Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Six months leap


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a leap of six months. Kartik comes to Naira and calls her out. She doesn’t answer. Everyone feels sad. Dadi says its because of you. He says you are saying as if I did it intentionally. He asks Naira to have food. Naira says I don’t want to have it. They argue. She says you just command me, I always have to listen to you, I will not drink milk, I have to go to Dadi’s haveli for mannat, I want to go out. Everyone supports Naira. Kartik says don’t make me feel like I m a villain, understand there is a risk outside. Naira says risk is everywhere, don’t be so scared, else baby will be a coward. Akhilesh says we all are with you. Kartik says you didn’t take breakfast. Naira says save me from this hitler. Kartik says no use if they say anything, the accident which happened six months back, its necessary. She says life doesn’t stop by accident. He says yes, but it changes, dad didn’t recover till now. He says I m doing this for your betterment. Everyone asks really. Kartik thinks…..

Kartik takes care of Naira and shifts to ground floor room. Naira gets irritated. He asks her to go, he will cook food for her. She dances. He hugs her and signs no. He asks her to sit and dance like this. He says I have done baby proofing in entire room. She says I came for walking. He says that’s why I removed all the cars. Kartik dries her hair and says you may catch cold. FB ends.

Naira asks him to please agree. She shouts. Kartik says fine, we will go. A bus comes and stops at the gate. Kartik asks what, bus, it means you all arranged this, Naira knew I will agree. Naira says no, I was sure. He says you all fooled me. They go. He says I love my wife and daughter, I wish they stay fine. Naira says his worry is fine, please manage. Gayu comes to help Naira. Naira says explain Kartik that pregnancy isn’t any illness, its best time. Gayu says Kartik loves you, so he is stopping you. She blesses Naira. She says I feel to live everything with you again, this trip will be memorable one. She hugs Naira.

Dadi asks Kartik what is he thinking now. Kartik says I have got an idea, I can take Naira somewhere else. He tells his plan. Dadi says how will you manage, no. He says we can do it. She says idea is good, but it will be difficult. He says we will do anything for Naira. She says yes. He says Naira shouldn’t know, I want to make her outing special. He hugs Dadi.

Kartik asks driver how many calls does he receive. The driver says many people live me. Kartik asks his experience of driving the bus. Driver says just one and a half week, I used to drive an auto, I wish I could fly it. Kartik says no, you will do what I say. Driver says I don’t agree. Kartik says I m not asking you, I m telling you. He thinks nothing can go wrong now. Naksh and Kirti take Nairato the bus. Samarth says baby is sleeping, I will be with the baby, he will cry. Gayu says Santoshi is with the baby, we will sit together, baby’s cry is good for lungs. He says no, I don’t want him to cry. Kartik pampers Naira. Everyone says aw…. Naira asks why did you call the nurse. He says anything can happen anytime, its a long journey.

She says spare me. He says you can beat me again, but sit here. She says thanks for loving me so much. Driver says I m sitting here. Kartik says you continue your call. He says see he is just on call, he has no experience of bus driving, shall I trust him, I will drive the bus. Akhilesh and Samarth ask him not to get scared. Kartik says you all don’t trust me. Naira says don’t know why I asked for the outing. He asks her to chill. They ask Kartik to drive slow. Kirti sees Naksh. Kartik says I will try my best that this trip is memorable for us. He gives a kiss to Naira. He starts the bus. They leave. He says juice time, Naira. Naira drinks the juice and signs him. Suwarna says we will have mannat for Manish, his condition didn’t improve since 3 months. Dadi says I m praying for him. Gayu says I miss Vansh. Samarth says see my son looks so cute while sleeping. Kartik says I can do anything for my baby. Naira smiles. Aisa apna naata….plays…..

Kartik surprises Naira and keeps the Godh bharai function. Everyone claps.

Update Credit to: Amena

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