.

Update Credit to: Amena

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