Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Lav and Kush get arrested

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Inspector asking Lav and Kush not to run, they will be caught, someone from their family has complaint. Everyone sees Naira. Lav says tell them to stop it. Dadi asks Naira did she file the complaint. Surekha says Naira, you didn’t listen to Kartik. Naira says sorry, I felt this is right. Samarth says they can’t do this. Kartik asks why did you do this. Lav and Kush shout and ask them to save. Naira says I wasn’t able to meet my own eyes, I supported the truth. Kartik says we were also punishing them. Naira says they were still threatening Trisha. He says I don’t believe this. She says I would have not believed it, but I have seen it. Lav and Kush ask Kartik to help. Kartik asks inspector to talk to him. Inspector scolds him. He says Trisha said Lav and Kush did this, and Naira confirmed this, stop this drama now, you can talk to anyone you want later on. Police takes Lav and Kush. Naira asks them to stop. Kartik and Dadi smile. Naira gives Kush’s asthma pump. She says make sure that Kuhu always has it with him. She says when we make mistakes, we get punished, don’t do anything now, else the entire family has to bear it.

Kartik says no one will bear anything, go there, we are coming to free you, don’t worry. Lav and Kush are taken by the police. Kartik recalls Kush’s suicide. Naira recalls Lav’s words. Trisha looks on. Manish gets a call and says I want the best lawyer in this city, someone who hasn’t lose any case. He asks Kartik to ask Naira and get an answer, why did she do this. Naira cries.

Naira asks do you still need to ask, look at Trisha once. Kartik says fine, Lav and Kush did wrong, we all know it, we were punishing them, you had a problem with them. She says its wrong when they weren’t realizing their mistake, their thinking is wrong. He says I have seen them regretting. She says I have also seen them. He says maybe you are wrong. She says no. He says its no use to talk. She says its better that we have our beliefs. Kartik says and we shall fight, you will do what I want. Naira asks them to answer, look at Trisha’s state, forget that Lav and Kush are their family, can they forgive the culprit, if this happened with me, would you spare the culprit. She asks Trisha to come with her. She sees Kartik. She leaves. She brings Trisha to Singhania house. She says sorry to trouble you a lot. Naksh asks her not to be mad. Naira asks Trisha to freshen up. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa ask Naira why did she do this. Naksh says Naira’s fight is for truth. Bhabhimaa says Dadi would be against Naira.

Naksh says they will be proud of Naira when they see the truth. Naira says I m not scared of the outcome. She asks Trisha is she feeling better. She makes Trisha rest. Naksh says we will hire the best lawyer. Bhabhimaa asks Naira to go home and do her duties towards other relations. Naira says I know, I m bahu of that house. Kairav and Vansh talk about Lav and Kush’s arrest. Vansh asks did you lie. Kairav says yes, I lied, will I get arrested, mumma loves me. Vansh says she loves Lav and Kush also. Kairav says I m scared, and hugs Vansh. Naira comes home. Samarth is leaving. He doesn’t talk to her and goes. Naira sees Suwarna crying. Suwarna goes away. She sees everyone and tries to talk. Everyone cries. Kartik leaves. Naira cries and talks to Kairav and Vansh.

They are sleeping in the tent. She says I know you will ask about Lav and Kush, none would be able to say it. She gets a video of Trisha’s fear. Naksh messages her…. you are doing this, I m with you, we will meet at the lawyer’s place. Naksh and Naira come to meet the lawyer. He asks her not to worry for Trisha, Bhabhimaa and Devyaani will take care of her. They ask for Mr. Jhaveri. She says I heard he is the best lawyer. Naksh says I hope he wins the case. Shivani says Jhaveri is busy, we discuss the case and then inform him, we will start the case, please tell me everything since the start. She says it must be difficult for you to fight. Naira says we want Jhaveri to take the case. Shivani says I will text him. Jhaveri is seen. Naksh says he should fight our case.

Naira and Naksh wait for Jhaveri. Manish says we hired the best lawyer, we shall win the case.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Verma4

    The go-wankers are still supporting the twins. 100% Naira is right to do what she has done. Naira should leave Kartik again because he is a go-wanker after all. The family is so wrong because the twins will become a greater criminal if gone unpunished.

  2. Rabia Basri Khanum

    Karthik is hopeless & spineless character… he always stands against Naira in every situation & later claims his love for her.. I feel the Kaira reunion is a joke for a marital relationship… he supports Naira as n when thgs r in his favour .. it’s hardly been sometime that he promised to trust n believe her …
    Can’t the makers show some positivity in daily soaps…

  3. Kartik is just ridiculous I mean I expect this behavior from his family but dude ur better than this. The makers ruined his character 2 the point where I don’t even recognize him. Naira should leave him and his family 4 good like how r u ppl supporting molesters. According 2 news, kartik will change sides but somehow I doubt it….

  4. Jesa father vese sons
    Lav kush bilkul apne father ko hi follow kr rahe hai. Unke father ne v el girl ki life barbaad kr di thi. Shadishuda hone k baad v affair or fir jb family k samne baat aayi to us ladki ko chod diya. Or family me se kisi ne koi objection v nahi liya….. Ab bete v yahi kr rahe hai…… Or kartik ki family ko to sirf apne naam or jhuthi saan ki hi padi rahti hai. Dadi hamesa sanskaro ki baat karti rahti hai Or ab dekho unki family k baache kya kr rahe hai… Molestation is a serious crime……

  5. Yekkh is rut now. Earlier Akshara and Naitik were always at each other’s side. Naitik never jealoused of Akshara’progress. He treated both families equally (his parents as well as Akshara’s parents). In this, whenever Naira needs support, it is only her brother..But kind of love is this, where trust and support are not guaranteed. Kartik doubts Naira. He is taking side with his molester brothers….wow …A respectable wowan will never return to a husband like this. Earlier, too when his cousin sister accidentally killed Akshara, he seeked forgiveness. When his step brother died, he accused Naira, and left him. ..Double standards…what is this love, where if circumstances goes adverse. Love is very important, but it stands on the foundation of respect and trust. Without it love is nothing but punishment. Every time, Naira proves her love. Stop taking her Agnipariksha. Let that prove to Kartik…

  6. I support karthik karthik is in confuse family or wife that’s very common I like karthik I hate naira

  7. Who writes this nonsense they need to hire better writers. I have watched this soap right from the beginning but I think it’s time to stop now. These characters have nothing left to give the storylines are pathetic and the same two people go around in circles searching for the truth.

  8. This unfortunately is the typical attitude of rich people, of a certain social class or in any case of a certain importance that you pay for their fault, even here in Italy very few people are punished if they commit a crime, as long as they are defended by a prince of the forum and for them the prison doors are opened immediately and we who are normal people instead must remain in prison until the beginning of the trial !!!
    They take the whole legal system!
    Unfortunately, despite the fact that we are in 2020, the law still has two weights and two measures !!!
    And here they are doing the same system, showing the public how you can get around the system when you have money and a high-sounding name, showing how they circumvent justice and this is not right for me !!!

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