Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira prepare for marriage

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira meeting on the way. Naira says your happiness matters the most to mum. He says she knows you are my happiness. She says maybe we were wrong in knowing her, now she has agreed, was she happy. He says don’t know, we can’t expect her to be happy, she will get fine with time. She says you are right. He says we met this way before. She says yes, twice. He says we will marry before dad asks me to go US, its final, else families won’t understand how serious we are. She asks what if they get annoyed. He says we can accept that. She says we need someone on our side, Rajshri or Kirti. He says no, everyone is upset with Rajshri, I don’t want to give stress to Kirti, are you afraid, you are overthinking, we will just marry. She says fine, its the

right option now. He says I will arrange everything, I will go US along with you, after taking everyone’s blessings. They hug. He says I will send details. She says I don’t have US visa, I was just saying. He smiles. She goes. Yeh rishta….plays… He says I have visa, but I won’t go, I have to book pandit, not ticket.

Rajshri says sorry, I don’t have courage to talk to Naitik, I didn’t wish to hide Kartik and Naira’s matter, I thought once they understand then… I didn’t come to clarify, I came to lighten heart. She goes. Naitik comes and asks what was Rajshri saying. Devyaani says she was saying why she didn’t say us. Naitik says everyone has answer for this why. Devyaani says they have family to understand this why, maybe I would have done the same being in her place.

Kartik asks pandit to take double Dakshina, but not refuse. He sees Manish. Manish says this is your ticket for US, Akhilesh was going, but he is unwell, you have to go and handle the work, why were you talking to pandit. Kartik says my friend is keeping puja at home. Manish says focus on home sometimes, call Akhilesh if you need any help, pack warm clothes, its cold in US. Kartik says sorry, I won’t go US, I will tell you everything, I hope you understand, I promise to obey you, I will be the best son. Naira recalls old moment and sees her red saree. She stitches it. Naitik comes there. She gets hurt. She thinks don’t ask me anything, I won’t be able to lie, you won’t like truth. He goes. She says sorry, I m doing wrong with you, everything will get fine tomorrow morning.

Suwarna asks Lord why did you always take my tough tests, I know it will happen what you want, blame will come on my head, not this time, I will do what I want and then take blame, you won’t be able to stop me today. Kirti talks on phone about work. Naitik and Naksh see her. Naksh says I was thinking to hire people for Kirti’s boutique, she has earned a good status since few years. Naitik says its a nice thought. Kirti says my priority is my baby now, I won’t compromise. On video call, Kartik gives mahurat to Naira. She says I feel guilty. He says we will marry and get scolding, we shall have a pre wedding party. She asks on video call. He says yes, lets play a nice game. She says I have to sleep. He asks will you get sleep tonight, we will marry tomorrow, I may get beaten up too, there are full chances, I want to dream. She asks him to sleep, else he may not wake up soon and she maybe waiting for him. He says this may happen, sleep. They disconnect call and think of each other. They romance. Ban jaa tu meri rani…..plays….. They dance happily. He says everything will be good tomorrow. She says really very good….

Its morning, Naira and Kartik wake up and say its our marriage today. Kartik says Naira will be mine today. She says we are lucky to get this chance. They smile taking each other’s name and imagine holding hands. Chukar gai….plays…. He says just 6 hours now. Naira keeps her saree in bag. Kartik puts his clothes in office bag. She messages that I m leaving. He replies you aren’t leaving, but coming in my life. She hugs Akshara’s pic. She goes downstairs and prays with everyone. Soni chidiya….plays….Kartik sees his family praying. Naira thinks I m going to hide a truth again. Kartik hopes everyone will understand. Naira touches Naitik’s feet. Kartik touches Manish’s feet and says a new start from today. Manish says everything will be fine. Naira says I will come soon. Naksh says your college is reopening. Everyone wishes her all the best. Everyone wishes all the best to Kartik.

Kartik is on the way. Naira is also on the way. Pandit says mahurat has begun, where is the bride. Kartik calls Naira and fails to reach her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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