Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik holding Naira’s dupatta. They have an eyelock. He gets close. She pushes him and runs. He holds her dupatta and stops her. He pulls her close. Yeh rishta kya…..plays………. She runs away and hides. He catches her and gets her close. She runs again. He holds her dupatta and gets his gift. He holds ears and says sorry. He kisses the gift and gives it to her. She gives him the gift. He checks the kite with frog made on it. He laughs. She checks the beautiful pendant and a note. She smiles. She signs him to make her wear it. Yeh rishta kya…..plays….. She tricks and gets away. He says this is cheating, wear this. She challenges him to make him wear it.

Devyaani says see the kites. Naksh says I thought our number will come next year. Kartik goes to Mansi and hugs her. He asks are you fine. Akhilesh says she is fine. Dadi asks them to chant mantras. They all chant mantras. Naira and Kartik go to do tika to kites. Kartik and Naira challenge each other. Kartik and Naira do tika to kites. Dadi says we will start now. Naira and everyone do not get kites. Dadi asks them to come and sit, we will sit and enjoy, they will fly kites.

Kartik asks Kirti what’s this. Kirti says its Dadi’s funda, you were in hostel and did not know. Daid asks them to sit. Bhabhimaa asks Naksh to be calm. The men fly kites. Goenkas and Singhanias see the event. Singhanias get bored. Mishti says I want to fly kite. Devyaani says not now, we will fly at home. Lav and Kush say we want to fly. Dadi says no, our work is to see and enjoy, not fly. Naksh says we were better at home. Goenkas clap seeing event. Kartik says who says just bahu gets stuck, even son in law got stuck here, Krishna ji do something. A man takes the kite Naira gifted Kartik. She signs Gayu.

Kartik says Dadi, that’s my kite. Daid says its flying by your name. Naira gets upset. Kartik prays to Krishna ji. Naira sees the kites. She could not resist and thinks I will not let Kartik’s kite get cut. Kartik asks what are you doing. Naira ties her dupatta and runs to fly kite. Dadi and everyone look on. Ye nadiya si….plays….. Kartik runs after Naira. Naira takes the thread in hand and flies. Kartik holds the thread roll. Goenkas look on.

Kartik and Naira fly kite together. Singhanias smile and enjoy. Kartik asks Naitik to come. Naira asks Kirti and Dadi to come. Kartik says come, we will show them. Kartik asks Krishna ji to do something, everyone will misunderstand me. Naksh says see neighbor wants to cut Goenkas kite. Naksh runs to manage the kite. Naira says its my inlaws kite, I will not leave them, else my name is not Naira. Dadi and everyone look on. Kartik says they are coming to cut our kite. Naira shouts. Lady says I did not know girls take interest in such things. Naira asks everyone to do something, its about our respect. Kartik says Naitik Sir, you all fly kites, anyone come, Goenkas and Singhanias are one family now. Bhabhimaa asks them to go. Naitik and Bau ji join them. Even the women join them. Gayu, Bhabhimaa and Devyaani also help the men by holding the thread roll. Goenkas look on. Suwarna smiles.

Lav and Kush help Mishti. Mishti thanks them. Kartik asks Kirti and Mansi to come, life should have action, come on. Kirti and Mansi run to Kartik and enjoy flying kite. Dadi says great…. She sees everyone and gets quiet. Kartik shouts Kai po che. Goenkas smile. Kartik says Naira you are expert. Naira says be safe, next time it can be your kite. Mishti asks Kartik to gift Naira, she saved your kite. Kartik asks Naira to cut that yellow kite.

Gayu, Naitik and Naksh’s kite get cut. Mishti asks Naira to cut yellow kite. Naira says they are strong. Kartik cheers for Naira. Everyone look on tensed as game turns interesting. Manish jumps in the game and flies a kite to support Naira. Everyone smile and get surprised. Goenkas join Manish.

Manish and Naira fly kite. Manish asks Suwarna to hold thread roll. Kartik says we will see who cuts that yellow kite, come on Naira, you can do it. Manish sees Kartik. Naira sees Manish and gets tensed. Everyone get excited to watch. Naira makes her kite aside and murmurs come on uncle, cut that kite. Manish cuts the yellow kite. Everyone clap for Manish. Dadi says great Manish, I knew just you can do this. Kartik gets angry and sees Naira. He goes. She goes after him.

