Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Naira fights the goons

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik getting a call and talking to manager. He says I will forward a number, can you find out the details. Manager says sure. Kartik thanks him. Vedika gets a call and says that’s great, I will definitely participate. She calls out Dadi and Suwarna. She says I told you about art exhibition, its in Goa. Dadi says its good, right Kartik. He says yes, really good, congrats. Vedika smiles.

Naira says sorry, I m not a good mumma. Kairav says dad will help us, please, shall I call him. Naira says no, we have to do it alone, don’t worry, mum promises you, you will get a better house than this. Liza says hats off, you are not giving up. Naira recalls Kartik’s words. She says I have no option to give up. Phone rings. She answers. Mrs. Pinto says those people called again, say sorry to them or vacate the house. Naira says Liza be with Kairav, I will just come. She goes. Kairav asks where did she go. Liza says maybe to say sorry to them.

Vansh plays and makes Vedika’s basket falls. Vedika asks him to be careful. Vansh says you should be careful too. Samarth scolds him and asks Vansh to pick the things. Kartik helps Vansh. Samarth says everyone has pampered you a lot, so you got spoilt. Gayu looks on. Kartik says I will manage, you can go Vansh. Kartik gets up. Vedika picks a stapler that comes under his feet. Her hand gets little bit hurt. Mrs. Pinto asks her husband to call the goons, Tina will apologize.

Naira says no, I didn’t come to say sorry, I came to do arrangements that you don’t get into trouble. Manish says this can’t happen. Dadi says you all aren’t trying. Manish says I spoke to Kartik in the morning, he isn’t agreeing. Dadi says send him to Goa. Manish says if we force him, he may go away forever. Dadi says you are his dad, find some way. Liza asks Kairav to drink hot chocolate. Kairav says I don’t want it, I want Tina, dads are stronger, ask him to help mum, I have his number. She asks how can you have his number. Kairav says I want to go to Tina. Liza says not possible, don’t disturb me. Kairav goes to washroom. He says when dad helps us, mum won’t get angry. Naira prays to get courage.

Mr and Mrs. Pinto ask Naira how will she face the goons, she should have strength with courage. Naira says strength comes with courage, they will scare us more if we agree to them, its better to give them a reply today. Kairav comes with Liza and girls. Liza says I don’t know how Kairav called all of them, don’t get angry, we will do it together, you are brave like a tiger. Kairav says my mum is a lioness. Naira recalls Kartik’s words. FB shows Kairav asking the man to give his phone. He says I forgot the number. The man says I will get it from dialled list, take it. Kairav calls Kartik. He says Papa…. help please. Kartik asks what happened. Kairav asks can you come here to Goa, mum needs help. Kartik says I m far, what happened.

Kairav tells everything. Kartik says its nothing to be afraid, you and your mum can solve this, ladies are very strong, you know lioness, your mum is also a lioness, she can solve it alone, go and call your mum’s friends and other ladies. Kairav asks will they come. Kartik says they will come when you tell the problem, all the best. Kairav says thanks, you are like Tinu. Kartik asks who is Tinu. Kairav says a frog. Kartik recalls Naira’s words. Kairav says Tinu’s baby is Chinu, baby frog. Kartik says baby frog is called a tadpole, go and help your mum. Kartik says frog and tadpole are here, just Naira isn’t here.

Naira hugs Kairav. Mrs. Pinto says we are also with you. Kairav thinks frog dad has helped me. Manish comes and asks are you going to Goa. Kartik looks at his phone. Manish says its just a suggestion, mum said Vedika didn’t go anywhere alone, she always went with her dad, you should go with her, why are you worried, fine don’t go. Kartik recalls Kairav’s words and asks when do we have to go. Manish stops and smiles. He asks will you go. Kartik nods. Manish leaves.

Kartik says what did I do, I agreed to go to Goa with Vedika. Vedika asks really. Manish says yes, Kartik agreed willingly. Kartik asks why am I worried for that kid, he will know truth some day, how long will this truth hide. Vedika says thanks God for this. She smiles. The goons come to Pinto’s house. Naira and everyone look on. Naira asks Kairav not to get scared. Kairav says you are a lioness. Naira promises to not let anything happen to Kairav. Kairav reminds the woodcutter story, none can break the wood sticks if they are together. The goon Simon laughs and says you got the ladies army, yoga master. The other goon says her life is tough, her husband left her. The goon says you can stay with one of us if your husband isn’t good. Naira shouts on them in anger.

Kartik says don’t know what he did, shall I call and ask. He gets a call and asks all okay, did they trouble you and your mom. The man says its me, Nitesh. Kartik says I will call you later. He thinks of Kairav and his mum. Naira beats the goons. All the ladies beat them. The goons run away. Mr. Pinto says sorry, I was scared of them, you fought them, we are proud of you. Mrs. Pinto says yes, you can stay here. Naira thanks them. Naira asks where did Kairav go. She shouts Kairav.

Naira shouts Kairav and calls…. Kartik and Naira hear each other’s voice.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What a bullshit this serial has become. Once it was best show, so clean and sweet. Now total drama is going on.
    I really request makers to unite kartik and naria and show more about their love story, family life, couple goals etc

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