Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara coming to see Naksh. She does not see his bag. Naksh tells Dadda ji that he is going to meet Naitik. Dadda ji laughs and asks him to go. Naksh leaves. Dadda ji says Naksh is happy to go office. Naksh greets Naman. Bhabhimaa and everyone talk about Naksh. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to take Naksh to Surat. Akshara says she is busy here, can’t go. Naksh says I will go school. Akshara says she will drop him. Naksh says he will go with Girja. Everyone sit to have new veg dishes. They like the dishes but few find the old good and few find the ew good. They say the food should be tasty. Dadi says eat both things, try it. Naksh asks Yash did he get ticket. Yash gives the ticket. He says I will tell Naitik to take you from station.

Yash says all the best and have chocolates in train. Naksh thanks him and leaves. The teacher sees Yash waving bye. Bhabhimaa and Akshara talk about Mohit looking worried. She says he lost his ticket for Surat. Muskaan comes and says Naksh’s books are here. Devyaani says maybe he does not need it. Akshara says he did homework too. Girja says his bag was heavy and he said teached called all books. Bau ji says what he took in bag. Akshara thinks Naksh’s words. She asks Girja did she leave Naksh inside the gate. Girja says no, outside the gate, he said he will go. Akshara says it means my doubt is right, he is going to Surat to meet Naitik.

She says he took his clothes in the bag. Everyone is shocked. Naman says lets go to station. Akshara says the train would have gone by now. She panics and says Duggu. She gets a call from Naitik and tells him about Naksh. She says he missed you a lot, I scolded him, he went from here, he is in train. He asks which train. She says Surat train, what can I do now, I m very bad, I did not take care of him. He asks her to go to station and take someone along, he will find here and talk to station master, we will talk to railway police if he boarded the train.

She asks Bau ji to come. Naman goes with them. Bhabhimaa cries. Mohit scolds Yash for this mistake. Rukmani defends Yash. Yash says I gave him the idea and gave him ticket. Mohit says you have put him in big trouble. Yash says sorry, Naksh was missing his dad so I helped him. Mohit says you should have told me. Yash cries. Karishma tells Pammi and Sethi that she is shifting and gets annoyed. She says I m not your responsibility, no one will ask anyone, I decided I will not stay here. Pammi says she won’t let her go, else she will call her mum here. Sethi says his dad will cage her at home, and she will blame us. Pammi says what can we do. He says talk to Jasmeet once.

Muskaan tries railway helplines. Devyaani asks Bhabhimaa not to cry. Bhabhimaa says where will be Naksh, he did not tell anyone. This world is very bad, it has bad people. Devyaani says don’t think anything, he will be fine. Muskaan consoles Bhabhimaa and says Naksh is brave. Akshara and Naitik are on the way. Naitik says he is talking to railway officer and we know seat and coach number, he will call me. Naman asks Mohit to come to station soon. Akshara asks Bau ji to stop the car and runs out. Naitik says hello…… She calls Duggu and Naksh stops. She cries and hugs him. She says my son. Naman tells Naitik that we got Naksh, he is fine, I will tell Akshara to call later. Naitik says ok, thank God.

Akshara asks Naksh where did he go, he did not tell anyone, everyone is worried. Naksh says what happened to me. Naman asks where you fooling us. Naksh says I missed the train, I should have gone earlier. Akshara hugs him. Karishma comes to fight with Jasmeet. She scolds her for making her leave her house. Jasmeet says she did not do anything, why is she angry. Karishma says she knows everything, so I decided I won’t be related to you now. Jasmeet says clear the things, tell me what happened. Karishma says if you feel you can break me and Naman’s relation and I will go, this won’t happen. Varsha hears them.

Jasmeet sees Rajshri and Kaki coming and asks her to keep quiet. Karishma says why, even you had an affair. Varsha makes Karishma hear they are coming. Karishma greets them and says she came to meet Jasmeet. She says she will come next time. She leaves. Varsha looks at Jasmeet. Kaki asks what happened, is there any fight. Jasmeet says no, she is moody. Varsha thinks. Naitik talks to Naksh online. Naksh says he is missing him a lot. Naitik says so sorry, I will come soon, I m trying, please promise you will not do such thing. We all love you, they got tensed as you left. Naksh says sorry.

Naksh says its mum’s mistake that she does not give me time. Naitik asks Akshara. Aksjhara says your son is always after you, I feel bad. Naksh says he loves mum, but misses Naitik too, as he got him after many years. Everyone get upset. Naitik says I love you Naksh, I will Akshara to spend time with you. Akshara says fine, when you come, he won’t need me. Naksh says he needs them equally. Everyone smile. Vipul talks to Naitik and says when a man is free, he gives time to kids, and when he gets busy, he does not give time to kids. His wife asks Naitik will he have tea. Naitik says no. Vipul asks her to bring tea. He says he will manage here, you go home for two three days. Naitik thanks him and says he can’t go soon.

Vipul and Naitik have a laugh as Vipul teaches him Gujarati. Akshara sees Naksh’s bag and sees so many clothes. Naksh says I was going to meet him, as I have many responsibilities here. Naksh says he is going to rest now. He leaves. Devyaani says its our good luck that he missed the train. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to take Naksh to Surat. Muskaan says yes, he is missing Naitik a lot. Bau ji asks her to go. Akshara agrees and says she will go. She says we will not tell Naitik and will surprise him. She asks Naman to do booking. He says fine. Varsha is tensed about Jasmeet. Rajshri tells her that Nakshw as going to Surat alone, but they got him and now going with Akshara. Varsha says ys, it will be nice. Rajshri says they are surprising Naitik. Varsha messages Akshara and smiles.

Yash comes and studies with Nandini. Rukmani scolds him and asks him to be away from Nandini. Yaash says sorry, he will be careful. Rukmani says fine, lets go and have food now. Nandini cries. Akshara talks to Naitik and says she can’t talk to him. Naksh laughs. He is happy to meet Naitik. They do the packing and smile. She says what are you doing. He says nothing, I have to go and meet clients and see the site, then I m free. She asks when. He says till 3pm, why. She says just like it, what will you do. He says I will come home. She says buy a saree for me. Naksh smiles. Naitik says you take Naksh and go somewhere. She says fine. He ends the call. Akshara and Naksh shake hands.

Precap: Naksh wants to call Naitik, but Akshara says how it will be a surprise then. They then wait for Naitik. Naksh falls asleep while waiting.

Update Credit to: Amena

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