Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Chauhan angers Sirat

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvir and Sirat coming home. Sirat gets tensed seeing Kartik. They meet Goenkas. Nidhi asks how did you like this surprise. Suwarna asks was this surprise for Sirat. Nidhi says yes. Kartik says thats why I thought why she didn’t call to ask where we reached. Kairav says she is shocked seeing us. Chauhan says I wanted this. Sirat says Saroj should have told me, I would have helped. Saroj asks her to meet everyone. Sirat greets everyone. She ignores Kartik. Nani worries. She asks are you fine. Sirat says yes, I told you last night. She says I m glad seeing you all here, sit, I will show something to Kairav. She shows her room to Kairav. Kairav says wow, very nice, where is your punching bag. She says I shall show it, come. Kartik comes. Sirat asks do you want something.

Kartik says Kairav, Suwarna is calling you, go. Kairav goes. Kartik says Sirat… She says I should go. He asks how is your foot. She says its better. He says sorry. She asks why. He says I can’t do anything, that’s why, Nani told me why you are worried, your heart would have got light. She says no, she just worries for me. He says then you tell the truth, we guys are fools in this matter, even Ranvir won’t understand this, you have to tell this to him, Sasural problems will end in a second, trust me, problems get solved when you talk, I can’t talk to Ranvir, you need to talk to him. Chauhan says Kartik, you here, sorry, is it any private talk, did I disturb. Kartik says no, talks go on in between friends, come Sirat, I got a gift for you. They go. Chauhan says I also have a gift for you. Kartik gives the newspaper pic frame to Sirat.

Ranvir says its great gift, why don’t I get such ideas. Kartik says there is another gift. She sees her pic on the coffee mug. She thanks him. Everyone dines. Kartik says everything is of my likes, just like someone told you. Chauhan says Sirat is your friend, she knows your likes and dislikes. He gets seated. Nidhi says we were confused, dad gave the idea to ask Sirat. Kairav says Sirat knows every fav thing of dad and me. Nidhi says yes, we know it now. Kartik says I eat whatever I get. Chauhan says there is a difference in accepting what you get and getting your choice, right Sirat, like Sirat and Ranvir liked each other, if they didn’t meet, then Sirat’s marriage would have happened with Kartik, and she would have to accept that, whatever happens is good, Sirat got Ranvir, she is very happy. Ranvir holds Sirat’s hand. Chauhan asks Sirat are you happy. Ranvir says Kartik, we will start kids’ training tomorrow. Kartik says yes. Chauhan says I m glad that you became my son’s partner, if not mine, sorry for that day, I want to thank you all that you got my son married to Sirat against my wish. Suwarna says Sirat is our daughter, her happiness matters a lot. He says strange, she was becoming your bahu and now became your daughter.

Sirat gets angry. Chauhan says Lord does it right, Ranvir came in time, else she would have got responsibility of two kids, Ranvir left the family and house for this girl, how did she forget Ranvir so soon and agreed to marry someone else. Saroj asks shall I serve the food. Chauhan says no, let me treat the guests first. He says Sirat would be helpless, I heard her stepdad got her house on his name by cheat, later Kartik bought it and gave it back to her, Kartik paid the medical bills for Mata ji, Kartik paid for the coaching, then Sirat won the state level medal, how would she pay for his favors, so she agreed for marriage.

Sirat angrily throws water on his face. Everyone looks on. Sirat says stop it, you want to know the reason why I was marrying Kartik, his money, my boxing, Maudi and kids aren’t the reason, the reason is his heart, his goodness, he understands me without my saying anything, he is ready to always support me, he made my dream his dream, who does so for a stranger, he did a lot for me and Maudi when there was no relation, he didn’t ask anything in return, he didn’t show his favor, it wasn’t a compromise to marry such a person, but my good luck. Everyone looks at her. Sirat cries and says we thought Kairav will get his mum and I will get a house, we turned friends, my happiness, smile and confidence came back, Kartik became an imp part of my life, I felt everything is incomplete without him, I didn’t think this will happen, I didn’t know when this friendship turned into love. Ranvir, Kartik and everyone get shocked. Chauhan smiles.

Kartik asks what happened Sirat. She sees the glass in her hand. She looks at Chauhan. Kartik asks why did you stand up, do you want to say something. She cries and turns to go. Ranvir says Sirat, Chauhan assked you something, won’t you answer, about your and Kartik’s relation, won’t you end his doubt, are you respecting relations, but I have no relation with him, why shall I stop. He holds her hand and says you should have thought first that Sirat is your bahu, you are talking cheap things to insult her, even I don’t have a right to ask her why she agreed to marry Kartik, just Sirat and Kartik know it, she isn’t cheating me, whatever she did, she did that according to her sense and situation, she did right.

He asks Sirat not to hear these nonsense and give an answer to shut up his mouth always. Kartik says Chauhan, she is silent, but you are taking an advantage of this relation, your thinking is bad, I will tell for the last time, Sirat and I are good friends, I respect that friendship, that’s why I m silent, else I can answer you. Chauhan says its my mistake, I forgot that the relations which have a knot always hurts, you will always doubt me, I didn’t had such intention as you all thought, forgive me Bahu, I know you and Kartik are just friends, you have much love for Ranvir, true love. He asks them to have food. He asks Sirat to serve them well. He leaves. He thinks I have ignited a spark, I m waiting for the blast. Manish says I m done, permit us to leave. Kartik asks Manish and Suwarna to go, he will come later. Suwarna takes Nani and Kairav along. Kartik goes to Sirat. She sees Kartik and Ranvir.

Sirat sees Ranvir and his pic. She recalls Chauhan’s pic. She cries and says I will not let our relation get any stain. She cleans the frame glass. Kartik says stain is on the interior side.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Uffffff can this kartik stay away from naira for atleast one day

    1. It’s sirat
      He should stay away from her
      He is Away from. Her
      She is a cheater who is cheating
      But she bring characterless
      Is doing mistakes

    2. Nonsense!! blo*dy fool, donkey vaishnavi!! You are cheater not sirat..

  2. Guys what do u think kya kartik ko sirat se pyaar hoga ??? Because its obvious ab ranvir hi kartik sirat ko unite karegaπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    1. Sirat aur Kartik nahi milenge. Naira will come back as Kartik is unable to forget his love for Naira

    2. Sanjay kashyap

      Ha ji bikul

  3. Sirat should just answer Chauhan
    if he did not tried to killed her 2 years ago n get Ranvir shot, Ranvir n her would have already having children n enjoying their married life!!!

    Good show!!! Keep it up!!!

  4. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Kartik.. If you have any form of respect for Sirat then please, please stay away from her…today you have seen for yourself what disrespect Chauhan has in his mind about Sirat… πŸ™ please… give Sirat and Ranvir their space as a married couple to settle down… Stop following her around like a love-sick puppy πŸ™ …speak to Kairav about giving them their privacy and you do the same as well βœ‹…Nani, stop putting food for thought into Sirat’s mind, ease up on your observations…let Sirat decide what she wants to do without any intervention πŸ™

    I know earlier I said I liked Kartik for Sirat but things have now drastically changed… Sirat and Ranvir are married… Let it be…Kartik now needs a new friend and preferably a male friend to occupy his time… this way, he can keep his memories of Naira… anyway, Nidhi is single, yes πŸ€” … so why not arrange for Kartik to marry her 😲 … this would be interesting…πŸ™„

  5. Kuch bhiiii, thodi acchi story.

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