Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani offering sweets to Dadi. Dadi says why do you put efforts knowing we don’t eat this, I got sugar free healthy laddoos made, I will put your sweets in temple, everyone can have it as prasad. Manish and Naitik talk about marriage arrangements. Manish says everything should be according to our class. Kartik hears Mishti and goes to Naira.

Naksh and Gayu come to them. Kartik and Naira see each other. Kuhu asks Varsha and Shaurya to fly kites. Everyone refuse. Kartik apologizes to Rajshri. They all get surprised seeing Kartik. Everyone come there. Vishwamber says you all here. Mishti says Kuhu and I were talking, Kartik heard us. Kartik says don’t scold kids, its my mistake, forgive me.

Vishwamber says they did what everyone do. Naitik says but we don’t do this. Bhabhimaa says we have many relations and had to come here. Naksh and Naira ask them to come for kite flying. Naira goes to Kartik and says I will manage thread roll, you fly kite. He says leave it, you will just loosen thread and go. He asks Mishti to hold thread roll.

Naira smiles seeing family. She goes to Kartik. He says it was my idea to come here. She says you did not fight with anyone there. He says I m annoyed, they did wrong. She says I m sure they did not do this intentionally, maybe Dadi forgot, our family also did not tell them. He asks do you want me to believe this. She says promise me you won’t fight at home. He says I can’t promise. She asks for my sake. He says I will think. He stops and smiles. He says on one condition, fly kite with me. She smiles and nods.

Everyone fly kites. Udi udi jaye…..plays…………They all sing and dance, along with flying the kites. Naira runs away. Kartik and Naira smiles. She winks to him. He holds his heart. She holds him by her dupatta and holds his face. She pulls his ears and gets close. He lifts her.

Naksh says they want to do marriage that people remembers for years. Naitik says we also want such marriage, afterall its Naira’s marriage, Akshara and I wanted to do Naira’s bidaai as a princess. Naksh says fine, we will do as you want, tell me which place to decide. Naitik says where Naira gets princess feeling. Naksh and Naitik say palace…..

Lav and Kush sing for Kartik’s haldi. Surekha says organic haldi has come. Kartik comes. Priyanka says you did not tell me about Naira’s mother, Kirti told me. Mansi gets tensed. Kartik says she was like a mother. Suwarna and Manish look on. Kartik asks Mansi why did you get scared, tell me. Mansi hugs him and says I heard of Naira’s mummy and…. Akhilesh signs no. She says I feel scared. Kartik says we will not talk of their accident. Priyanka says yes, no sorrowful talk at home.

Mansi says I m scared anything wrong will happen. Kartik says I had this fear too, everything will be fine, Akshara told me to think of big happiness, then we will not doubt on fulfilling small happiness. He goes. Akhilesh asks Mansi to calm down. Mansi asks will there be problem, if Kartik’s marriage breaks because of me, I will feel guilty. Akhilesh says there won’t be any problem, I will manage everything.

Naksh shows the place pics. Naitik says its beautiful. Naksh says maybe its for Naira, some wedding was happening here and it got cancelled. Naitik says book this place soon. Naksh promises Naira’s happiness will happen there. Kartik gets Naira’s letter and reads it.

He reads… we decided everything will be like arranged marriage, its not happening, we meet, chat and talk, just letter was not sent, so I m sending this and fulfilling wish. He says wow, my life’s first love letter. He reads… I m fine here and wish the same with you, since we vowed not to meet, I don’t get sleep, I wish the wait gets over, your life and love Naira….. He kisses the letter and says I have to reply this now. He writes a letter for Naira. He clicks the letter’s pic and sends her. She reads it. He says such bad handwriting, I can’t understand anything. She messages him. He says I have written such good handwriting, how did she not understand, what to write that she understands. They chat. He writes I love you 3,4,5 and sends pic.

Mishti asks sangeet theme. Devyaani says we will sing and dance. Bhabhimaa says Naira and Gayu will teach everyone. Naira and Gayu dance. Aditya comes there. Naira takes spins and collides with him. He says sorry. Bhabhimaa and everyone greet him. He says I m sorry to come this way, its Naira’s mistake, I had to come because of her, Kartik and everyone praised her dance and I came here, Kirti and I were thinking to do couple dance, Kirti is a good dancer, I can’t dance, I thought to take training by Naira and impress wife, will you help me Naira, is there problem. Devyaani says no, she will teach you. Gayu says yes, you can start practice right away. He asks Naira, is it deal…. She shakes hands. He smiles seeing her and says I did not know Kartik is such gem finder, to find such a good diamond for himself.