He says you get fun to irritate me, congrats you won and I lost. She asks him to listen. He says do you listen to me, why did you intentionally lose, are you marrying me or…. why do you support Manish always and go against me. She says whats big thing than family happiness, I broke rule and you tried to create balance between both families. He says you are doing this for Manish and Suwarna’s happiness, I did not hurt anyone, their happiness is not other’s happiness, Manish wins by making others lose, its Manish’s nature and habit too. He gets annoyed and goes.

Everyone praise Manish. Kartik and Naira come back. Naksh asks Naira about changing side before marriage. Naira says Singhanias and Goenkas were same now. He asks her not to make excuse. Suwarna and Naira sign each other.

Naitik says this is beautiful place, book this for Naira’s marriage. The man says I will not give place to Singhanias or anyone. Naksh holds his collar. Manish says Kartik ruined our respect.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    Hello everyone.
    Todays episode was soo sweet and cute. Naira letting manish cut the kite was superb. Loved the episode !!
    Kaira scene at the starting was also very cute and lovable !! They look really good together.

  2. Fenil

    Hello Vrushy,Lasiii,Hales,Rahul,Adi,Twana, nd all .
    Lovely episode till Karthik get upset, this is not fair naira should listen karthik sometimes becoz of her karthik get upset.I know she try to make happy Goenka’s but she intentionally hurt karthik every time.
    I liked Dadi’s sad face.
    Starting of Episode is cute..
    Hey ,Lav & kush always behind mishti….hahaha

    I hope mansi wasn’t involved in akshara’s accident, becoz i don’t want to any family member involved in her death.

    1. Vrushy

      Hii Fenil.
      I agree with you but then Karthik should also understand the importance of family in Naira’s life. As she has been away from.her family fora long time she doesn’t want Karthik to go through the same.

      1. Fenil

        yaa,right …..he also know importance of family but his anger over ride his love…
        hope soon his MU or whatever get cleared.

  3. Lasyashree.10

    hi everyone!!

    trishi,vrushy,fenil,twana,sindhu,aniket,pat,rahul96,sophie24,shesha,sachudi,chanya,ishika….and all other yrkkh family members…and silent readers….

    how are you all? what’s your opinion…i’m i approching to you correctly?

    well,coming to the episode!

    kites!! i know how intesting it will be seeing the competition….and jallikattu also ihope they will show even that!

    NAIRA…was awesome…… she made the episode intreting….karthik please dont stay annoyed with naira….

    yea….naira family important!!!

    manish is good today…i my opinion….
    whats this mansi’s chapter?end it soon please….

    the episode starting was awesome…i could see evryone’s expression as i’m travelling to banglore!!

    precap and the last part are not good……

    no more drama please……

    thank you!

    hope everyone slept……

    i dont sleep today…infact i’ll not because i’m in travelling!!

    okay guys…..

    bye for now..


    this is lasya

  4. When will new Akshara come back to singhania family?

  5. Hate this Kaira…. Akshara and Naithik are only awesome,…… every time this show shows the unwanted things….. romance…romance,…..romance…….or else love….love…love nothing other than that…….. please stop such kind of serials,,………

    Many families will see the serial….many children will see but these kinda stories will spoil them…… hate it…..hate kaira,”…..

    It’s more to see serial…but you are making families here,…..worst and disgusting thing….even in website also…. celebrations ar going just like serial…..
    Please slowdown don’t over act by making families and don’t spoil your futures

    Hate it….and lasyashree you will encourage such type of unwanted things… that time in your ff now here….get lost all of you….for hell sake…..

    Dirty people…disgusting forum….

    1. Donno wat prob yu hav…If yu don’t lik ignore it… Neva say bad…. But I love dis show.. meaning f a family is very well shown.. Bonding is good … Negativity is shown due to future story… If everything ends in 1 day dis show would hav nt been fa yrs

    2. I totally agree with you! Kids watch these shows and stuff and it’s not good! My little cousin who is 12 years old said while watching yrkkh “I hope Kaira kiss” kids should not think about love and stuff. I am 27

      1. Ur lil cousing is just 12 n wishing Kaira to kiss, that means he already knew what does kiss mean. He has already spoilt himself by watching unwanted videos on youtube n also wishing that Kaira should kiss so that other good kids who watch good shows like YRKKH should also get on his track. Hehe… Instead asking to stop this show, u pls control ur spoilt cousin orelse he will destroy other innocent kids. Focus on ur cousin instead of commenting against the show.! Stupid cousin.!

