Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Aarohi blames Akshu

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshu crying and saying why did I think Abhi loves Aarohi when I felt his emotions, what could I do, if I told the truth, then Aarohi would have never forgiven me, if I had lied, then Abhi would have felt so bad, so I didn’t say anything, I m sorry. She cries. Aarohi hears her and says aw.. Akshu says sorry. Aarohi says don’t do this favor on me and say sorry, I understand you, you did all this intentionally, how could you tolerate my happiness, when you knew he is a doctor, then why did you sing and impress him, you performed on stage and sang his mum’s fav song, now I understand. Akshu says I always felt that you have to focus on career. Aarohi says you also said you have to find yourself first, you changed your plan, why will he like you. Akshu says he isn’t a kid to fall for me. Aarohi says you aren’t a kid too, you always gave me sorrow, I used to win but you used to celebrate, you snatched my love, my mum, you just gave me sorrow. Akshu says I have tolerated more pain than you, Sirat was my mum also, I have also lost my mum and dad, I lost you also, so just stop. Everyone looks on. Aarohi says you are acting so much.

Akshu says stop it, I have always heard a lot, today it wasn’t my mistake, this misunderstanding happened with everyone today, I m not responsible alone, so don’t blame me. Harsh calls Parth. Parth says we found Abhi. Harsh says get him home. Neil says so sorry bro, I gave you the wrong number. Harsh says Abhi is fine, Parth and Neil are getting him. He says Manjiri, this happened because of you. Manjiri says I don’t know. He asks how, see what happened to Abhi. Anand says we got insulted but his entire life got ruined, he fell in true love and you couldn’t get his love. Harsh scolds her.

Mahima says you tell me that I don’t understand Parth, you don’t understand Abhi. Harsh and Manjiri argue. Manjiri says I m not a suitable wife for you, but I m a good mother for Abhi, I made a mistake, you could have handled things, you broke the alliance, you made a bigger mistake. Harsh says you made a mistake, how dare you…He raises hand. Abhi comes and stops him. Abhi scolds him. Kairav asks Aarohi and Akshu to calm down. Aarohi says no, you all listen to me. She asks them to get Akshu married. Akshu says everyone is worried, don’t drag this. Aarohi asks can my Abhi come back by your emotional dialogues. Manish asks them to stop it now. Aarohi asks Akshu to go and get married, did she get happy by proving her number 2.

Manjiri cries. Abhi consoles her. He says we won’t talk about this, this matter ends. Harsh says you can come between me and my wife, you don’t want me to talk. Anand asks him to calm down. Harsh says look at his attitude, everyone got to know about the alliance, our reputation got ruined, the world will ask, we have to answer them, clear it now. Abhi shouts what shall I clear. Parth says not again. Neil says I should have cleared things and then give the number. Parth says accepting mistake won’t help them. Harsh says you tell us, what do we have to do now. Abhi says I love Akshara, I will marry only her. Harsh says you love her, but does she love you, I don’t think so, she didn’t say anything, you will marry such a girl. Abhi says yes. Aarohi says get her married and send her away from my life. Akshu says its not like that. Aarohi argues. Abhi says she didn’t say anything, its our personal matter. Harsh says its a family matter, understand it, what will people say, that girl would have told something, what justification you have. Abhi says I don’t have any justification, I love her and I will marry her. Harsh says she isn’t right for you. Abhi says just spare us, I will deal with it. He runs to see Manjiri. Harsh says you are an emotional fool like your mum, we have to pay a price for this. Dadi asks Aarohi to stop it. Aarohi scolds Akshu. Akshu cries and runs.

Aarohi asks her to go forever. Kairav asks her to shut up. He goes after Akshu. Abhimanyu comes to Manjiri. She says my mistake ruined everything, forgive me. He says please don’t think so. She says I should have asked the name. He asks her to calm down, its not her mistake. Akshu says its not my mistake always, I love you a lot Aarohi. Kairav hugs her and consoles. Akshu asks why did this happen. He says maybe this had to happen. Akhilesh hugs Aarohi and consoles.

Manjiri says if you truly love Akshara, and she loves you, then don’t let her go. Akshu cries. She says I have thought what to do. She calls Abhi and says I want to meet you.

