Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Suhana puts Naira in bad light

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhana saying its your turn, I will show you. Everyone claps and sing. Naira and Suhana dance on Koi rok sake to…. A man comes there and sees Suhana dancing on stage. He sees her pic. Kartik and Naksh hold Rahul. The guy stares at Naira and smiles. Kartik says they don’t know Naira. Kirti says Naira won’t leave them. Naksh says we would have seen them. Savita hears the kids and hides. The kids open the storeroom to find something. Savita leaves. Naira sings Yeh galliyaan….. and dances. Savita tries to sign Suhana. Suhana signs Rahul to go. Rahul signs about Kartik. Kartik holds him and smiles. Suhana cuts Naira’s backstring. Kartik gets shocked seeing Naira’s blouse string breaking. He tries to sign her. He goes on stage and covers her with her chunri.

He says she should dance with me too, right. Everyone say yes, dance. Suhana gets down the stage. Kartik and Naira dance. Chukar gai….plays…. Kartik ties the string. Naira looks at him. They dance. Everyone claps for them. Naira stares at Suhana. Kartik signs her. Aryan says what a dance, who danced better, Suhana or Bhabhi. Dadi says we didn’t know Suhana dances so well, its good Suhana can help Naira in her dance academy. Naira says sure. Aryan says it means Suhana won. Dadi says no, Naira has won, Suhana dances well, but Naira’s expressions are better, Suhana will learn it. Suwarna agrees. Naira taunts Suhana. She says you have cut my dress so that I lose, even if anyone tries to hide truth, it comes out, I have seen your cheapness, you are a girl and did this with another girl’s respect, I have to find some way. Suhana goes to Savita. Savita says I was signing you so much, come with me, Naira locked me in storeroom, she knows our real names. Suhana asks who told her. Savita says maybe she heard somewhere.

Rahul says Naira is smart, we didn’t get a chance to rob safe. Savita says the jewelry is fake, I saw Naksh and Kirti keeping fake jewelry in box, Naira told them. Suhana says I won’t leave Naira, Kartik saved her respect on stage, but no one can save her, go back where Naira locked you, Rahul she shouldn’t come out till I say. Rahul says fine, what’s your plan. Naira says everything is happening as per our plan. Kartik says that man has come, but I m not meeting him now. The man sees Suhana. Dadi says we will start rasam, ask Naira to get jewelry. Naira drinks juice and doesn’t like it. She leaves the glass and goes. The guy sees her lipstick marks on the glass and drinks the juice. He keeps the glass in pocket. He burns some newspaper and puts it in the jug. He says the thing you don’t like shouldn’t be in this world.

Suhana sees Naira. Dadi asks Suwarna to perform rituals first. Rajshri and Devyaani ask her to call Savita. Suhana calls out Maa. Rahul gets Savita there. Savita cries. They ask what happened. Rahul says someone locked her in room, I reached there by chance and heard her shouting. They ask who did this. Savita says Naira did. Surekha asks why will Naira do this. Savita says I knew no one will believe me, Naira did this so that I don’t tell anyone that she kept fake jewelry for Suhana. Manish asks what are you saying. Naitik says why will Naira do this, you are just blaming her. Savita says I can try to prove this. Suhana says no. Rahul says don’t stop mum. Kartik says did you go mad, Naira can’t do this. Dadi says yes. Rahul says you are also with your wife. Kartik and Manish ask them to check. Savita says if the jewelry is fake, it will turn black by the fire. Savita and Rahul hold jewelry over the candles and check. Everyone looks on. Naira smiles. Savita checks other jewelry items. Naksh recalls seeing Savita in the storeroom and signing Kirti. Kartik recalls sending Lav and Kush to open the storeroom. They smile.

Suhana looks at Naira. Manish asks what a proof, amazing. Dadi asks what’s this, why did you blame Naira. Suwarna says you did wrong, why would Naira do this. Dadi says you started breaking our family. Suwarna asks are you trying to make us against Naira, we all know Naira can do anything for us. Rajshri says you maybe mistaken Savita. Savita says Naira has locked me. Manish says you would prove it like this right. Suhana says sorry, mum made a mistake, I know Naira can’t do this. She apologizes to Naira. Naira smiles and says no need, aunty is elder, its fine, I won’t feel bad, I don’t want anyone’s mood to spoil, lets start the rasam. She scares Suhana by waving hand and then cleans her face. She says relax, someone will doubt seeing tension on your face, just think what will happen, one who does evil, bad happens with that person too.

The man says I just have this pic, my article has info about her. Naira and Kirti see Suhana and her pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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