Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik getting angry seeing his dad’s car. The car leaves. Akhilesh gets relieved. Kartik looks at him. He goes. Naitik and Akshara look on. Akhilesh says sorry, maybe Manish has seen Kartik and did not come, see fate, Kartik came on same time, I will go and meet Manish. He says sorry and leaves. All elders plan surprise for Akshara and making Baandni clothes. Baisa likes the dresses. Naira says great, I m still thinking what to gift mumma. Mishti says you get married and leave, that will be gift for Akshara. Naira runs after Mishti. Naitik and Akshara come home, and see Naira in red dupatta.

Everyone talk of Kartik and his family. Devyaani says we should know matter and wait, till everything gets fine. Naitik says we will give time to Kartik so that he tells us truth. Naitik says why so soon. Baisa says you always delay. Akshara says not this time, we will look into this matter.

Akshara stops Kartik from doing any work. Kartik says I m not your Kartik now. Akshara says fine, do it. Kartik lifts box and things fall down. Akshara says that’s why I refused, sometimes we believe whats not true, we did not mean to hurt you. Kartik gives the jewelry pieces. Naitik asks him to go and help Naira. Kartik goes. Akshara says he did not get annoyed. Naitik says maybe Akhilesh told him that he called us there. She says even then, this mistake should not happen again.

Kartik goes and sees Naira making a pot. He smiles. He scares her and she screams. He calls her coward tigress, you are playing with soil. She says no, I was making mud toys for mumma. He says fine, you do your work, I will do my work to stare at you. She asks him is he Majnu. He says yes, don’t disturb me. She says I know your look, you behave like roadside romeo. He says fine and gets annoyed. She asks are you upset. He says yes. She kisses him. He falls down and smiles. She jokes. He holds her close. She pushes him away and says its house, anyone will come. He says lets go anywhere. She says be quiet, we love each other and want everything to be fine, I m worried, when anything good happens, I m scared anyone wrong happens.

He says it won’t, when this fear knows there is someone in your heart, it will go, I won’t let anything happen, do your work and I will do my work. He looks at her and sits smiling and looking at her. He gives his heart to her. He breaks it and sits sad. Chukar gai………plays……….. She holds his hand and makes him wear a mud ring. He acts to get surprised and cry with happiness. She laughs. They make their mini models and says till we are not together, we will see this and think of each other.

He gets Kirti’s call. She asks are you annoyed. He says it depends on what you have to say. She says I will say it, are you mad. He asks why, what did I do. She says settle things with Papa. He says no way. She asks him to understand. He says I don’t want to understand. She says no one wants your relation with Naira to spoil, can’t you do this for her and her family. She tries hard to convince him. He says I can’t do this for anyone and ends call.

Naitik likes the diamonds and says Kartik got nice pieces. Akshara is lost. She says I m in strange situation, why to trouble Kartik by asking him, but its big decision and we have to be sure for Naira’s sake, even Naira would think of our steps. They have a talk about Kartik and Naira’s future.

Baisa stops Kartik and says I will just talk straight, Naitik and Akshara will feel bad hearing this, just go back to relations and see once, maybe it will be good. She goes. Naira goes to meet Manish and recalls Kartik’s words. Naira sees Manish’s cabin. She goes inside. Kartik also comes to office. The staff greets him. Receptionist asks Kartik to wait, there is someone inside. Kartik goes to the cabin and opens the door. He gets shocked seeing Naira.

He hits the door and glass breaks. He angrily leaves. Naira runs to him and stops, asking him to listen. He races the bike. She says just listen and takes the bike keys. He says move from my way. She says no, listen, trust me. He asks did you trust me, trust is mutual, I came here for your mom and dad, I was feeling guilty, I came here by keeping self respect at side, why do you want to make relation with me. She says listen to me. He says give me keys. Akhilesh looks on. Kartik leaves. Naira shouts Kartik and worries.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    It was a blend of happiness as well as sadness. Hope their fight won’t be prolonged. Anyways first kaira kiss was just Awwww….. And karthik being angry and naira convincing him was just like role reversal.Generally its the other way around. Love kaira !!

  2. Omg Naira u went at the wrong time yaar… They mud scene was awesome??…. waiting for more kaira scenes??… so directors plz don’t spoil ur happiness by making a rift between them?

  3. i dont know wat to say. would just want akshara not to leave by any cost and also please solve kaira problem soon and get them married. everyone would love to see them together finally or the serial will spoil. please consider the interest of viewers.

  4. Why is there no precap???

  5. Why did naira go to Manish goenka’s office!!!!

  6. amazing

  7. will kartik marry naira? anyone plz give me this ans plz

  8. Awesome wala episode ..omg sherniii is always ahead of karthik. ..great going girl.
    Karthik anger scenes are awesome bhw performs superbly. .waiting for tom
    hope kaira fight together all problems
    hope cvs don’t separate them post ak exit

  9. Loved kaira scenes♥First kiss was just awesome. Plz end karthik’s annoyance soon. Dont want to see them separated for long.

  10. Hello frnzzz
    There was a precap when I watched it (I go on this becaase i like the comments)
    PRECAP: Everyone sings happy birthday to Akshara and blows the candles. THe house is incredibly decorated and everyone is very happy

  11. Yes akshra is quitting this show finally…now u all are happy to see kaira bakwas love story…firstly karan Mehra quit and now akshra will quit…serial will become so bore for karan and hina khan’s fan…I am also quitting to see this boring serial….

  12. No janak…there will be a bad news akshra will have an car accident and her body will be missing…producer want twist but hina khan will not come in this serial…akshra will be changed by producer…akshra’s bday will become her death day in 18 Nov show.

  13. Do you’ll remember when gayatri died even her birthday was celebrated BYE BYE AKSHARA

  14. olease get kaira married. dont create problem for them. dont spoil the serial by putting negative characters. would hate it if you make this serial like other serials. this is a very traditional family oriented full of values serial. dont spoil it.

  15. Last night the team of ‘Yhe Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai ‘ shot an interesting sequence where in Naira that is Shivangi Joshi will be showing Akshara’s journey by donning up her looks and mannerisms. If Naayra is there than Karthik also can not be far behind. He will take the role of Naitik and give a tribute of his to be mother in law and father in law.
    Joining Naayra and Karthik will be Singhania and Maheshwari family. This would be to surprise Akshara on her birthday. Amidst the celebrations the news of Akshar’ s accident will come . This will culminate the end of
    Hina Khan’s journey in the show. Hina has already shot for the accident scene and has only one day remaining of shoot.

    The whole team is planning a farewell party for Hina Khan. As Hina will exit the show, Karthik’s family will enter. A new set has been erected which will be shown as Karthik’s house . Many known faces will be part of Karthik’s family. Prominent among them is Parul Chauhan playing Naira’s saas in the show. Parul will be once again working with her debut show Bidaai’s co-actor Rajan Sahi.

    Naira will become Akshara part two. After Akshara’s death the footloose and fancy free Naira will turn into a responsible woman. She has to keep her mother’s traditions and value alive.

    Well going by the looks Shivangi Joshi has done a great job as the new Akshara of ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’. Hope after Hina’s exit, Karthik and Niara match up to the level of Hina Khan and Karan Mehra. After all for eight long years Akshara and Naitik have kept the story going and entertained the audience.

  16. Naira can not take place of akshara..and this naira can never ever take…totally bakwas serial…

    1. I think payal every one deserves a second chance u can’t just judge them If I say I think u are dumb I can’t judge u only course u said that about naira just like that u can’t either

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