Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira gets accused

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira hiring a taxi. She takes driver’s phone and calls Kartik. She says why isn’t he answering. She calls home. Lav answers and says everyone took Shubham to hospital, but we got to know they are coming home with him. She says thank God, today Shubham has to tell the truth. She goes home. Lav and Kush say why are they removing decorations, Suwarna wanted to keep a puja. Family and hospital staff gets Shubham’s dead body home. Everyone cries. Lav and Kush get shocked and say what happened to him. Suwarna shouts Shubham and cries. She asks him to open his eyes, he can’t leave her alone. She asks Manish to tell him to open eyes. Manish sits seeing Shubham and cries. Kartik cries seeing them and recalls Shubham. He thinks of Shubham’s last words. He thinks of Naira’s words. Dadi cries and says why did Lord take away my grandson from me. Manish caresses Shubham. Kartik says where are you Naira…..

Naira comes home and says I have to start puja arrangements, I hope Shubham tells everyone soon. She sees the crowd gathered. She goes in and gets shocked seeing Shubham dead. She says this can’t happen and shouts Shubham. She says Kartik…. Shubham…. He says Shubham was a drug addict, why did you hide this, why didn’t you tell us, wasn’t it imp for you. She cries and says he was going to tell everyone. He asks why didn’t you tell me, I have asked you, we decided not to hide anything. She says you don’t understand. He says you aren’t understanding, can you understand, I would have saved him if you told me, I would have not let him die. He shouts he died because you hid the truth.

Naira holds Manish and cries. Manish talks to Shubham. He says why did you come in our lives, we didn’t know about your existence, when we got you, you left, I didn’t become a good father for you, sorry, give me another chance to become your Papa, I will try my best, please come back. Naira holds Suwarna and says Maa. Suwarna shouts go away Naira and pushes her. She says don’t dare to touch my son, he is dead. Naira says don’t say that. Suwarna says Shubham is dead, you killed him. Naira says no, I was supporting him, I was trying to save him, he told me that he needs time to get fine, I never wished bad for him, I didn’t kill him. Suwarna says you killed him. Naira says I didn’t kill him. Suwarna slaps her. Naira cries. Suwarna says he has gone away from me forever, if you told us before, we could have saved him, you knew his life is in danger, why didn’t you tell us, you are lying now, you killed him. They all cry.

Naira goes to Kartik. Kartik says please leave from here. She cries. The garlands fall over them. Kartik recalls Shubham’s words. Rishton ka milna …..plays….Kartik breaks the garland. Naira says I will wait for you at the terrace, will you come…. She gets back and goes out of the house. She goes to terrace. She says I didn’t kill Shubham, why did Lord do this. Everyone cries and takes Shubham’s funeral. Kartik thinks where is Naira, did she go when I told her, she left us alone in such a time. She says I won’t go unless you and mum hear me, I know Shubham won’t come back, I m waiting to talk to you Kartik. Suwarna shouts Shubham and cries. Naira steps back and falls down the edge. She shouts Kartik.

After two years, Naira is seen somewhere alone.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Savithri V Ramani

    How can it happen poor subam I pity him naira has got blame feeling sad

  2. Shubham is dead and in such time naira is asking kartik to meet her at terrace…..for what? So that she can defend herself and prove that she is right

  3. This is just sick. How is naira to be blamed for all this. I hate kartik alot. He should be thrown out. How can they even forget singhanias and nairas greatness that they forgive mansi for killing the lead character of this serial akshara. Here naira did not do anything. This is just sick. Please change the story line. Make kartik regret alot for what he did with naira. And please bring akshara back.

    1. i agree kartik will regret especially owing to nairas memory loss i cant wait for monday thier new looks story sets everything

  4. Feeling bad for shubam??????as for d goenka’s elders this what happen when u hand over an elder duty to a child now taking d show to d future CVS are going to so frustrate us with their rubbish story line the next two weeks is going to b annoying and boring

    1. Soofia Bhatti

      Hey priya I’m soofia I’m really worried for naira she is all alone now without kartik and kartik doesn’t care about naira anymore because of his brother aryan and it’s not nairas fault with aryans death and her mother in low didn’t even listen to naira anymore and kartik told his wife naira to leave his house when kartik should of listened to naira at least once before telling naira to leave the house
      Kind regards soofia