Naksh and Naitik meet the man to book the palace. The man says I will not give the venue. Naksh says you gave in ad that its available, why did you give ad then. The man says its my wish. Naitik says don’t be annoyed. The man says leave from here. Naksh says we are Singhanias. The man says anyone is at the tip of my shoe. Naksh and Naitik scold him. The man asks are you threatening me. Naksh holds his collar.

Manish gets call and tells Dadi that Naksh misbehaved with wedding palace owner, they look decent and did this, I know them well, Vikram said Naksh has torn that man’s shirt, if anyone knows Naksh is Kartik’s would be brother in law, my respect got ruined, we won’t get palace for wedding. Kartik hears him.

Naira and Aditya dance. Kirti comes. Naira gets away. Kirti says Aditya, you here….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lasyashree.10

    hi everyone
    trishi,vrushy,fenil,twana,sindhu,aniket,pat,rahul96,sophie24,shesha,sachudi,chanya,ishika….and all other yrkkh family members…and silent readers….

    Is everyone okay? While I’m very sleepy so…just a small comment…..

    Today’s episode was okay….Karthik stands for maheshwaries I loved the part!!

    Organic haldi….lol…

    And hate Adithya……

    Hate the precap?

    Good night all?

    See you next morning…..bye…..

    Keep watching

    And this is lasya!!!

    1. Yeah very true… karthik stood fa maheshwari… Especially Rajashri used to tak care of Karthik very well.. felt very bad when dey were nt invited

    2. Rahul96

      Hii lasyashree ,
      I am sorry . On tellyupdates of 18th January when Nithya di bad mouthed I didn’t stand up for you and I little bit supported Nithya di. Please don’t misunderstood me that I am with her and against you. I will always be with you.
      I just supported her at one point that children should not watch kissing and hugging scene.
      And after that in few comments of mine I supported for my family . But when in next comment when I was about to support you my eyes started paining , maybe because at that day I visited a eye doctor and he poured some eye drops in my eye so maybe because of eye drops my eyes started paining , and after that I closed my eyes and slept and on next day means yesterday there was my train from Delhi to Mumbai. So I was busy in packing my bags so I didn’t get time to even see here in this page. Today I have reached Mumbai so now I have got time to do comment here. But now it’s too late to take stand for you. That topic is over . But I can apologies to you.
      I am sorry dear lasyashree. Extremely sorry.

      1. Lasyashree.10


        Please no such formalities….. I didn’t feel bad….I didn’t even misunderstood you….
        Because….bro….. we are one family……may be we don’t know each other but we understand each other right??….

        So chill…… ?feel free….and sorry prohibited…….?

        And matter of ms.philophobia…. ?toh I’m habituated with her bad comments…..

        Leave it now…..??

        And 1 more thing,…..please you can just call me lasya ??‍♀️

        And now…. shaking hands with you???

  2. Hi all my dears. Thanks for all your good wishes. Both of us are perfectly fine now.
    As usual loved today’s Kaira moments especially the loveletter. Karthik’s expressions were just mindblowing. Loved the family moment n kite flying. Yeah Pat I also strongly believe Akhilesh is behind the split between karthik and his parents. Just hate that Adithya. Waiting for him to get exposed soon.
    Getting to see lots of negative comments. Plz guys just ignore them. Let us just concentrate on our virtual family bond out here. A rose plant will also have thorns. But we only adore the beauty n fragrance of the flower n r careful enough to not get pricked by the thorns. Likewise be mature n enjoy the serial n extract just good values. Avoid the thorns that appears in Yrkkh as well as in this forum. I hope u all understood. Those who think their kids are ruined by watching all this just keep them away from all this stuff. It is for u guys that pressing pads r provided on remote controllers to change channels. If u r a good parent ur child will never get spoilt. N after reading the comment that we r spoiling our future commenting here I couldnt stop laughing n thanks to that my cough again started. Once again dears just ignore n dont reply to them. We have got many other good things to do. Stay happy n healthy dears. Stay united.
    Thanks Rahul for agreeing to share luv n kush with me. Yeah Kerala is a beautuful place. Why dont u visit our state once ? N ” Captain of our crew “, if u punish me for not taking care of ur nephew then saza qubool hai bhai.
    Omg Iam going on writing. Byee for now. Take care guys. Study well students n never forget to enjoy in between.

    1. Rahul96

      Hi Sachu diiiii,
      Glad to see your comments !!!!! Good to learn that my cute little newphew Hamdan aka adhu/adhu and you are in good health!!! And yes dii whenever I get time I will surely visit Kerala , as it is a beautiful state and also it’s literacy rate is higher . But dii I don’t know any south Indian language . But I can manage in English.??

