Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik rebukes Naira


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with principal saying I was shocked to see a gun in a little boy’s hands. Naira recalls Kartik’s words. Principal says I thought he got it from somewhere, he said he got it in the dust bin. Kartik says it means gun was in the school, how did it come here. He asks Kairav why did you pick it, it had bullets, anyone could have lost lives. Kairav says sorry, I thought it was a toy gun, like you got for diwali. Naira sees the boys out. She asks how did you see the gun, dustbins aren’t covered here? Did you see anyone throwing the gun in the bin? She says don’t be scared, tell me, mumma is there. Dadi says thank God, nothing happened to kids. Surekha and Suwarna worry. Akhilesh says Kairav may have got guard’s sun. Manish says no, Kairav is sensitive, if he learns we think so, he will be hurt. Samarth says we will wait for Kartik and Naira, they can tell the truth. Naira asks Kairav to say. Kartik says he is scared, we will talk at home. Principal says yes, he got scared by our reactions, matter was sensitive, so we called you here, what a lovely child, I just hear praise about him, he is number 1 in everything, you must be so proud.

At home, Naira says we were scared when the teacher called. Kartik says if bullet was shot and hurt anyone, you know the danger. Naira asks Vansh why didn’t you say anything, why didn’t Krish explain. Samarth says Vansh would have asked him to pick gun and look cool. Dadi says enough, kids are tensed, leave it. Manish says Naksh and Kirti would be explaining Krish there. Suwarna says Lord has saved us from the bad happening. Naira says we explained them not to touch anything, they took the gun in hand, why. Kairav and Vansh say sorry. Kairav says we promise, we won’t do this again. Kartik says forget it now, just think of principal’s praise, he said, what a lovely kid Kairav is, and he is. Kairav and Vansh go. Naira cries.

Kartik says calm down, don’t cry, they got scared seeing you worried. She says I m in tension, I can’t be at peace, Akshu’s incident and then this thing, I m a mother, I can’t stay in peace, how will I tolerate, you know children are my world. Kairav says I got E grade. Vansh asks why do you just need parents sign, teacher will call them and you will get scolding. Kairav says yes, they are already upset with me. Naira says Kairav is scared, he said online school is better. Kartik says we have to end his fear. She says Gayu and I will go to market today. Vansh sees her coming and hides the report in the book. Kairav lies on the bed. Vansh cares for him. Kartik and Naira ask what happened. Vansh says he has stomach ache. Naira says you didn’t had food. Kairav says I have pain. She says I will write a note, diary is in the bag, right, give it to Kairav’s teacher. She gets the diary. The book falls. She picks it. She sees the report. She says E grade….

Kartik asks what happened. She says Kairav got E grade in science test paper. Kartik asks what, why did you hide it. She asks is this stomach ache because of school. Kairav cries. Kartik asks why are you crying, we are not scolding you, you promised to tell us everything. Naira says its really wrong. Dadi comes with Manish and asks why are you scolding him. Naira says he got E grade, he is making excuse to not go to school. Dadi laughs and shows the paper to Manish. Manish says well done Kairav for keeping our family tradition. Kartik asks what are you saying. Dadi says every child in this house got this result, Manish, Akhilesh, Lav Kush and you Kartik. Manish says kids should know that their elders also did this. Dadi says you can do better next time. Manish jokes and pampers Kairav. He says we will go to Suwarna and trouble her. He says we will have some sweets, come. He takes Kairav. Vansh also runs. Kartik smiles. Naira looks on.

Kartik jokes. She is lost in thoughts. He asks her to say what happened, let go Kairav, he got bad marks for the first time. She says I m not worried for numbers, why did he hide this from us. He says I used to do this also. She says Kairav and I were best friends. He says nothing changed, he was upset and didn’t have food, you can explain him today, I promise, he won’t do this again. She says everyone took it lightly, someone should have scolded him, he isn’t the same now. He asks did we spoil him, what do you mean to say. She says I didn’t say that, try to understand, he can hide anything. He says he would have not hidden it if you…. nothing. She asks what. He says if he wasn’t scared of you, I had seen him, Principal didn’t doubt him, you questioned him. She says you are saying as if I don’t worry for you. He says you do, don’t give tension to him, he was about to cry. She says sorry, I didn’t realize, I got strange thoughts, I m strict, because you all are lenient, its wrong, we have to be strict. Kairav looks on.

Kartik says imp thing is to support him, to protect him, leave him free, don’t make him feel pressured. Kairav angrily goes. He thinks Kartik always supports me, but Naira thinks I m at fault always. He kicks a football. She says school time… Kartik says its over, its fine, mountain didn’t break, you won’t hunt the rabbit now, right. She asks rabbit, what happened to the frog. He says there are no rains, so rabbit… He jumps like a rabbit and goes. Naira says son went on his dad, drama king, thanks Kartik, you always get a smile on my face. Kartik and Vansh come to Kairav. Kartik asks Kairav to have fun and exercise. They play. Kartik asks where is the champion. Vansh says he is there. Kartik says I think he is a sad emoji. He asks Kairav to come and play with them. Kairav plays bastketball with them. Naira comes. She says what fun to play without a challenge, lets have a match. Kartik says lets have it. She says yes, its easy to defeat you, not me. Kartik says you had won one game many years ago and you are saying now, decide who will win. Naira says Kairav is in my team. Kartik says Vansh is in my team. Kairav recalls her words. She asks Kairav to come. He says I don’t want to play with you. He goes. She looks on.