  5. Feeling bad for naira, kartiks family and even kartik has done wrong with naira, for blaming naira for shubhams death, and for not listening the whole truth from naira, and they thrown naira out of goenka house. And this is not first time kartiks family and even kartik always blame naira, like first they blamed naira for Kartiks mother saumyas truth, then second for hiding nakshs truth, then in third in raghavs track, it is good that nairas family, kirti, swarna and even kartik had supported naira in raghavs track, but accept them kartiks whole family blamed naira in raghavs track also, and then in fourth it is good that nairas family, kirti, swarna, priyanka, maasi dadi, had supported naira kartik in Joru ka ghulam track, but accept them kartiks whole family had blamed naira for making kartik Joru ka ghulam, and now in shubhams death track kartiks family and even swarna and kartik had blamed naira for shubhams death, this is wrong, this is very very wrong. When aksharas death happened by goenkas daughter mansi, then nairas family and even naira had forgiven mansi, and gave one more chance also, and now in shubhams death track kartiks family and even swarna kartik instead forgive naira and give one more chance to naira, they blamed naira for shubhams death and not listened whole truth from naira, this is wrong, this is very very wrong. In naitiks daddajis death track akshara has also thrown out of the house, but naitik supported akshara, his wife. But in shubhams death track kartiks family had blamed naira for shubhams death but kartik had also blamed naira for shubhams death and not support naira, his wife. aur baad mein jab kartik ki family and especially kartik ko para chalega ki naira ki galti nahi thi, tab guilty feel karke kya fayda.

    1. U r ri8 dear …. nd also naira face the blame of kirti ‘s miss carriage … poor people

  6. Lol this show is a joke..If every daughter in law was to be blamed for family members poor choices then all marriages will be broken…Is this a good thing to be promoting about indian families…To begin with Aryan’s Mom is the first and only person to be held responsible for his outlook on life…His lack of a mother and all the lies he had to deal with is what shaped his thinking….Poor fellow…

  7. Shrilatha

    Don’t tell me that with naira’s memory loss their crappy love story will start again

  8. It was surwarna’s mistake . If she hadn’t hide the fact that he was his son he would have never craved for suhana’s love and end itno depression. And at this stage naira just wants to justify herself and this is so selfish of her

  9. Naira always wanted to become mahan she always defend himself she don’t care of kartik emotions in such a big accident because of naira naira has no dressing sense overacting ki dukan ha keesh is best kaira flops

  10. seriously, Naira’s mother got killed because of the goenka’s daughter and she still forgave them, and here they forced their responsibility upon a kid and are now blaming her for not taking care of him like WHAT EVEN. Cvs shouldn’t have killed Shubham. Drug addiction is a very serious matter, and instead of showing us how to cope with the withdrawal symptoms they straightaway killed him, for what???? To give the family and Karthik a reason to hate Naira???? The family’s reaction is justifiable, but blaming Naira is over doing. They just never understand her, despite all the things that she has done for the family. They really don’t deserve her.

  11. If want to end the show then it may be end happily with the episode of karthik’s birthday. Shubham death is very sad and more sad is that naira blamed for all this. Poor naira.. always stand with everyone and everytime she get blamed. But precap is good.. naira is get memory loss and living alone.. now no one can hurt and blame her. Shubham condition is all because of suwarna.

  12. I am to happy for naira is ko bhi koi sabaq milna chahiya but feeling sad for kartic and her family

  13. While everyone is supporting naira and wants the irritating kaira romance I have found something.why aren’t the singhania s present in the funeral.keerti shubham s sister is not present there.the CVS are trying to make us fools

    1. Height of stupidity.where is idea.why can’t naira keep quiet at least this time.why she wants to justify,why can’t she tell later why should karthik has to say leave from here and same guy saying why she left,why can’t she attend the funeral,is funeral a answers for many questions.they just want a leap and they went for it by creating an issue with lots of stupidity.3 days before they were talking about women empowerment and yesterday mil slapped Dil

  14. I will be happy if they stop showing singanias so that v can stop watching the show

  15. Very bad turning point.I don’t knw what u want show … First Maria go for surgery and now karia are sperate…. Very very bad story….we arent going to see anymore now….too bad

  16. They shld stop this story now.its vry vry boring to watch the show.its really disgusting.

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