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  1. I like akshu’s character,she is neither too much calm like akshara nor too naughty nd blabbering like naira…she is the mixture of both(her mother nd grandmother)

  2. Akshu is a really sweet and caring girl…l hope she takes a wise decision and does not try to become a balidaan ki murti…Goenkas should stop supporting that egoistic Arohi

  3. Good morning everyone, please i need your explanations, I don’t understand this movie, i haven’t watched the previous one before,I just start watching it bcuz of Harshad.
    I want to know whether Aarohi, kairav and Akshu are biological sister, I don’t really understand their relationship, please help.

    1. Silent Reader

      I’ll brief you in short. This is the 3rd generation of yrkkh. First was Naitik and Akshara. They had a son Naksh and daughter Naira Singhania. Naira’s story is the second generation. Naira married Kartik Goenka, Naksh married Karik’s sister Kirti and Gayu (Naksh and Naira’s sister) married Samarth (Kartik’s uncle). Gayu’s son is Vansh (from her first late husband) and Vatsal (from Samarth). Naira and Kartik’s children are Kairav and Akshara(named after Naira’s mother who was killed in an accident by Kartik’s cousin Mansi). After Naira’s death, by falling off a cliff, Karik married Naira’s lookalike Sirat. Sirat gave birth to Aarohi. Later, Kartik died in a plane crash from what is understood and Sirat died while rescuing Akshara, this is why Aarohi blames Akshu for her mother’s death. Kairav and Akshu are siblings while Aarohi is their half sister. Hope it is clear now. Pls don;t hesitate to ask if you still have any doubts or confusion.

    2. Where is naira older daughter who was missing

    3. Silent Reader

      Gayu is Naksh and Naira’s cousin sister, sorry I forgot to write the word cousin.
      Also Naksh and Kirti have a son Krish.

    4. Yeah their first daughter Krishna is missing
      Dint know what happened to her…………And lot of characters like luv-kush , Mansi tooo are misssing

  4. Silent Reader

    Family members
    Triveni/ Dadi/Mimi= Karik’s grandma, KAAV’s great grandma
    Manish- Kartik’s father, KAAV’s grandfather
    Suwarna- Kartik and Kirti’s step mom/ KAAV’s grandma
    Akhilesh- Kartik’s uncle, KAAV’S granduncle
    Surekha- Akhilesh’s wife (not shown in 3rd gen)
    Lav-Kush: Akhil and Surekha’s children (not shown)
    Mansi- Akhil and Surekha’s daughter (not shown)
    Shubham- Suwarna and Manish’s child, Kartik’s half brother (dead)

    1. Thank u so very much, i now understand it, u have cleared up my confusion

    2. Silent Reader

      welcome 🙂

  5. So this mean, Manish is their grandfather, And Dadi is their great grandmother which is Manish mother right.

    1. Silent Reader


  6. These people should give a good slap to ahrohi , for treating Aksara like this, and this forceful love , I don’t like her

  7. what happened to gayu’s character? and what happended to kirti?

  8. plz update the cover pic

  9. lol ,half of goenkas vanished into thin air,the execution of this generation is just pathetic, and Ben the maheshwari and singhanias didn’t disappear so quickly.

  10. Is this even real what happened this the whole family knew Akshu was suppose to marry Abhimanyu ……..why can’t anyone of them clarify the misunderstanding and put this little psychopath Arohi on the hot seat. I think with all her bad intention towards her sister makes her so ugly she was dress up like a Christmas tree. Was very glad Abhi put her in her place and all the family are insulting the other party than makes her say infront of the whole family why she thought Abhi was in love with her stupid women. The writer of this show thinks people are that dumb. I know it is a show but even for a show dragging all these days is a nightmare. Akshu is so cute its about time she stand up for herself. Hopefully they get married. I did not watch from beginning but hopefully there is some happy moments. Full of BS it’s an insult for even dumb people, make it a little bit real. Their all lives is entangle with misunderstanding if you do not have any creative idea then stop your stupid, dumbo serials……instead of making a million of episode for one show one died came back married twenty times to the same people ….instead of making people intelligent you make people going backward….with your ridiculous drama espece d’imbecile idiot . I guess the producer will continue feeding people BS as far as some people think that he is God gift to some.