Kairav says sorry mumma, I had lied. Gayu comes and scolds Naira. She says love isn’t just pampering, you have to scold him on mistake. Naira cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Gayu should first see her own parenting and then say anything to naira kairav is much better than vansh he used to tell everything to kaira but now he started just because of his company with vansh and krish

    1. I think Gayu misunderstood that Naira was also pampering Kairav like manish and Dadi and thinks that Naira was not strict enough. But yeah I agree on ur point that Gayu also should look on her parenting coz it was her Vansh who gave the wrong suggestion at the wrong time


    It’s all naira and gayus mistake naira is over strict with kairav while gayu is over protective of vansh and never scolds him. It was akshara naitik s mistake to adopt gayu she is always jealous of naira

    1. Naira is not over strict she becomes strict because no one else scolds kairav for his mistake

    2. Naira was not wrong in being strict with Kairav. Akshara NAitik did nothing wrong in adopting GAyu. it was Naira who got insecure with Gayu and was immature then. Gayu was never jealous. and Gayu was overprotective coz she fears that Vansh could be sidelined by Kairav and was already not receiving any love from the Goenkas.But Gayu never confronted Vansh about his behaviour which should be actually done.


      Your wrong in saying that naitik akshara did nothing wrong in adopting gayu I would say it’s totally wrong because you see the way gayu thinks samrath is manish dads brother child and vatsal vansh are his kids and regarding kairav akshara they are her great grandchildren obviously theyl love them more. Even if you think practically is it possible for anyone to love brothers or sisters child as their own. Gayu is never thankful for what she received I feel if she was sent with her dadi left on her own she would have been a better person. She’s always jealous of naira even though she got more than naira she should be thankful they treated her as their daughter. And regarding being insecure about kids she and samrath can a make a seperate house and stay why in Goenka house only I think this business was developed by dadi not samrath s parents he can earn on his own or start a separate business

  3. Naira and Kartik are really bad at parenting.. adopting Krishna in the first place was a very wrong desicion and it’s only because of that Kairav has gone farwayy from them…And everytime they keep forcing him to be great just like them is not possible… Moreover they have too much expectations from him which has distanced him more.And Gayi is not wrong.she is protective of her own son unlike Naira

    1. Das

      Adopting Krishna wasn’t a wrong choice and it is was a good track because I’m sure you are aware , everyone is all about blood relation , where in fact there are a lot of kids that need a home .
      Obviously every parent has expectations from their kids , regardless they were bold enough to play with a gun , that is wrong and they need to know what is right and wrong and the consequence behind certain actions. They are news daily about little kids mistakenly shooting themselves with their parents gun.
      There is a clear difference between being overprotective and indulgence and that is what Gayu is doing , she is projecting her insecurities onto her son and that would not help in the long run.
      With raising kids , you can’t just think about now, their future and the kind of person they are raised to be matters a lot .


      Adopting krishna is totally wrong because they have their own kids yes if the kids are comfortable it’s fine. Before taking some extra responsibility I feel you should fulfill the responsibility which you have properly. Kairav was not at all comfortable forcing kairav to adopt krishna was seriously a bad idea I agree krishna doesnt have parents but you cant except a small child to think that great. He might be feeling his parents replaced them. Childless couples can adopt these kids.

  4. This show has lost its charm. This was one of the most loved show earleir but look now. Please show something positive like before ( akshara – naitik ) time .

    1. Very true. Just because Shivin look great together that doesnt mean that they should drag the show to hell. They should have just ended the show when Kaira’s first child was born. Shivin deserves shows more better than this.

  5. These 2 r not good parents I mean srsly like Naira is too strict and Kartik is too lenient…Though I do get Kartik has a point Naira yelling and scaring him isn’t going 2 help. They should be more patient. Kinda ironic Gayu said this since Kairav didn’t want 2 do it he only did it cuz of Vansh and Krish. Gayu is almost scary jealous of Naira…

    1. Agree with you gayu is too much insecure.

  6. Gayu is way better than this jealous insecure pathetic cheap naira.. she is the one who has always been jealous of gayu since childhood.. and whatever gayu is doing now is all cz of naira.. she lost everything in her life.. and naira hasn’t lost anything and behaves as if she has suffered a lot.. gayu suffered where she was nit at fault.. and naira did everything on her own.. always she was at fault and behaved as if she is the victim.. but sorry she isn’t a victim she is herself responsible for whatever is happening to her cz she is useless and pathetic

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