Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Court hearing commences

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira rehearsing and going to meet Mr. Jhaveri. He says I m fighting your case. She says but I didn’t tell you anything yet. He smiles and says I have details, yes, your ring diamond… sorry, I like to joke, I take black coffee shots and my humor also got black, I get sleep seeing these books, so I take black coffee shots, didn’t you find it funny. He laughs. He asks why didn’t Shivani come with you. She says I told you to come later, I will talk to you first, its not her fault, don’t tell her anything. He asks do you have any relation with Shivani. She says no. He says your emotional nature, change it, else you won’t be able to win any case in life, this is my friendly advice.

She says if you are getting emotional about Shivani, how will you fight against you, when you took an appointment, my assistant got all the case details, what you told Shivani is your point of view, everyone knows about Lav and Kush Goenkas, is this any other detail. She says I have to think. He says take another appointment, do you have any solid proof. She signs no. He says we will meet tomorrow in the court. Naksh asks how was the meeting. She says fine, he is bit strange. Manish says Khatri suggested the best lawyer, Lav and Kush would be fine. Akhilesh worries. Samarth says Lav and Kush would be fine. Kartik says lawyer has come. Jhaveri comes and gets two plants. He says have this friendly gift, I gift this to every client for tackling global warming, tell me about the case, I will fight and win, because this case is family’s case. Naira says I think lawyer will support truth. Jhaveri says truth is what we prove in court, my purpose is to save our kids, parents can’t show face when kids are blamed for molestation, I m a lawyer, I don’t lie, its my worry now. Naira says Trisha, he will get justice for you, don’t worry.

Naksh, Naira and Trisha come to the court. Goenkas come. Naira sees Kartik and thinks I m sure you will understand me. He thinks you will understand, I m sure, we are fighting for family, I want that no one gets hurt. She thinks I hope everything gets peaceful. Kairav plays and vase breaks. He asks will police catch me. Vansh says no, Manish will save us from police, he was saying he has money and power, he will save Lav and Kush, our family loves us a lot, they will save us, whatever we do, they will get us back also.

Kartik takes care of Trisha. He gives her water. Trisha thanks him. Lav and Kush come to the court. Suwarna cries and says I have much tension. Gayu says I can understand. Suwarna says I m worried for Kartik and Naira. Akhilesh and Surekha run to Lav and kush. Surekha feeds them some food. Inspector says its not allowed. She says I won’t leave anyone if anything happens to them. Manish says I promise, nothing will happen to them. Kartik asks them to come.

Bhabhimaa gets angry and beats the pillows. She asks why do children not listen and drag matters to court. Devyaani says yes, don’t know what will happen in the court. Everyone waits for Jhaveri. Jhaveri comes. Naksh says he will prove Lav and Kush’s crime and get them punished. Jhaveri goes in. Manish and Samarth say maybe he doesn’t want to meet anyone. Naksh says he maybe thinking about the case. Naira prays that truth wins.

Jhaveri says Lav and Kush molested Trisha, I want this case to end and also my client’s trauma. Manish looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Verma4

    Who is Jhaveri fighting for ??? , the twins looked very sad.

  2. Is this Jhaveri mad. I think he hv some serious problem with him . Changing sides again nd again . How cn such a lawyer be the best one . Earlier for divorce hearing they both called the same lawyer and again this shit has started . Cant they show something realistic. They r just able to find just 1 lawyer in such a big city .

    1. I saw one spoiler that this javeri is related to Abhishek ( luv ki frn).. so he is supported goenkas

    2. He will be Abhishek’s father and he will fight for Goenkas

      1. Yes I also read this spoiler after writing this comment

  3. Please write it clearly.. I can’t able to understand tat…. “he says… She says. ….he comes ..etc…. “write their names.. It’s really messy… We read the episodes bcoz of the lack of time but after reading this it creates more confusion.. Only today’s written update is like this… Before this it’s very clear and understanding…..

  4. This jhaveri is actually Abhisheks father so in order to save his son he will put false allegations on Trisha since Abhishek was also involved in her molestation case.

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