Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Trisha seeks justice

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira seeing Lav and Kush. She hears Dadi saying we will talk to Negi and bear Trisha’s expenses lifelong, then he will agree. Everyone does the puja. Trisha gets up and sits. Naira sees Kartik. Dadi explains the meaning of Satya Shivam Sundaram. Naira thinks we don’t support truth. Kartik thinks I know what is Naira thinking. Naira prays. Trisha comes and sees Naira. She thinks to talk to Naira. Kush coughs by the smoke. Lav takes him. They stay behind. They get shocked seeing Trisha. Naira turns to see. She says I will give dhup in entire house. She goes. Dadi asks where are Lav and Kush. Surekha says maybe they went upstairs. Manish says we are going to temple. Surekha asks Kartik to talk to NGO manager. Manish asks them not to worry, no one will complain to police. Lav and Kush take Trisha and argue with her. Trisha says I don’t talk to misbehaving people, let me go. Lav shouts then go to ashram. Kartik stops and turns. Manish signs what. Kartik signs nothing. They leave. Trisha says don’t know why didn’t you go to jail, Tina said she will get culprit punished, she would have told the police. Lav says police won’t take us. Naira gets hurt and stops. She turns and sees….

Lav says Kartik is on our side, Naira won’t go against him. Kush says please don’t tell anything. Lav says we won’t even go to ashram, last time Kuhu did drama, now I will do, you would be upset, you should have thought of it before, we are Goenkas, we have family, you don’t have Tina with you. They go. Trisha sits crying. She turns and sees Naira at the window. Naira drops the aarti plate. Naira runs to Trisha. She doesn’t see her. Trisha walks on the road. She recalls Lav’s words. Naira says where did she go from backdoor. She runs on the road to find Trisha. She sees Trisha and comes.

Trisha asks why did you raise me in ashram to find me fallen somewhere, you should have left me on ganga ghat in childhood. Naira cries and says come home. Trisha says we ashram people have no respect in your lavish house. Naira says don’t say this. Trisha says your Lav Kush said so, your family is supporting them, they threatened me and insulted me, they said Kartik is with them, you can’t go against Kartik, I can’t get justice, fight is between rich and poor, Tina was like me, and you are Mrs. Naira Goenka here, Tina would have fought for truth, but Naira changed a lot. Naira sees a procession going. She nods to Trisha.

She brings Trisha home. She applies red colour to Trisha’s forehead. Trisha also applies the red kumkum colour to her forehead. Naira dances and thinks about everyone’s words. She ends the tandav and cries. She plays the shank. Lav and Kush come. The family also comes back home. Police comes. Inspector calls out Naira. Everyone turns to see. Naira holds Trisha’s hand. Kartik looks at her. Inspector says we have come to arrest Lav and Kush. Everyone is shocked. Inspector says they are charged with Trisha’s molestation and fake suicide drama to trouble family.

Kartik asks what did you do, why, its wrong to send Lav and Kush to jail. Naira stops the police. Kartik smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Verma4

    Lav is really too much. I hope Naira is bringing their change and a suit case for their journey.

  2. Why i see kuhu instead of kush in this post?

  3. Trisha is a shameless girl. She should knew she is a orphanage girl. She behaved like she is the owner of the house. Why she slapped to the Luv. For then it also a fault. And the funny part is Queen Naira suddenly remembered her as another girl who important as her own child in her life. What are rubbish ??.
    Trisha recived punishment for the what she done. She trualy deserved it. And what the mmolesting happened? The all things are fake stories she telling gain to sympathy. Shameless orphanage girl

    1. @sss Trisha is not lying ..she was indeed molested and she didn’t deserve it. Luv and kush were wrong… And kindly read the previous updates. You will clearly get to know what actually happened with her.
      And just because they are goenkas, that doesn’t mean they get a lenient punishment. They should know that they can’t get away with this. And Karthik always does wrong and later he regrets. What’s the use of getting married again when Karthik is the one who never understands and because of him only their relation breaks.
      Naira has to take a stand for Trisha. She has to send them to jail. Law is equal for everyone. Though this is just a serial, still the fight thing should be shown

    2. very funny. Then how you justify the slapping scene of trisha? Is she has right to do everything she needed???

    3. Sss… I don’t care who u are but u need to know that you have a cheap mentality
      Luv threw her phone, he was troubling her… So she lost her cool and slapped him. It’s justified. Till when will she bear them. And Trisha respects Naira a lot, so she will definitely not allow anything wrong to happen to Naira’s family
      She doesn’t have the right to do everything that she wants but she can stop something wrong happening in front of her
      And reading your comments, it looks like your supporting luv and kush…
      And Naira is not supporting Trisha without knowing anything. Get one thing right, no matter whatever happens, no guy has the right to molest a girl

    4. Why are commenting like this ,its cheap

    5. Verma4

      seriously Sss who ever you are ?? You definitely have some issues mate.Take another look at yourself.

    6. don’t be silly. This is a very funny part I ever seen on yrkkh. Naira didn’t remebered girl called trisha in so many years. Now suddenly she has realized she had a girl which equal to child in her life. Then she going support without searching what exactly happen. How funny

    7. Khyati Madaan

      Are you nutss…like have lost your mind. People with mentality like yours are a curse…
      For the first time, I am supporting Naira. She is doing the right thing by punishing luv-kush. They deserve the punishment. If it would have been someone else rather than luv-kush, the goenka family would have been hell bent on punishing the culprits. The goenka family is just a bunch of hypocrites and this Kartik is the most shameless character I have ever seen….I know Naira and Kartik will get separater after this and if they do, I just hope Naira never returns to him…never ever in her entire life and takes away Kairav from here. Even Gayu and Samarth shuld leave with Vansh as such an environment is not suitable for the growth of children

    8. then told her to act as she needed when going after her orphanage. She behaved like she is the owner of gohenka mansion.

    9. Dont be so dumb and stupid, from the first day these 2 spoilt brats wer interfering with her,which woman deserves to go thru that,and whst orphanage shit u talking about,esch individual must be treated equally cos we all are humans.

    10. then told her to act as she needed when going after her orphanage. She behaved like she is the owner of gohenka mansion.

    11. You’re the shameless one. Just ewww at your mentality.

    12. very funny. Then how you justify the slapping scene of trisha? Is she has right to do everything she needed???

  4. Comment wrote by sss isai offensive and needs to be banned from social media.

    1. Agreed! Disgusting excuse for a human being that person is.

    2. very funny. Then how you justify the slapping scene of trisha? Is she has right to do everything she needed???

    3. Verma4

      you must be a f**ken man. wanker disgusting-you can justify molesting. f**k head

    4. Sss yes Trisha has every right to slap Lav n Kush as they are misbehaving with her dignity!!! Do you understand??? If so many of us here know Trisha is right n Lav n Kush are wrong., I dun see any explanation will satisfy ur question!!!AND THE OTHER PERSON THAT NEED A BIG TIGHT SLAP IS YOU!!!

  5. What a scene is going on now a days..! However lav kush should B punished. Otherwise it will leave a very bad impact on boys of rich family like lav kush in reality. They will show no fear which will worsen the current situation. Naira, as usual is absolutely correct. And what abt Surekha yrrr….how can she support her children after commiting such a big crime

  6. Rabia Basri Khanum

    Firstly, I don’t understand the need for the family to accept all of Kuhu’s demands… they cud get her married the next day… n moreover even if it’s on same day they can always set up a second mandap… y create fuss out of everything… y is it always shown that the wrong ones always win & the good ones hv a lot to bear… it gvs a negative perception to life

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