      2. Your cousin is 12 and you are treating him like he is 7…kids these days are very advanced…so it is okay for them to say i wish they kiss….and trust me kids days know about ‘love and stuff’ a lot….
        and love dosn’t mean kissing…it means understanding, companionship, affection, respect, friendship, tenderness and much more….maybe you should go your cousin all of this….

      3. Aniket
        I never asked for your stupid advice, I don’t think I need to pack my bags and move out of here. First of all, I didn’t even said you guys to get lost, dumm ass! In my first comment when did I tell you guys to get lost? Why can’t I speak a word against it? You are acting like this show is your life! For your kind information my cousin doesn’t watch youtube! Also, I never even asked for this show to start! Read my first comment! Did I ask this show to start? If you can support this show and write good comments about this show, then why can’t I write against it? It doesn’t says ‘Don’t comment against this show’ Also I never said that you needed my comment, I was talking to Nithya! You have no rights to talk about my cousin! To be honest, you are showing stupidity, your acting like this show is your life! Why didn’t you comment against Naira, when she hated Karthik and doubted on him, when he was totally innocent! Why didn’t you tell Naira to keep her hatred to herself? Tell me how is this show good? Oh yeah this show is great because when Karthik did a lot for their family, they doubted on him, for Akshara’s death. This show is great because Naira’s family sended Karthik to jail. This show is great because when Naira forgave Akshara, she made Gayu left out! This show is great because Naira made Gayu sad by saying ‘Me, bhai, mama and papa will go for a vacation’ what about Gayu? This show is great because someone from Goenka, was responsible for Akshara’s death! This show is great because they are teaching Mishti about romance. Now you are happy I said, this show is great

    3. Keep ur hatred with yourself. We dont need it. If u think serial shows unwanted things, then stop watching it, but dont dare to speak a word against it. If u cant understand what is love n romance then there is no use of ur life. If u think making online friends n family is digusting then ur thinking is non-sense. Neither we nor this forum is disgusting, instead u r totally dumb. Instead saying us to get lost, u pack ur bags n move out from here. We dont need u n ur stupid comment.!

      1. Aniket!

        if i stop watching the serial….who will be there correct the mistakes?

        and please what i said is true!

    4. Rahul96

      Hii Nithya didi to some extent you are right .
      The romantic scenes which are shown is not good for children . Infact I think the kissing scenes should be removed. And the romantic scenes like hugging , running behind each other are only spoiling children’s thinking. Infact not only YRKKH but also ishqbaaaz , yhm and other serials are also full of romantic scenes. But it should be the duty of elders that children should not watch these kinds of scenes.

      But this show also teach about family relationships and rituals. And this is the real beauty of this serial .

      And yes to some extent I agree with you Naitik-akshara love story was much more decent and beautiful than kaira’s love story . Kaira’s love story is also beautiful but some scenes like hugging is not suitable for children.

    5. Rahul96

      And now coming to the making families.
      You wrong here Nithya didi
      We are not over acting here by making families here. It is our parents teaching to consider each girl as your sister. We are not making here girlfriend and boyfriend because our ethics and parents teaching does not allow it. So how are we spoiling future??? I met a girl named Sachu ( sorry Sachu dii I am not calling you Sachu dii , I hope you understand ) . She told that she is 28 years old so I call her Sachu dii and also tell her that you are my elder sister.
      What’s wrong in this ???

    6. Rahul96

      And i met a girl named Twana . She told she is 18 year old . But I told her that you are my little sister ( while I am just 20 ). And yes Twana , Aliya , vrushy , trishi , trusna , Ishika are like my sisters . And then there are some boys who are 21 and proposes a girl of 18. So how this made we people as bad????
      YRKKH do show love scenes but also shows value of family relationships!!!! And it depends on our mentality that whether we see only love scenes yaa understand the value of family relationships . And if we see love scenes then by what mentality we see these scenes???
      But I agree with your one point Nithya didi that these love scenes are not good for children!!!!

    7. Nithya you actually need to take a deep breath and relax. It’s okay to have an opinion about the show but judging us individuals for no reason will simply get you nowhere.

      If kids enjoy TV, they need to learn what Tv they should watch – something like Tom and Jerry will be good I guess. And whats wrong with hugging? We don’t see intimate s*xual scenes on YRKKH and the meaning of the show is good – its just how you think of it and how your mind processes what is going on.