  11. Hey I’m new here, but I’m really glad abhimanyu didn’t stay quiet and tried to clear the confusion by speaking up else things would have worsened.

  12. I hope Akshara doesn’t go to tell Abhi to marry Aarohi I hope she will be tell abh true she love him also

  13. Where is Vatsal ?

  14. Where is Vatsal? Vansh’s brother

    1. Maybe went away with gayu who is missing😐😐. Iam telli

  15. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    I believe Akshu is going to ask Abhi to marry Aarohi…
    If this happens…. then I will have no choice but to give this show a timeout 😐

  16. Ananya Mukherjee

    Today’s episode was very nice. In today’s episode Akshu did very much right by giving a befitting reply to Aarohi, and also kairav was very much right to tell Aarohi to shut up.Now,the entire Goenka family should also start scolding Aarohi like this and show her right place to her. Maybe then Aarohi will realize her mistake and apologize to Akshu. How can she be so rude to Akshu? How can she tell Akshu to go from her life forever ? Why doesn’t she think that Akshu used to love Sirat so much like her real mum ? Sirat was more than a mother figure for Akshu. Sirat had raised Akshu since childhood like her own daughter. If she has lost her mother, then Akshu has also lost her mother. Then also, Akshu stayed away from home and family for 3 years just for her happiness and also at wish well Akshu prayed for her happiness.She fell in love with Abhimanyu but when Aarohi told her that she loves Abhimanyu and that day Abhimanyu had brought his alliance for her(Actually Abhimanyu brought his alliance for Akshara but Aarohi misunderstood that Abhimanyu had brought the alliance for har), she chose Aarohi’s happiness over her happiness and she stepped back and didn’t tell Aarohi and anyone about her love for Abhimanyu. In yesterday’s episode also when Abhimanyu asked Akshu so many times to confess her love for him, she kept quiet and she didn’t confess her love because she didn’t wanted to hurt Aarohi,she didn’t wanted to snatch her happiness.So,she even sacrificed her love for Aarohi’s happiness. So,why can’t Aarohi see Akshu’s sacrifice and her goodness. Also in precap, Manjiri did right to support Abhimanyu’s love for Akshara against the Birla family and especially against Harsh and Mahima and also in today’s episode Manjiri did very much correct by answering back to Harsh. Before this, she never used to say anything to Harsh and listened to all his bitter words and accusations, but in today’s episode, for the first time she did not keep quiet, she took a stand for herself and answered to Harsh’s bitter words and accusations. Like in pre-calculus, Akshara said to Abhimanyu that she wants to meet him so I hope this time she takes a stand for her and Abhimanyu’s love.

  17. Aarohi is so full of herself. Even after being put in her place by Abhi, she still has the guts to insult Akshu and claim that she stole her lover. Abhi clarifed that he met Aarohi through Akshara and at that time, he was already in love with Akshara. Although, Akshu gave a reply to her, it wasn’t a befitting reply given the venom that brat was spewing. As for the other Goenka family members, they stood and watched the brat disrespect her sister. By the time Kairav spoke, it was too little too late. I wonder why they can’t chastise her and set her straight. The biggest hypocrite in this family is Manish. I stopped watching the serial because of him and his character has never morphed at all. Always thinks he has the monopoly to speak to others anyhow but cannot put a stop to Aarohi is stupidity.
    Glad that Abhi defended his mother despite the circumstances and is willing to stand by her no matter what. Harsh is another hypocrite and fool. He also played a huge role in this misunderstanding because he wanted a bahu who is different from his wife. Good thing despite Akshara is silence, Abhi is still firm in his decision to marry only her.
    If the makers make Akshara tell Abhi to marry Aarohi, I will also stop watching the serial again. Abhi is not a prized cock that he should simply be handed over to someone else as if his feelings don’t matter. Please writers and makers style up and make the serial abit more realistic. We are in 2021 heading to 2022 not in 1912 for crying out loud.

  18. Aarohi needs tight slap fr always blaming n torturing akshu..Pls don’t mk akshu tell Abhi to marry her arrogant sister..vaise bhi Abhi won’t..glad he’s determined on his decision n told everyone openly..

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