Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Goenkas worry for Kartik

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with reporting questioning Kartik. Manish gets angry and asks Samarth to call lawyer. Kartik gets interrogated. Kartik says I don’t know where is she, she called me to the hotel last night. Inspector says you didn’t care for me. Kartik says she said her Bua is unwell, we didn’t doubt. Inspector says you are the primary suspect. Police checks the house. They get Vedika’s passport. Inspector says Vedika’s passport is here. Suwarna says we didn’t check her room. Inspector asks didn’t you care about her flight and details. Dadi says we called her, she sent messaged, why would we doubt. Naira looks on. Manish asks lawyer to believe it, its truth. Kartik says I don’t lie, go and find Vedika, I didn’t do anything, I don’t know why she was taking my name.

Naira says find Vedika. Inspector reads Vedika’s diary and says your name Naira is also written in this. Dadi asks what’s Naira’s mistake in this. Suwarna says don’t blame anyone like this. They don’t see the box. Naira gets the box and finds it empty. Servant asks Kairav and Vansh not to go to mum, Naira is helping police. Kartik argues with inspector. Manish talks to media. Naira says media would have gone now, I can meet Kartik now. Kartik says Naira promised she will manage, but how.

Naira comes to police station. Manish stops her and says its better you go back, media is already making news. Naira says please I want to meet Kartik once. Kartik and Naira cry. Naira goes. Chukar gai….plays…. Manish asks Kartik to sign bail papers. Kartik signs. He asks did Naira come. Manish says yes, but I sent her back. Kartik asks is Kairav fine. Manish says he doesn’t know anything. Kartik says I m not worried for anything, Kairav shouldn’t be hurt. Manish says neither your son nor mine will be hurt. Naira comes home and sees Naksh. Naksh says Kairav… She says I promises Kartik that Kairav won’t know anything. He says relax, he doesn’t know, he is sick. She runs to Kairav and asks what happened. Suwarna says he is suffering from fever. Naira says we will go to hospital. Kairav asks where is dad. Naira says he went to help police. He asks why didn’t he come. She says he will come in some time. He says I feel dizzy. Kartik worries in lockup. Naksh says we have to take him to doctor.

Kartik says Kairav… why do I feel he is unwell. Naira, Naksh, Dadi and Suwarna take Kairav to the hospital. The lady says just Pallavi is available. Naira says call her. Kartik asks can I call home. Inspector says no, don’t ask again and again. Pallavi talks to inspector. Naira asks her to check her patient, Kairav. Pallavi says make him lie down there. Kartik says I have a strong feeling that my child is unwell. Inspector says don’t do this drama, sit quiet here. Pallavi checks Kairav. Kartik asks inspector to call and ask, he can do this. Pallavi says Kairav is fine, he was scared or upset. Samarth comes and says its all right, Kairav was unwell. Kartik asks what happened to him. Samarth says he had anxiety, he is given medicines. Naira thanks Pallavi.

Pallavi says I was doing my duty,Vedika is my friend, I m angry on you all, but I will do my duty. Naira says your anger is justified, we will find Vedika soon, I promise you. Pallavi says its your goodness or love for Kartik, Kartik got rid of Vedika for your love. Naira says no, Kartik’s love isn’t mean and low, when you are in love, you learn to love, not hate. Bhabhimaa says thank God Kairav is fine now. Devyaani says Kartik should come back. Dadi cries. Manish, Akhilesh and Samarth come home. Dadi asks about Kartik. Manish says we couldn’t bail out Kartik, we failed to convince them. Samarth says Pallavi’s cousin is criminal lawyer, he got tomorrow’s hearing date. Akhilesh says we can’t prove Kartik innocent. Naira says no, I will prove him innocent by tomorrow, I will make it possible, why will he get punished when he did no mistake, I will find Vedika, nothing wrong will happen, I m ready to do anything.

Naira, Samarth and Naksh come to the hotel. Naira says Vedika called Kartik here, we have to find out soon. She goes to the manager. She says my husband, I mean Kartik Goenka is blamed for Vedika’s disappearance, I will find out the proof, will you show the corridor footage now. Kartik worries for Vedika. He gets food parcel. The inmates say he may get food from hotel. Kartik gives food to them. The inmates bless him to get free from the problem. Guard says sorry, that camera isn’t working since morning. Naira says it means someone tampered it, someone was present there, we can’ t prove it. She says when Kartik met me, he was tensed, he said Vedika wasn’t there. Samarth says Pallavi’s lawyer will use this footage against him. Naksh says there should be some signs of struggle, show us footage of all entries and exits. Naira sees the guy and thinks hotel staff doesn’t wear such caps, he has a tattoo on his hand. Naksh and Samarth ask for details. Naira says I got what we needed.

Kartik hears Naira is missing. Everyone prays that Naira stays fine. Kartik is taken to the court.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi I’m soofia I really hope that naira can get her husband kartik out of jail as soon as possible coz I know that kartik dint kidnap this stupid nasty vedika I really hate this b*t*h vedika her friend pallvie too I can’t wait until kartik comes out of jail I’m sure that kartiks wife naira will get her husband kartik out of jail really soon

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