Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara singing La La La being happy and saying she will wear Naitik’s fav clothes. Devyaani comes and says she will help her. Akshara laughs. Devyaani says she is glad. Akshara says its strange feeling like meeting him after long time, I have to buy a gift too. Devyaani says she has an idea. Karishma talks to Naman and he says he is tired. He will talk tomorrow. She says you feel sleepy talking to me, fine go and sleep. She ends the call being angry. Naman sleeps. Karishma keeps on calling him to tell that she is shifting from Jasmeet’s house. Its morning, Akshara and Naksh are ready to leave. Bhabhimaa ad Devyaani pack many things for Naitik. Bau ji says food, food, food, women don’t think apart from cooking. Bhabhimaa says you men always have to eat, eat, eat.

Naksh talks to them. Akshara comes dressed in a saree. Everyone compliment her. Muskaan says its Gujarati getup. Akshara says yes, Devyaani gave this idea. Bhabhimaa says Naitik will be very happy.She hugs Naksh. Naman says he will manage work. Bau ji says you don’t worry, Naman is here.

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Akshara greets everyone and leaves. Rajshri and Dadi discuss that Akshara is going to meet Naitik. Anshu asks for how many days. Shaurya says just 2 days, as Naman is new for business. Omi says Naman is sharp, and even Karishma has great ideas, invite her on lunch. Jasmeet says if she wants, she will come on her own. Akshara and Naksh reach Surat and come to Shah house. Akshara meets Mrs. Shah. She recognizes them as Naitik showed their pic. Her son talks to Naksh and they become friends. Akshara smiles. Naksh asks about Naitik. She says he will come till 3pm. Naksh says shall we call him. Akshara says no, its surprise.

Akshara talks to her and gives the sweets and gifts fro everyone. Mrs. Shah gets glad. Akshara thanks her for taking good care of Naitik, he feels like home. She says but our home is our home, he misses you all a lot. Akshara says she dressed like this as she is coming here. Mrs. Shah says Naitik learnt Gujarati, you also learn. Aksharsa says will you teach me. She says yes. She gets a call and asks when will Naitik come. She tells Akshara that Naitik went for work, and will come late. Akshara says fine, I won’t disturb in work.

Bau ji asks Bhabhimaa did Akshara meet Naitik. Bhabhimaa says no, I m feeling bad for her. Naman gets the client’s call and is tensed. Devyaani says why did Naitik get busy today. Naman thinks what to do. Naksh sleeps. Akshara waits for Naitik. Naitik comes home. Akshara sees him and smiles. He turns and is shocked seeing her. She smiles. He sees Naksh sleeping. She hugs him and asks how is he. He says am I dreaming Akshara. She says I love you in Gujarati. They laugh. She says you look beautiful in Gujarati. Naitik sees Naksh holding a gift for her. Akshara says wake him. Naitik says nom, let him sleep. She hugs him. Naitik kisses Naksh.

Akshara gets a call from Naman. He says client wants presentation tomorrow. She says now what. Naitik asks what happened. She says I have to give presentation. She says fine, I will come in 11pm train. Naman says sorry. Akshara says no, you confirm him. Naman tells everyone that Akshara is coming. Devyaani says postpone the work. Bhabhimaa says yes, presentation is not important. Naitik and Akshara will feel bad, they can’t be together. Akshara tells Naitik that family has sent this. He says tickets are not free online, we have to go to station and buy.

She says yes, but work is there. He says work comes on wrong times, I want to be with you and Naksh, when he knows, he will be upset. She says we will leave now, I will wake him up. She gets a call from Naman. Naman asks her not to come, as I will give the presentation, can I go ahead, everything is ready. Akshara says I think you can do it better than me. Naman says thanks, I m try my best, you be there with Naitik, I will manage. Naitik says he trusts him. Everyone smile. Akshara hugs Naitik.

Akshara meets Vipul and his wife. She closes the door and comes to Naitik. He hugs her. Anshu and Jasmeet hear everyone praising Karishma. Ananya asks Varsha to teach her. Varsha says she will teach you. Varsha says she has to work hard if all this is new to her. Rajshri says don’t worry. Varsha says she does not want Ananya to lag behind. Akshara and Naitik talk. He asks is it important to go in afternoon. She says yes, even if we stay, do you have time. He says no, I also have work.

He wakes up Naksh in morning. Naksh is happy to see him and smiles. He jumps on the bed seeing him and hugs him from everyone’s side. Naitik and Akshara laughs. Naksh says he had fun. Naksh asks Akshara why did you not wake me up, we have to go back. Naitik says we will spend time together now. Naksh says take me to good places. Vipul meets Naksh. Naksh goes with Rupesh. Mrs. Shah talks to Akshara. Akshara says she will spend time with her too. She says come for breakfast. Akshara goes with her.

Bhabhimaa calls Girja and asks for the key. Devyaani says its here, what happened. Bhabhimaa says she did no see it. Her eyes waters. Devyaani asks her to show doctor. Bhabhimaa says no need. Naman says he has to go, as there is no time, he has to prepare again. Bhabhimaa asks Chitti to give breakfast in tiffin and makes him eat curd for good luck. Bau ji praises Naman. Naman leaves with Bau ji. Devyaani smiles. Muskaan says she will just come and goes.

Devyaani asks Bhabhimaa about Nandini. Bhabhimaa says I did not call her. Akshara and Naksh sit to have Gujarati food. Mrs. Shah says she has taught few dishes to Akshara. Naman calls Akshara and she asks him to adjust. Mrs. Shah praises her for managing home and work. Naitik says he is lucky to marry Akshara. Naitik, Akshara and Naksh go to see Surat on the scooty. Naksh says we will buy scooty when you come back. Akshara says its fun. Naitik says my dream got true. Music plays………………… Naitik meets some man and he asks who is she. He greets Akshara. Naksh says why are you calling them Mota, they are slim. Naitik says it means elder. They smile.

Naitik talks to Akshara and Naksh, while they are on the way. The men come and speaks badly with Mrs. Shah. Naitik sees them and stops them. The man says who will stop us, you? He pushes Naitik on the gate and he gets hurt. Akshara hears everything on phone and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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