  3. yrkkh is showing sooo many negative characters which is not good. please its never been like this.
    dont make it like other serials full of negative characters.
    am not liking the new yrkkh anymore since akshara has left.
    too much conspiracy n negative characters.

  4. What happened to Yash and Rose??? What about Nandini and Mohit. Are they not going to be at the wedding??

  5. Loved the Precap, omg Gayu looked the cutest today, dadi is just awesome, I love her! Yes it will be so good to see Naira’s reaction to know what mansi did to Akshara, it would be amazing

  6. Hi guys, I hope everyone is okay!
    Todays episode was interesting… up until the part that Aditya decided to walk in and the rest of the episode after that. The same way that Maheshwaris are outsed from group ceremonies because of not belonging in the Signhanias should be the same case for Aditya.

    Ultimately, Aditya is related to Keerti thus not a part of SInghanias so he should be rejected just like the maheshwaris were.

    I really hate this turn that YRKKH is taking but the hotel manager is obviously temporary. I hope they don’t drag Adityas character as it is Jarring to watch his terrible behaviour.

    To anyone who thinks it is a disgusting show, we are able to know about relatives and hierarchies and how they have an impact on eachother.

    I hate Manish’s line of repuation

    Other than that the episode was really positive but I hated the precap

  7. reputation*

  8. Vrushy

    Hii Everyone.
    Loved what Karthik did for maheshwaris. But then I wanted him to take stand for them in front of goenkas. They need to understand that maheshwaris are important part of Karthik’s life.
    Also loved the letter scene.So cute and innovative. Sometimes I wonder how does the writter get such unique and innovative idea !!
    So finally kaira wedding will take place at a palace. Can’t wait to see it. Long live Yrkkh !!

  9. Vrushy

    I just wanted to write this because on the previous written updates page I read someone stating that there are no such people as Aditya in real life and that his character is not needed.
    The feminist in me has woken up and I want to firstly apologise as I would be writting a Loooong comment.
    If there are no such people as aditya in real life then what was the Bengaluru’s mass molestation on new years eve ?!! The women were molested by some creeps publically in the presence of police. The same way Naira is molested in front of her family because her family members are too naive and good to doubt someone. I am sure when they come to know about it they won’t spare aditya. I am glad that Yrkkh has brought a character like aditya who is a womanizer, molestor and someone who rationalises violence on his wife.
    This was really necessary during this time as all of this is happening currently at a high rate. When Naira was younger she was stalked as well and I believe many girls go through this problem. Also the human tarffiking track was too good to be true.
    I would like to state that just because it doesn’t happen with you or people related to you, doesn’t mean that its not possible or does not take place. There are many girls who are eve- teased, beaten, got raped, got trafficked to another country away from their family, have been a victim of acid attacks, are molested, and the list goes on…….
    The biggest point is I have only spoken about physical abuses and not mental stress or compromise that women in general have to go through. All of this is always shown in Yrkkh and I am proud of it.
    Yrkkh as mentioned in yesterday’s written episode page is not only about hugging and kissing each other. Its about being with the right thing. A supporting and loving family that stand through no matter what comes. Raising and showing issues that our society in general face. Making the bad person realise his mistake and show him the good path. And also claiming that even if hell breaks loose its always the ‘Good’ that prevails over the ‘Bad’. ‘Love’ always makes the ‘Hate’ loose !!

  10. To the one who asked y is YRKKH good even if the members had misunderstandings betwn them or even if they commit the mistakes. So let me tell u, we all misunderstand ppl n we also commit mistakes. But when we realise our mistakes, we dont apologise thats coz of our ego. But in YRKKH even if eldest member commits mistake, then they ask 4 apology to all the other members, also to the youngers.! They never let their ego come in betwn their RELATIONS.! And thats y YRKKH is Great.!

    1. Rahul96

      As for example Aniket , Twana , Soumya , Ishika misunderstood that they have arrested me. But in real they didn’t . This means that they committed a mistake.???. It was their misunderstanding which has now get cleared . Actually they never arrested me. ?????????????????????

    2. Rahul96

      And Pat dii also misunderstood that Twana , Aniket , Ishika , Soumya will arrest me. This was also a misunderstanding which has got cleared. ???????. Because we all are member of family here and misunderstanding do exist in a family but it always get cleared after truth or sometime.
      So Pat dii , with Sachu dii and Pawan bro standing with me , your cop members Twana , Aniket , Ishika , Soumya will never be able to arrest me .
      So to arrest me Pat dii you have to visit India.!!!!!!!

  11. Also to the one who mentioned about EK Hasina Thi (A rape serial). Let me tell u, I neither heard about that serial nor wished to watch it, coz my upbringing is the best that wont allow me to know about such type of serials.! But we can come to know about the upbringing of those ppl who raised the point about that serial.!

