Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabhimaa and Devyaani talking about selling off the old things. Naksh thinks it won’t get much money for us, better to sell off online. Nandini asks Rukmani why is she spending much on gifts. Rukmani talks about her status. Mohit says status and respect should not be got by gifts. Bhabhimaa makes tea for Dadda ji after the operation. Akshara scolds her and they smile. Muskaan sees Naksh using laptop and asks whats he doing. He says its surprise. Everyone talk about Anshu and Jamseet to go out for shopping.

Kaki says Rukmani came and gave us a gift. Anshu says show us what she got. Ananya says she will open it. Jasmeet is angry as Rukmani has returned their gifts to her. Varsha says she will talk to her. Dadi says leave it, already Rukmani and Jasmeet have a fight. Varsha says yes. Jasmeet says its not from her Maayka, so she won’t understand. Varsha gets sad. Pammi and Sethi come home and are shocked seeing Naman. Naman says he will leave. Naman leaves. Pammi tells Karishma how did she call him when they are not at home. Karishma says who cares, everyone has problem when we meet.

Sethi asks Pammi to explain Karishma. Naksh cleans the floor by the vaccum cleaner. He gets up on stool to switch the plug. Naitik sees him and gets worried. He asks him to love from there. Everyone come there. Naitik scolds him. Dadda ji asks Naitik to stop it. He asks what did Naksh do. Naksh says Papa always scolds me these days. Dadda ji asks what happened, what did he do. We did not scold you like this, did we teach you this, did you forget what you did in childhood. Naitik says calm down, you come I will explain, I will say sorry to Naksh.

Bhabhimaa asks Akshara what happened to Naitik. Akshara says he is behaving strange since few days. Naksh says Papa is bad, no one loves me. Dadda ji says Nandini did not come to meet me and Gayatri is staying in her Maayka, no one cares for me, send me back to my village. Naitik says its not like that, we all love you a lot, we respect you. Dadda ji sleeps. Naitik says I don’t like scolding Naksh, but I m very afraid, my fear comes out as anger, love is biggest strength in world, and sometimes love makes a person weak when its about your kids.

He says he did not give happiness to Naksh, but what happened in last few days, it broke my strength, I m unable to trust anyone, I feel the world is enemy of my son and want to take him from me. He says we can’t trust life, it can show you any color next moment, I got saved from death, I lost mum and was losing Naksh, we saved Naksh. He says I get angry in fear, I m helpless. He sees Dadda ji sleeping. Its morning, everyone have a talk. Naksh comes and sees Naitik. He greets good morning to Akshara.

The kids burn firecrackers. Naksh says when will we go to buy firecrackers. She says markets did not open now. He says he will buy in budget, but of his choice. She says she won’t promise. Naksh leaves. Naitik goes to Naksh and says he will buy more firecrackers for him. Naksh thanks him. Akshara says this is wrong to deal with Naksh like this. He says what wrong, no one cares for him, where he goes, what he does, don’t give me advice in this matter.

The maid comes late and greets everyone. She says she took bath and did puja for festival, and got late. She starts her work. Rajshri says yes, its festival for her too. Muskaan tells about gifting ritual in joint families. Akshara says we can gift each other by chit system. Naksh says no, I want gift from everyone. Naman says no one will tell whose name came in chit, it will be surprise. Naksh says he will make chits. Akshara tells Naitik our gifting rule will be as always. They smile.

Varsha asks the maid to come and arrange Ananya’s cupboard. Jasmeet stops her and Varsha gets annoyed. Naksh puts the chit. Everyone take it and reads the chits without telling whose name they got. Ananya asks the Dhanteras story. Dadi and everyone say they don’t know. Varsha asks the maid to do household work. Jasmeet and Varsha have an argument. Muskaan says the chit secret will be out on Diwali day. Naksh says we will go to buy firecrackers now. Naitik says yes come. Akshara gives him tips to take care. Naitik says I m going with him, no need to worry, lets go Naksh. Akshara finds it rude and gets upset.

Naksh calls the online site people for selling things.. Naitik apologizes. The man says we came from so far, whats this, can’t you control your kids.

Update Credit to: Amena

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