Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadi returns home

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking were you talking to your BF, when will you introduce me to him. Liza says don’t know, call got disconnected. Naira says carry on, I will book tickets. Liza says he is also going to Udaipur. Naira asks why, for business work or personal. Liza says he is going to attend a marriage at Goenka’s family, do you know any Vedika, its her marriage. Naira asks with whom. Liza says Kartik. Naira gets shocked and recalls her marriage. She cries and says he thinks I m dead, its fine he has to start his new life. Liza asks her to listen. Naira says I know you are doing this to know my past, I didn’t tell you my life’s story. Liza asks are you okay, what will I do by hurting you, you don’t know me. Naira goes and locks the door.

Liza asks her to open the door. Naira cries. Kartik says I m not ready for this marriage. Naira says he accepted that I m dead, but how can he marry someone else, he always said he can’t love anyone except me, how did he agree. She says the day I left him, when he asked that question, our relation ended, I shouldn’t care for it. Kartik says I was angry that night but love didn’t get less, if I didn’t say yes for marriage…. nothing matters more than Dadi now, I already lost Naira. Naira says I got angry and left house, I have to bear this now.

Liza says I don’t know your issues, you have to decide now, you want to stay here or move on. Akhilesh thinks I can’t tell anyone, else everyone will know about me and Liza. Surekha says I can’t even sleep in peace, I m going to kids, you don’t sleep and don’t let me sleep. She goes. He messages Liza and deletes the text. He says what shall I do to know if this news reached Naira.

Kartik says shall I call him or not, I didn’t miss anyone so much Kairav, I miss Naira a lot. Kairav calls him and says answer my call, I miss you. Kartik says I won’t answer the call. Its morning, Kairav calls out Naira. She says I m coming. He says we have to go to Udaipur to dad. She says what will I tell him. Vansh runs to Dadi and gives her flowers. Dadi smiles seeing everyone. Vansh says welcome Tai Dadi. Dadi hugs him. He says its good you have come, everyone was upset. Samarth says move aside, Dadi has to take rest. Gayu takes Vansh to her. Suwarna wards off Dadi’s bad sight. Dadi asks Kartik to stay there. She goes in and calls Kartik and Vedika together. She wards off bad sight. She says that’s why I wanted to come home soon, the reason for my living is my children, I have to get fine. Kartik asks her to get fine soon. Pandit comes and greets them. Suwarna says puja got over yesterday. Dadi says I called him to get mahurat for Kartik and Vedika’s marriage. Vedika asks Kartik to tell Dadi that he needs more time, its matter of entire life. Kartik says Dadi, I will go and check your room. He goes.

Gayu says don’t know how he agreed for marriage, I know him, he can’t think of anyone except Naira, I m advising you, think well else it could get tough to handle things. Suwarna looks on. Akhilesh says listen Kartik, don’t rush, I know its tough for you, maybe you don’t need to marry, your old relation comes back, if there was Naira and your child, it would be big support, I had seen a cute boy in Goa, I felt if you had a son, he would be like you, he was wearing specs, you like kids with specs right. Kartik says I have an urgent work and goes. Akhilesh says why couldn’t I tell him directly.

Kairav asks Naira to hurry up. Naira says when God takes our fav thing to give us better thing, he knows better than us, we should trust him. He says okay and goes. She cries and says I want you to always stay happy. She thinks of Kartik. She cries and gets her ghungroos from cupboard. Gayu comes to help Suwarna. Suwarna stops her. Gayu asks are you annoyed with me. Suwarna asks why did you tell that to Vedika, Kartik and Vedika’s marriage is fixed. Gayu says this marriage has no love, its a compromise. Suwarna says your way was wrong. Gayu says you saw it so soon, you didn’t see what’s wrong is happening with me, some people didn’t accept me completely, not even Vansh, he doesn’t know what he isn’t this family’s blood, Dadi never blessed him with love, Samarth spoke big things and got me here, his behavior got Vansh, everyone has seen it, you all ignore it, I m living life with a hope that this family will feel our need, if Vedika and Kartik get married, and have children, our hope will end, I also thought of my child, if you think its wrong then I m wrong, everyone can’t be great for you, you sacrificed Shubham for Kartik’s sake. She goes. Suwarna cries. Naira dances and thinks of Kartik. Kartik asks why did you leave me, why didn’t you slap me, no Naira, I can’t do this, I can never give your place to anyone else.

Naira says he is moving on, I should also move on, I won’t go there. Kartik hears ghungroo sound. Naira says Kartik go and make your new word.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Precap was very touching… the ghungroo sound that Kartik heard ?

    Shivangi aka Naira… was born to dance ????

  2. This show is very unrealistic u can only watch this if you have nothing else to do. Make you more dumb that you are………please give me a break you and your aka naira.

  3. Please finish this show.


    Naira is the mother of a 5 year old but acting like a 2 year old herself.

    The Goenka’s are not ready to accept Vansh becuase he is “not a Goenka” when that was a “condition” of Gayu’s marriage.

    Either show a more mature character like Akshara or shut the show down. Naira is very very irritating with her immaturity!


    Here’s a Joke singhania s always loved daughters more than sons they treat daughters like some star from heaven bcz of which they are so selfish and self centred that they only think about themselves not anyone else….one way is that annoying naira who commits mistake does annoying things yet called great by everyone….and gets all praising love….other side is gayu who wants to steal someone’s happiness just so that people give importantance to her child…..both sisters are so selfish annoying she wants to snatch kartik s happiness who always loved her son so much…. naksh is much mature understanding selfless…..
    And regarding goenkas I agree it is samrath s mistake to treat vansh like that bcz he was so desperate to marry gayu and accept the child he himself had decided to give fatherly love to the child despite dadi stopping him from accepting gayu with the baby suwarna is fine….Dadi she was against this from before she was never ready to accept someone’s child and give family name to that child I’m not justifying dadi but her mentality and thinking is same….she z always the same….
    But if samrath is acting like this with vansh and gayu….gayu only must have committed some mistake which has hurt samrath completely we all know how are singhania daughters who do mistakes and hurt someone at the end of day they become bechari as though they have suffered the most in the world

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