Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira celebrate Sawan Milni

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying I should also move on, at least I should try. Akhilesh looks on and says Naira doesn’t care, I can’t ask Liza. He prays. Kairav asks what’s Sawan milan. Naira says its a festive at the time of rains, the ladies fix swings, they cook good food, they sing and dance. Kairav asks how do dads celebrate. Naira recalls Kartik and laughs. She hugs Kairav and prays to get courage to keep Kairav without his dad. She thinks sorry Kartik, you have to move on without Kairav. Vansh says Dadi is not taking medicines, don’t tell her that I told you, else she will get angry. Kartik says fine, thanks for telling me.

Suwarna says Dadi was saying marriage should be grand. Manish says it should happen as mum wants. She says tell me about arrangements. He says I told Akhilesh and Surekha to manage this, he was lost. She says I noticed him, he looks much worried since he returned. He asks shall I talk to him. She says maybe Surekha and his arguments are the reason, none is happy here, Gayu and Samarth also. He asks what happened to them. She says they have tensions about Vansh, I feel everything is shattering, Dadi’s health, their relations, Kartik’s happiness, Vedika’s hope, even Lav and Kush aren’t happy but don’t want to come, they love us and don’t tell us anything, Kartik acts to be happy, I know his pain, I wish Naira was here. He says enough, accept that Naira isn’t here, don’t have hope. She says I won’t leave hope, we didn’t get Naira’s body, maybe she is… He says even her mum’s body wasn’t found, did she come back, no, give a chance to Vedika, maybe she brings peace and happiness in our house.

Dadi asks Kartik to finalize designs. He says you didn’t take medicines. She says I forgot being excited for your marriage. He says I m marrying so that you stay fine. She asks did I pressurize you for marriage. He says its imp that you get fine. She says I know you don’t love Vedika, but marrying isn’t wrong, people do arranged marriages and they fall in love, you will get married and have children. She takes medicines. He asks her to take rest now. Vedika and everyone come. Dadi sees them. Kartik goes. Vedika says we wanted to keep Sawan milni function at home. Dadi says yes, do it. Vedika hugs and thanks her. She goes. Dadi asks all of them to help Vedika. Bhabhimaa sits with Dadi. She says Vedika is a lovely girl. Dadi says you mean I took right decision for Kartik. Bhabhimaa says absolutely. Dadi says pray that they come close. Bhabhimaa says yes, don’t worry.

Dadi says Kartik still loves Naira, he isn’t ready from heart. Bhabhimaa prays. Kairav asks Naira what’s the surprise. Naira and Liza ask him to come and see. Naira opens the blindfold and show him the decorated swing. He smiles seeing the beautiful decorations and guests. Everyone claps. Kairav says I love you. Naira says I love you too. Naira says its Kairav’s first sawan milni. Vedika comes and greets Dadi. Dadi compliments her. She asks Kartik to see Vedika, she looks so pretty. Bhabhimaa says Vedika sing something great. Vedika says sure. Akhilesh worries. Naira dances at her home. Kairav gets dupatta on his face and dances. Naira recalls Kartik and cries. Vedika dances and sings Rishton me pyaar hai….. Akhilesh messages Liza to ask about Naira and Kairav. Vansh asks Kartik where is he going.

Naira thinks of Kartik and cries. Kairav looks on. Kartik thinks of Naira and cries. Kairav hugs Naira. Suwarna says Naira will never come back. Kartik asks why can’t she come back, I miss her a lot. Naira says I miss him a lot, he used to do such things. Tera naam lekar….plays… Kartik says I miss her every moment, she used to celebrate festivals together with family. Naira says we celebrated all festivals together, why are we sitting here and talking, lets go and dance. Kartik says sorry that I came like this. Naira dances. Kartik looks at Vedika dancing. Naira pulls his hand and takes him away. He sees Naira and smiles. Dilon ke mohalle….plays…. They dance and romance. She says you are being so romantic. He says its Sawan, you are here, I have to be romantic, where is your earring. She says Dadi will get annoyed knowing this, she gave it to me. She sees both her earrings and smiles. He runs after her. They sit on the swing and smile.

Kairav gets dizzy and falls. Kartik sees Vedika’s swing falling down and gets shocked. He shouts Vedika. Naira shouts Kairav.

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I still don’t understand why Akhilesh can’t just step forward and tell Kartik about Naira and avoid all the drama ? its not as tho he’s gonna be bringing Liza d pizza home to meet the family ?


      Because all the people are selfish and think about themselves only just like that naira who only thought of her self respect not of her son husband and entire family….And it’s not drama it’s good if kartik gets married to vedika who loves kartik truly…naira will know the value of a husband that time…if possible she should get some strict husband who keeps on imposing rules of her that time she will understand the value of a husband…

  2. No it’s not like that ,. They both should be understand each other

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Correct… most problems come from misunderstandings… in this case, Naira has already created a misunderstanding but Akhilesh can correct it… except that he is in cahoots himself ? and will most likely be caught in the end ? but Kairav holds the key to clearing their misunderstanding and I am hoping that soon all will be together ? the end.

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