Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik greeting Naira. He jokes. He asks are you making tea. She says yes, will you have it. He says I will have even poison from your hands. He kisses her forehead and goes. She says I have become mad and stupid, I got scared when I should have not. Kartik says I will come back home early, I will leave. She says go and come. He says yes, anything else. She says nothing. He says just a kiss, I mean add kishmish in pulao. He leaves. She gets Ananya’s call. Ananya asks is everything fine at home. Naia says yes, I got unwell, I thought I m a tigress, but I m a rat, does this happen with everyone. Ananya laughs and says we have to prepare oneself, this happens with everyone, tell me did Kartik feel bad. Naira says no, I m feeling bad for him. Ananya says you love Kartik and trust him, don’t worry, he respected his feelings, you should respect his feelings, don’t miss this special moments, all the best. Naira sees Kartik and her marriage pic.

Dadi sees Kirti and Mansi laughing. She scolds Kirti. She says you are not a kid now, you don’t care for both families, Naira took her husband away, you don’t care for your husband, do you remember, Gangaur is coming, where will you celebrate it, is the world fools to digest our lies, we have to lie to Naira and Kartik, you take first flight and go Delhi, else call Aditya here, you have to decide. Kirti worries.

Kartik comes home and says Naira… He sees her and smiles. She thanks him for coming home soon, come inside the house. He says yes, and asks some people to come. He says this agent got this house for us, this couple came to see flat on other floor, they did not had keys, I thought to show us flat. Agent says you are nice people. Kartik shows the flat and says come, I will show bedroom. Naira says no, you can’t go there. Kartik asks is the room messy, its fine. The lady says we understand. Kartik opens the door and says this is our bedroom. Naira cups her face. Kartik gets surprised seeing the room decorated. The couple compliment them for nicely decorating the room. Kartik says thanks. They leave. Kartik goes and knocks the door.

He says sorry. She asks him to go. He says don’t punish me for this small mistake, you did all this for me, I did not see it. He calls her out and enters the room. He sees the room well decorated. Naira comes there. He holds her hand. Baawri piya ji….plays………. He hugs her. They dance romantically. Kartik and Naira get intimate. He lifts her in arms. They lie on the bed and kiss.

Its morning, Devyaani asks Gayu not to forget anything. Naksh gets the soil for idol. Bhabhimaa praises him. Naksh says I got this for family. Gayu says he also wants someone for himself till Gangaur. Mishti pulls his leg. They talk about Naira’s Gangaur and hope everything is fine.

The man delivers the soil for idols at Goenka house. He says its just for four idols, for your two bahus, Naira and Mansi, but this time Kirti is here, shall I get another idol. Kirti says yes, get one for me. Dadi asks him to get just 4 idols, for Kirti, Mansi and my bahus. He asks what about Kartik’s wife. Suwarna says she makes idol herself. Dadi asks is she keeping fast, you begged to her again. Manish asks why did you say this, did Naira say this to you. Suwarna says no, I have belief. Dadi says that girl is clever. Suwarna says Naira knows rasams. Dadi says yes, she knows how to use everyone. Manish sees Suwarna.

Baisa says maybe they have different rasam in Goenka house. Lady says its a call from Naira’s house. Dadi says tell them we are busy. She says now they remembered to talk to us, if they get late, bitterness will get increased. Suwarna looks on. Naira wakes up and looks for Kartik. Kartik gets tea for her. They have a talk. He gets romantic. He says my love enemies are not less. He answers Lav and Kush’s call and talks to them. He asks them not to do such thing again. Lav asks don’t you miss us, everyone will come in Gangaur, we will miss you. Kartik hears Manish talking about arrangements. Kartik says we won’t go till they invite us. He ends call. Naira looks at him.

Kartik says we will go if they call us, else not. Dadi says they won’t come. Naira says we should go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Anshika Pandey

    thank u i have missed the episode Thanks…. Amena once again…. 🙂 :);)

  2. priya chadoury

    I feel since kartik and naira got married it’d got boring it was rally good when they wasn’t married it was more fun like them arguing making up happy family but not kartik family is really different they just think about the reputation and dignity media while singhianias think about been together they don’t care about MEDIA or if it is something to do with society they won’t care about it they will do what makes the family happy that’s why I like nairas family more than kartiks

  3. Wait in their know ss scene do they kiss on he lips… someone PLEASE RESPOND I HAVE TO KNOW!!!!!
    Thank you
    From rotilover

    1. No no rotilover he kiss on her cheeks u know na its a family show…..

  4. Hii guys how r u all??all good na..
    y less comments…..

    episode was cute,funny,romantic, dramatic…
    Waiting for gangaur….
    Itne saalon se akshara k saath gangaur bade pyaar se celebrate hota aaya hai…ab naira ki baari hai….

  5. Hii today’s pisode was really awesome!!!! Liked it!

    Hey everyone how r u???? Today no comments. …???

    Soumya di I like RCB team bczz of virat kohli. Virat is my fav cricket player so…

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