Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th April 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Akshara and Devyani coming to Maheshwari’s house. Everyone is happy to see them expect for Naman and Muskaan. Akshara says that since they were passing by they thought of coming here. In between scene then shifts to SS where Naksh is shown playing football in the house, Girija passes by and requests him to either play outside or another game that wouldn’t cause the floor to become dirty. Naksh gets angry and rebukes her for not allowing him to play. Bhabhima is shown passing by, she hears everything. She tries to explain to Naksh but he refuses to listen saying that he is famous now and that instead of explaining to him she should tell Girija off for not allowing him to play. He gets angry and walks off. Back to Maheshwari’s

house, Akshara explains to Devyani that she shouldn’t let go off this opportunity to talk to her kids. She says that she doesn’t know what happened in their last meeting but says that god has given her this golden opportunity and she shouldn’t let go of it. After one by one leave for some work. Akshara Devyani her kids and Anshu are there. Naman feels awkward and goes with Anshu. Muskaan is also about to go but Devyani stops her. She apologises to her for not meeting her last time but Muskaan doesn’t listen and walks off.

Akshara comes and tries to explain to Muskaan to give Devyani one chance. She says that she loves them a lot. She says that Devyani has been very eager to meet you all and that there must be a valid reason as to why she didn’t come to meet you. Akshara says that Devyani has been taking steps to meet you but now its your turn. Muskaan refuses to. She says that she will never forgive their mother for leaving them when they were small. She says that despite knowing everything she came from Mumbai to meet her but she didn’t come. She says that she is tired of lying to their father and won’t do it anymore. Muskaan says that she hates her mother and doesn’t want to meet her anymore. She walks off. As Akshara turns she notices Devyani standing there. She heard everything and is very sad. As they are about to talk Rajshree comes and starts talking to Devyani. In SS Naksh is thinking as to where he can keep the money he got. He notices a gift inside the cupboard which was given to Naitik by Mohit. He opens it up and is happy to see that its a purse. He decides to use it.

Back to Akshara, she apologises to Anshu as his hard work went down the drain. Anshu says its ok and says that he heard about Naitik being against Devyani uniting with her kids. He says that he agrees with him as he doesn’t want to force them to unite. He says that as more people get to know about it, it will be a mess. He suggest to keep out of their matter and not do anything which will hurt them. Akshara agrees.

In SS Naksh is sitting in the courtyard looking at his purse. Maharaji comes and asks him if the money he kept in the purse is real or fake. Naksh says that its real. He says that its the money he got for being an RJ. In Maheshwari’s house Akshara and Devyani are shown leaving.

In SS Maharaji shows Naksh his notes and one of them is a new one. Naksh creates a drama to get that note and it works. He gives him one of his old notes. Then Akshara and Devyani are back. Bhabhima comes to meet them, Naksh is scared that he will get caught now for misbehaving with Girija earlier but she doesn’t say anything. Akshara asks Bhabhima if anything happened but she assures her nothing happened. Devyani then asks Bhabhima if she can go to the temple as she doesn’t feel right. Bhabhima gives her the permission.

Muskaan and Naman are back home and are shocked to find their dad back home early. He asks them as to where they went, Naman tells him that they went to meet Anshu at his house, Naman senses that he wants to know about Devyani, he assures him that even though she came they didn’t talk to her once. Naman says that they love him and will never allow her to come back to their lives. He is happy thinking that the scolding he gave to Devyani worked and is assured that she won’t meet her kids again or come close to them.

Scene then shifts to Rajshree who is walking back form the market, two boys on a bike notice the necklace she is wearing and using the right opportunity they steal it. Rajshree is shocked. Then to SS Naksh is shown talking to Yash about going on a holiday. He say that he tried a lot to convince Akshara and Naitik but they don’t listen. Naksh says that if they don’t agree this time he will go on my hunger strike. Akshara is shown standing there…she tempts him saying that who will eat this yummy jelly, Naksh say he will as he hasn’t started his hunger strike yet. Akshara phones Naitik and tells him to plan something about the vacation, Naitik agrees and tells her that the Bangkok client liked their designs. She is happy.

In Maheshwari’s house, Rajshree is in shock over the incident. Everyone try to console her. They say that from now on they will be careful. Shaurya asks Rajshree some questions about the incident but she is not able to say anything due to shock. Shaurya then says that to tell him the place where the incident took place so that they can find the thieves through the CCTV cameras.

In SS the shoe repIr man arrives to give Naitik his shoes that he gave for repairing, he asks for 50 rupees but Naitik and Akshara don’t seem to have the right change. Naitik then asks Naksh but he refuses. He tempts him by saying that if he gives him he will give him a surprise at first he disagrees but then tells him that if he gives the money he will take him on a holiday to Bangkok, Naksh gets happy and gives the money. Naksh is about to go and tell everyone but Akshara says that Naitik will tell them. He agrees. Akshara then thinks of Devyani and wonders if it’s right to go at this time.

Precap: Doctor comes to check on Daddaji, Bhabhima tells him about them going abroad she asks if Daddaji can come too, doctor says that it’s not safe for him to travel in this condition. Everyone become sad.

Update Credit to: Ritu567

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