      What made me laugh was the fact that you said that families are disgusting.. you are in a family yourself does that make you disgusting? What exactly do you mean by celebrations are going on just like the serial? Please understand we do not know eachother, it’s a friendship group not a real family… I began laughing when you said don’t spoil your futures.. first of all, we do not know eachother (once again as this is clearly an idea you dont understand) and it is unlikely that we will meet in real life . simply having a conversation on the forums does not make us a disgusting forum. Who even taught you how to reason because it is incorrect from your side at the moment.

      What do you have against Layashree – so first you share your ethical ideas of the show, then a group of individuals and then an individual in particular. What excitement are you getting from this?? Please be mature because by randomly calling a group of penpals “dirty” you need to understand that we arent doing anything shameful or intolerable. Its just chit chat. Grow up.

      But anyway, thanks for sharing your appreciated feedback of the show :).

      Sorry, it just makes me angry when people posts such comments. I hope everyone is ok, will comment about the episode soon 🙂

    8. Calm the f**k down…
      I don’t even think I need to waste my time on you…because you are the one that need to get lost….
      People like you only come on these pages to create scandles….
      And if you have a problem with KaIra and this show….the doctor didn’t telly you to watch this show….

    9. And Lasyashree ke bare mein kuch bhi bola ba toh tera muh tod doongi…

      1. Not ba but na*

      2. Lasyashree.10

        thank you di!! for your concern

    10. Lasyashree.10


      calm down….after reading your comment i just got one doubt….WHEN WILL YOU CHANGE?…

      i already said you before…. ki you don’t spoil the children who don’t have this intention or atleast have the thought…. you said that this serial will be watched my many children infact families right?

      then even your comment and my comment will be read by many children….who have accounts in this website and are really young…..but fortunately they don’t have such bad thoughts against these….

      and if you have any problem…..Two times before i already said you ,…… whenever you read such scenes or scenes please close your eyes and let even children close your eyes….

      as being a medical student i suggest you to consult a doctor because by experiencing your comments i came to know that you have fear of love or romance which is a scientificc disease named PHILOPHOBIA….which need to be treated so…..doctors will give you some pills and an injection dose after 6 such doses it will not be cured but will be controlled somewhat…..

      and this is the third time i’m noticing this from you….

      finally…. there is not need of mentioning me in your comments because i know you have the same problem with my ff….so please if you have any problem wth me or my ff please text me personally…but don’t spoil others mood and waste their time which is precious for them and don’t let waste it on you…

      hope you change atleast after you read these lines….[fingers crossed]

      1. Do you like Gayu?

    11. Lasyashree.10

      i’m sure you never commented before…. but why suddenly?

      do you this would be fun?

      commenting and insulting someone?huh?

      please stop such attitudes…..

      i’m really amazed suddenly people who hate are coming along….Nithya and in support of her jacqualine?

      whats wrong?

      as far as i know you both [i mean jacqualine and nithya ] never commented on this article…now what in the world is making you to?

      yea…nithya you always comment negatively on many ff’s which even includes mine and hales di’s…..

      but please there is no use of people like you with your blo*dy thoughts…..

      And not for the hell sake but for heaven sake get lost!!

      and disgusting people only will feel everything disgusting!

      so you feel this website is disgusting…..and there is no where your mistake because it’s tendency of human…

      1. Lasyashree.10
        You spelled my name wrong

      2. Lasyashree.10

        Thank you for correcting my mistakes same way even we wanna correct your mistakes di!!

        Don’t be so smart ?

    12. yes , nithya karan nd hina are awesome . karan ke exit ke badd jo trp badhi thi us time karan aache se replace nhi hua tha nd karan bhi how main dikhta tha tab hi toh main serial dekhti thi they both are awesome September se karan nhi dikha tha tab hi se trp decrease hui thi.such a disgusting serial .

      1. Lasyashree.10

        excuse me!!

        what is happening to all of you?

        why didn’t you comment after September then why did comment only after nithya did?

        archana i dont what problem you are facing with yrkkh…. if it’s disgusting….stop watching it…but please don’t hurt the fans!

        are you all from one team…i mean you,nithya,jacqueline??

        till day before yesterday no one commented against yrkkh….

        all of a sudden…. one by one?huh…

        and i don’t want to repeat once again….but repeating…
        disgusting people only will feel everything disgusting!

        so you feel this website is disgusting…..and there is no where your mistake because it’s tendency of human…

        thank you!