  12. Well, I wrote much 4 those YRKKH haters. Now no more replies to those ppl who comments against YRKKH coz they wont understand how good the show is n most important they dont deserve our attention. So now, How is my Family doing? Hi BFF, as u didnt replied yesterdy till evening, I thot u r scared of my revenge plan. Well, I am also studing coz I remember if I dont, then I will end up shivering all day long.! Hi Writer, will try to join u in next Uttarayan 4 sure, but then u.ll have to make all arangements.!

    1. I agree with all of what you said but it’s ok to post the bad things about yrkkh as long as it is constructive criticism and not just criticism about the show and the audience who watch it
      Sorry i am against you, I hope your friends are ok wit that

  13. Hi My Sister, A very warm welcome.! I hope u had a safe journey.! How r u felling here? If u find problem regarding anything, pls do tell us. Will help u 4 sure.! Hi Lil Angel, Yes u can keep my nick name, but I wish it should be good.! Hi Ishika, u are Delhi Topper n Mrs. India is Aliya Khan. Hi Eldest Sista, aapko saza qubool hi karni padegi coz u r left with no other option, Right? How r u all my family members?

    1. Hi Aniket…thank you for the welcome…
      And yes I need a little bit of help from you…How are you supposed to…”Sorry, I can not speak Marwadi” in Marwadi…
      Because all the young people understand hindi…but the old people only speak Marwadi….

  14. i saw yesterday’s comments n those ppl who was saying kaira romance is bold guys plz watch aastha tv whole day nothing is for u in what pre historic age u guys r living in?if this is bold then what u guys even watch i doubt rofl.stop comparing ak nk with kaira becoz ak nk too had love scenes when they fell in love.secondly that jacqueline or whatever girl to u baby just coz u hate naira doesnt mean gayu ll get more importance.u hv prob with everything that naira did till now but u hv no prob abt gayu being the dumb ass n boring as hell throughout the show.just get it shes not the lead so even if u try 1000times to defame naira she wont hv the aura which naira has.naira is a bomb period.oh yeah those ppl who r having prob with children getting spoilt by watching this show for them—firstly tulsi leaves ki human versions u hv pprob with kaira romance but u dont hv prob with ur children who watch tv serials at the age of watching cartoons n sports..if u guys r allowing kids tto watch a family drama full of adult’s conspiracy,a love story of two grown ups then u shouldnt blame the makers of the show to show grown ups romance.coz they dont make shows for children but for matured grown better if u control ur kid before blaming the makers coz they r doing thr job its u who r not doing ur job.stupid ppls n thr stupid reasons to defame a team who r working hard day n night to produce every epi.

  15. The romance is getting very boring and seems to drag the serial.
    Naira who’s always fought against injustice and abuse, why is she keeping quiet to Aditya’s advances? What happened to the supposed “sherni”

  16. i agree with u shan but i think shes still trying to figure out things and confirming stuff.
    karthik should soon realise wat aditya is upto and should thrash him asap.
    dont know abu akhilesh character.
    mansi secret should comevout soon.
    akshara should come back soon
    soo many negative characters should be removed.

  17. NikkiTa

    Omg! Bad news guys! On serial gossips, I read that Karthik’s dadi would make Gayu sit in the mandap instead of Naira. Then Karthik would be shocked

  18. It is heard that Naira (Shivangi Joshi) and Kartik (Mohsin Khan) wedding ceremonies have started in full swing and soon the showwill witness the entry of one of the most famous rappers in recent time Badshah.Badshah will come to perform on the sangeet function of Naira and Kartik and it is heard that he has prepared a special medley for the couple making it an even bhi special and romantic occasion for them.The young cast c
    of the show is very excited to have a rapper on their show for the first time.
    hii guys how are nice episode

  19. Hey my wonderful beautiful family Rahul, Aniket, Sruthi, Shilpa, Twana, Sachu, Aliya, Riya, Vrushy, Pawana, Soumya, Kajol, Trishi, Has, Sophie, Karishma, Ishika, Saba, Ponkuri, Aarti, Ridz, Saraya, Pari, Shesha, TVFan 1, Jas, Trusna, Amalina, RV, Divi, Ishu, Adi, Nikhil, Paaki, Sanjana, Chanya & all YRKKH Fans (Family)
    I pray you have had a wonderful day
    Sophie I pray you had a good flight to India
    All those studying, I pray you are working really hard
    Episode is brilliant
    I see Naira is learning to calm Kartik’s anger – good
    What a wonderful child Kartik is – what he did for the Maheswaris is amazing
    Have a good evening

  20. are u serious nikkita??
    if this happens i will stop watching the serial.

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