  6. Spoiler :

    Aditya has come to Singhania house. Naira and Gayu dance practice at home. Aditya says Kartik has a great sight to check gems, as he has chosen a good diamond Naira for himself. He greets the elders and tries to show a good image.

    Aditya flirts with Naira and Gayu. He practices dance with Naira. He asks Naira for a dance. Naira gets hesitant. Gayu asks Naira to teach dance to Aditya. Aditya takes advantage of this and tries to get close to Naira. Aditya does not love Kirti. He likes Naira and wants her in his life. He is trying best to get Naira.

    Naira feels bad vibes and tries to get away. Aditya makes excuses and asks her to help him. He is not scared of everyone and got a good reason to spend time with Naira. He tells Naira that Kirti and he has to learn ballroom dance for the sangeet. He tells Naira that he wants to do dance on a romantic number with Kirti and asks her to teach her close intense steps. He holds her. Naira has strong doubt on him. She could not tell anyone. Kirti comes there and relieves Naira. Aditya gets away from Naira. Naira asks Kirti to practice dance steps with Aditya.

    1. Rahul96

      Thanks Sindhu for spoiler!!!

      1. Thank yu

  7. Hello guys… Nice to see this episode… such cute stuff…

    Dear Nithya…
    Love is not a bad thing. It makes life wonderful..falling in love is awesome. I hv fallen once. It’s not bad. C’mon don’t hv stupid mentality like some stupid ppl.

    1. Rahul96

      Yaa I agree love is good but love scenes are not good for children!!! This is what Nithya didi wants to say!!!

      1. But Rahul…the censor board won’t even pass on the videos/shows tha are inapporiate for kids…
        So all the shows that are being telecasted before 11pm kids are allowd to watch it…

      2. Sophie
        Are you sure that all shows show’s before 11pm kids are allowed to watch? Oh bigg boss starts before 11, it starts at 10, are kids suppose, to watch it? There use to be a show about rape and crime on starplus it started at 9 called ek haseena thi, we’re kids suppose to watch it?

  8. please bring akshara back and immediately remove the aditya character.
    hes not good for yrkkh please.
    since 8years we have not seen such stuff happening in yrkkh.
    please make the serial like before akshara was here…clean loving caring families where we use to learn so many family values.
    rest its my favourite serial.

    1. Sorry dear the show can’t be like before as the show needs to progress.
      As for the Aditya character – this is the way they can expose him that he is not good for Kirti.
      If you watch today’s episode again you will see that Kartik witness his bad behaviour towards Naira but Kartik is also trying to protect his sister as he thinks his sister loves him. Once Kirti opens up about Aditya – you will see what will happen to him. Today Kartik hides his foolishness just for his sisters respect & that’s why he hugged Naira the way he did – protectively.
      Just watch that part again you will see what I mean. If you have been watching this show for the past 8years you will see they never dwell on bad characters for long. Remember when Naira was young – she was stalked – that too got solve quickly and when she was kidnapped by human smugglers that too got sorted out quickly.

  9. !.Hello Everyone.! Loved the beginning of the episode, but I also support Kartiks anger n annoyance on Naira, bcoz he is the one who supported her in every situation, but wen it comes 4 Naira 2 return back the favour, she always supports Family n not Kartik (her love). Till when will Kartik support her by standing n fighting against the world? Sometimes Naira should also return back the favour by doing what Kartik wish. Realy Naira disappointed me 2day. Heart goes to Kartik as he has to compromise always.!

  10. Hello My Family over here! Hi Bff, A comment is waiting 4 u 2 read on previous updates where I mentioned I love to take revenge.! Lol.! Once go thru it.! Hi My Sister, I also left a comment 4 u on yesterdays page asking u to comment somehow.! Hi Writer, no dude, I didnt felt bad, actually I was confused that y didnt u wish all on 1month aniversary of our family. How was uttarayan? Hi Adi bro, happy 2 read ur comment. I thougt u will now comment directly on 15feb to mark the 2nd month aniversary.! Lol.!

    1. Lol no I was considering to next common in the one year anniversary 🙂

      1. to next comment*

    2. Yeah Aniket I will try to comment…thanks

    3. Vrushy

      Belated happy one month anniversary 🙂
      Sorry I didn’t read the comments so I didn’t know we were celebrating. Uttarayan was fab as always. Infact next year do come to baroda in uttarayan I am sure you will have fun !!

  11. Today was a really good episode and it was so funny to see everyone just stand up one by one to celebrate – as much as I hate dadis character, her expressions are fantastic it was so funny to see how posh she looked when she was looking in the sky and then when everyone was doing kite flying and having fun at the beginning, her sad expression was priceless! Hope there are more positive moments like this and characters like aditya don’t ruin it!

  12. Good morning my wonderful, cute & blessed family – Rahul, Aniket, Sruthi, Shilpa, Twana, Sachu, Aliya, Riya, Vrushy, Pawana, Soumya, Kajol, Trishi, Has, Sophie, Karishma, Ishika, Saba, Ponkuri, Aarti, Ridz, Saraya, Pari, Shesha, TVFan 1, Jas, Trusna, Amalina, RV, Divi, Ishu, Adi, Nikhil, Paaki, Sanjaana, Chanya & all YRKKH Fans (Family)
    How are we all doing? I pray all is well.
    My family, how can I abandon you all – I did not – I am a very polite person. I have been on holiday – I left a message for you all on January 10th episode comments informing you all that I will be away until this week & not comment until end of this week.
    Please check it out.
    I miss you all – I have been trying to catch up on the updates.
    WOW loads of drama but I will respond tomorrow London time.
    Can I ask at what time does YRKKH aired in India? Because in London it airs at 10pm. At this time – no child in my family, my friends families & most self respecting families will be awake – they should be in bed.
    I am going to bed now as it is quite late but will respond fully in the morning. There is a lot of silliness been going on, on this site.
    Please check my January 10 posting – I did not abandon you all.
    Good night all.

    1. Vrushy

      I am good.
      How are you ?!!
      Yrkkh airs at 9:30 pm in India.

  13. Hi guys…
    I guess I might commet somehow…
    And i figured out that the viruses only come when I login into my account…
    From now on I won’t use my registered account….
    I am just about to take off…yaaa…and 14 hours I will be ib India….

  14. Lol Adi bro.! 1Year aniversary has quite long time now, we cant wait so long to read ur comment.! Hi Bff, My sister, My lil Angel, my lil champ, Lil Bff (Riya), Bachelor bhai, Londan bro, 1st day sista (Pat di), Eldest sista, youngest member (Shesha), Writer, BFF KI JODI(Trishi n Chanya), Hyd Queen (Shruthi di), Mrs. India, Delhi Topper (Ishika), My last day sista (Trusna di) n Garima di, Shilpa, Ishu, Pari n Tvfan1… How r u all? R u doing well? Let me know whats going in ur life.!

    1. Soumya85

      Nice nick names bhaiya..u have given everyone a nick i have to think a name for u

  15. Kaira….love…story…….bold…. No one watch this show with family …..

    1. Vrushy

      If you can’t watch it then read written updates so that your pure virtue doesn’t get spoiled. And if you don’t want to read it then please don’t comment bad things about it. There are other people who love this show so don’t spoil their mood and yours as well by creating unnecessary controversy !!

    2. Twana

      AH THE ONE WITH THE YELLOW DP… BABY OR WHOEVER always telling bad abt YRKKH n now we r used to ur nonsense

  16. Vrushy

    I don’t understand how all of a sudden Kaira haters have entered the page. There were no such haters a few weeks ago.
    Firstly stop comparing ak-nk pair with kaira. The tow couples are from different generations and thus are supposed to have different ideologies and values. Also ak – nk had an arranged marraige and then fell in love where as kaira are having a love marraige.
    As far as the intimate scenes are concerned its ohkay between couples to hug and kiss each other. Even ak and nk used to hug and kiss each other. I wonder what’s wrong in it. These things depend on ones mentality. If you consider it to be wrong then stop watching it. No only in serials but couples hug and kiss each other at public places as well so u can’t go on stopping every one of them. If you feel that it had a bad impact on your children then don’t let then watch it, as simple as that !!
    Shutting down the serial just because of hugs and kisses is not even a valid point. And as for rajan sir, he doesn’t even read our comments as he is a very busy person. If you want to convey a message to him them go to Yrkkh’s set !!

  17. Soumya85

    Hiii my yrkkh family members…how r u all??sorry I was not commenting since 2 days…I was little busy…episode was amazing I love the kite fight between naira and manish.I agree with u aniket bhaiya as sometimes naira should take karthik’s side.I just hate that aditya (serial one)he is soo bad…but I love luv kush they r sooooo cute and always behind mishti..waiting for naksh and keerti story..
    Now coming to family members…how’s ur board preparation twana di,aliya di ,aniket bhiya,pawan,adi who is in ten..I was very happy to read pat di and Sophie di and adi bhaiya comment today…sachu di how r u and Hamdan?
    Rahul bhaiya I have one question for u..why u r going one place to another??r u running from us (twana di,aniket bhaiya and me)??I have went near ur hostel and college to investigate about u.when r u coming to Kolkata?twana di our special cop of Delhi u have to catch him?.
    Vryshy di ur New ff is also’s Bruno? ?did u watch virat’s match??hii riya,shesha,trishi,chanya di,trushna di ishu,tv fan,ponkori,pari.. how r u all? missing ur comments..hii lasyashree u r in which standard?
    Sorry for a long comment.

    1. Vrushy

      Hii soumya.
      Bruno is good and healthy.
      Yup I watched the one on 15 the april but we also have one more match today. Excited to watch it. I am sure we will win this match as todays match is a series sealer. Fingers crossed !!

      1. Soumya85

        I hope India win but virat gone out??

    2. Lasyashree.10

      i’m completing my sr.inter soumya along with my internship!!

      how about you?

      1. Soumya85

        Ooh I m sorry I was not calling u di. ..I m in class 10..again sorry for not calling u di

      2. Lasyashree.10

        nah..nah…it’s k dear

  18. Fenil

    hey NIthiya u r the same person who comments on Lasiii’s ff before against her,today also u make mistake by pointing finger at Lasiii particularly.

    YRKKH is best in romance also becoz in other shows they shown very intimating scenes,in yrkkh they shown only hug nd masti in romance also….so mind your own business plss

    for childrens,in other show their sons nd daughters slapped parents,hate parents,shouted on parents…….while in YRKKH sons nd daughters always respect parents even strangers also they don’t even think abt hurting their parents not even in dreams.

    1. Yeah you are right, since Naira was little she always respected her Akshara never even thought anything against her, that’s why she ran away from home. Yeah I remember when Karthik and Naira met as strangers how much she respected him, she embarrassed him in front of his friends, very good, she is so respectful

  19. Naira’s costume designer needs to be changed. Her when clothes are horrible and ugly.

    1. Lasyashree.10

      please don’t see costumes….see the action and concept!!


  20. Good day all my blessed family
    Well said Vrushy about the person who is worried about their children’s upbringing.
    The last time I checked God did not give children to the media to bring up – He gives them to families – so it is our responsibility as parents to bring up our children properly. If the show is aired from 9.30 – 10.30pm globally then all young children should be in bed by then. If your children are up & watching such things as you do not want them to watch then it says a lot about your parenting. Children in my family are in bed by 9pm (that’s the young teens) younger ones are in bed by 7pm. As children need enough sleep to be able to study well in school.
    Please I have said this before – do not respond to haters directly treat them like nobody because that is what they are – if they go around spreading such
    hate. The languages being used here – WOW.
    My motto for 2017
    SPREAD the LOVE and STOP the HATE
    So I will not respond to such foolishness.
    Aniket don’t mind the ‘hatish’ behaviour
    And Rahul, you do not have to appease hateful people – they are not worth it.
    Lasya don’t mind the hate my dear – we can’t please all.

    1. Lasyashree.10

      I’m not minding di!! Habituated to Ms.Philophobia’s comments…(Nithya)

      And how are you?? I’m new here!!

      And sorry saying at the last…. hi Di…glad to meet you

  21. Sachu dear read your last comments – so you too were not available for our young ones – you have already addressed a lot of things so I will not go into them.
    Please look after yourself well as Adhu/Adi needs you. Take all the help you can get from the family.
    And remember to eat well & drink enough fluid. Rest whenever you can.
    Please take care

  22. what an episode
    kaira scenes awsome
    when kartik called naira dhano it made me laugh a lot…
    kartik was so cute when he was angry and crying…

  23. Now coming to the episode – beautiful family time & the romance between Kaira – spot on. They are well prepared for marriage
    Goenka Dadi is too much yarr
    You all Akhilesh is negative yarr – watch his face whenever something wrong is playing out between Manish and Kartik. I have this feeling him and Surekha are behind Kartik’s hatred for his parents. Just watch him you all. I have been saying this since they came on screen that there’s something fishy about him.
    I agree with someone who pointed out earlier that Naira need to be careful in her quest for the Goenkas to accept her she might hurt Kartik.
    Then on the other hand if she does what Kartik does to the parents and they settle differences she might be left out & seen as a bad bahu. She just needs to apply wisdom and learn how to calm Kartik’s temper down just as Akshara use to do with Naitik.
    Yes, me too I do miss Akshara but we have to get over it & give our support to those that are still in the show. Hina chose to leave the show when they needed her the most as Karan has just walked out. So we have to get over it. Even me I am like ………if Akshara was here she will know how to handle the Goenkas. Remember how she handled Naksh’s girlfriend’s grandad. But it is time to move on – I was hoping Rajan Sir was able to find a replacement for her. Let us wait & see what they have in store for us.
    Meanwhile let us enjoy the ride.

  24. Aniket when did I become Mrs India

  25. Aniket when did I become Mrs India tell me

  26. There is something I want to say about shows on starplus they are not s*xualised like most of the shows in British & American TVs. That’s why I watch them. Majority of the shows here good story content but can be disgusting to watch. My thing is if I can’t watch it with my parents then I shouldn’t be watching it. Star plus is safe for me as I am PG (parental guidance). I watch a few shows but I will leave this for another day.
    Enjoy your day/evening/night you all
    God bless

  27. Twana

    Hiii guys here I am…. Some kind of stupid network problem so I couldn’t come….
    My cute n loving family over here how r u all??
    And to those who r against this, I’m not saying anything coz they won’t ever understand …. and oh they shld know that making friends over here won’t spoil our future… coz we hv never ever met eachother nor we will ever meet.. that might be once in a blue moon… n oh tell me that u don’t hv an fb acc or any acc in any of the social medias… coz this z the same like fb n anyother… if u don’t hv then itz ok coz u will never understand…n remember making friends isn’t bad… but u insulting ppl z very much bad…
    And YRKKH z not some stupid serial n there rn’t much romantic scenes like in any other English movies… I think tht u haven’t watched at least a one English movie or a hindi one…YRKKH z romantic n too much? Oh god..
    Anywayz there’s no use in explaining things to ppl who won’t ever understand…
    So How z everyone? Hope everyone z doing very well… n concentrate on ur studies guys..not to those stupid critical comments… don’t waste ur time by explaining things to those who won’t understand…
    BFF how r u? Ok u r open to take revenge… coz u will not be able to do… I m not sleepy at all!! ??… n BFF don’t think much abt damn comments.. concentrate on ur studies… I hope u r studying as I told u to do… warna remember??
    Sophie dii have a safe flight!!! And a happy journey!
    Oh sorry Pat dii… I remember telling abt a holiday but didn’t see when u were going very sorry… know that u won’t abandon us… How was ur holiday btw?
    Lasyashree.10 How r u?? Happy to see u stand by us.. yp u r approaching to us more than correctly.. n I’m fine.. and where r u gng? Have a safe journey…
    Soumya happy to see u back dr…
    And Today’s ep was awesome…
    Rahul bhai did u get to know how to fly a kite?? If not plz learn frm our brave Naira! ?
    Flying kites was awesome….. n Karthik gettimg angry z somewhat bad…
    Hope it won’t break them apart… I hate that Adithya..

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Twana Di….. hie…. it’s my responsibility for standing by my family right???‍?‍?‍??‍?‍??‍?‍?‍?

      And yeah I’m fine….how are you????

  28. Hey how is Twana & Ishika
    I pray you are good haven’t seen any comments from you

    1. Twana

      I’m fine Pat di…Thnkz….couldn’t comment before because of some kind of a network problem!
      Sorry Di…How was ur Holiday? Did u enjoy the journey?

  29. Omg, I have heard that on the wedding day, Karthik’s dadi will make Gayu sit in Mandir instead of Naira! OMG I’m so happy, I hope this news comes true!! Loved this his episode Gayu looked so beautiful omg she is the best…….

  30. Omg this Mansi track is so interesting! We love you mansi! Please take more time on this mansi track! Yes someone in Goenka are responsible for Akshara’s death!

    1. Twana

      Oh Jacqueline why did u suddenly change ur name into sweetie n Lankita?
      Wanted to be a different person to comment abt Gayu? n Mansi?
      Gayu won’t be a perfect match for Karthik coz Kaira z the best!!
      Anywayz From where did u hear that?

      1. Because, I have other sisters that wanted to comment too! It is none of your business thou

  31. Twanna bff,
    It was on a spoilers website but not everything on spoilers are true
    Lol I find it funny when people with same dp and different names comment. trolls need to be ignored, as they are just wasting their own time 🙂

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