Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik informs the family about accident

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik crying and getting location from inspector. He runs on the road. Naira sees a temple and asks manager to stop the car. She goes to pray and saves a flickering diya. Kartik reaches and shouts for Naksh and Kirti. He asks what happened to them. He says Kirti, nothing will happen to you, how is the baby, is the baby fine. They leave in the ambulance. He says she is my sister, nothing should happen to her. He gets Manish’s call and cries. He answers. Dadi asks Manish to put phone on speaker. They all get worried hearing ambulance sound. Manish asks how are you all. Kartik says Naksh and Kirti met with an accident. They get shocked.

Akhilesh asks where is Naira. Kartik says I m going to hospital, Naira is coming home with manager, you don’t tell her anything, I will come home and explain her, Dadi pray for Naksh and Kirti, dad manage everyone at home. Kartik reaches hospital. He asks Kirti not to worry, nothing will happen to her. Dadi cries and says I told you not to send them, I was feeling so restless. Naira comes. Everyone worries for her and asks about the accident. Naira says Kartik is strange, he asked me not to tell you all and told you, I m fine, baby is also fine, I have called the doctor home. She asks why are you all worried, I m fine, what about Naksh and Kirti, haven’t they reached yet, maybe they stopped on the way, manager got me by short cut, make some sweets, we got saved by big accident. She meets Lav and Kush and hugs them. She asks why did you get fever together. Suwarna says we should control ourselves in front of Naira. Devyaani says we have to do this.

Dadi asks Naira to go and rest. Doctors treat Naksh and Kirti. Kartik cries. He gets Suwarna’s call. He asks did Naira reach home. Suwarna says yes, she is fine, we didn’t tell her anything. Kartik says I will inform you about them. Naira calls Kartik. He drops the phone. Call gets answered. He asks doctor how are Naksh and Kirti. Doctor says Naksh is fine, but Kirti has much injuries, she is in coma. Kartik gets shocked. Naira says I can’t hear anything, hello….. She asks Lav and Kush not to worry for Kartik, he will call them back soon. She says I have something interesting to say, come with me. She comes to everyone and says I have planned something, show some happiness, the occasion is Kirti’s birthday. You all don’t remember it, I have prepared the theme, its my challenge, this birthday will be very special for her.

They cry. Suwarna goes and cries. Naira tells them what things to do. Suwarna wipes her tears and asks Naira to take her medicines. Naira goes. Suwarna thinks its good I sensed her coming and wiped my tears. Manish, Akhilesh, Mohit and Anmol come to hospital and ask about Naksh and Kirti. Naksh comes and asks where is Kartik. Peon asks Naksh to return to his bed. Naksh asks where is Kirti, tell me, did anything happen to them, are they alive, or did the leave me, tell me Kartik. Kartik hugs him and takes him to show Kirti. Naira asks is Kirti alone at home. She says Devyaani and Bhabhimaa should go soon, else I will call Kirti here. Suwarna says no, let her be there, else how will we plan her birthday. Naira says sorry, you can go to her. Dadi says I also want to go to hospital. Naira asks why hospital. They say we are going to temple. Naira says I will also come to temple. Dadi says we won’t visit today, we will go some other day. She asks Bhabhimaa and Devyaani to go, she will be with Naira but think about Kirti. Naksh and everyone see Kirti and cry.

Naira asks Kartik to swear on the baby and say. Kartik says Kirti and Naksh met with an accident, Naksh is fine, but Kirti is in coma. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Well Naira acted as real air head. Couldn’t she notice that all were tensed. Very annoying. And why couldn’t Bhabhimaa and Devyaani go to hospital. Is Naira only important, they could have easily made some excuse. Yesterday also I found both Karthik and Naira very selfish. Not even one thought about Naksh and Keerthi, especially Karthik, a very selfish brother and son. Every body has to pamper his wife as if they are her slaves but he has not done anything to anyone
    And Naira the way CVs made her character she has brought only bad luck to Singhania’s especially Naksh. After her birth her parents were kicked out, when she returned back to them Akshara got killed, she was the reason for Keerthi miscarriage and now Keerthi’s accident and probably death. She better stay away from Singhania parivar. It is not to offend anyone but that is how it is appearing

    1. she is not the reason for her death. Aditya is. got it.

    2. Naira is nosy person and being with her even Keerthi became one. There was no need of them flaunting in front of Aditya that they informed Vaishali and provoke him, so she is indirectly responsible, same as the previous pregnancy

    3. Yeah.. you are absolutely right . Naira is very selfish mean and a hypocrite and immature girl who wants things to be either her way or she will start lecturing and shouting.. good for nothing she is

    4. Yeah that true wherever she is horrible things do happen to her entourage. Since her arrival 3 people died…kinda strange writers make their precious character jinxed

  2. Kirti wanted to leave the show that’s why she was killed off

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Q, in a way ur correct about Naira… don’t get me wrong ppl, I really really like her and Kartik ? but seems as tho since they got together, bad things hv been happening… one after the other…

    Writers kno audiences devour drama, n even tho the audience is against the drama, it is so grippling that they, the audience, needs to know what’s gonna happen next, so vex or not, they remain slyly, watching the serial… it’s called psychology ? … they got me back watching it too ? I wanna see Kartik’s baby, he’s annoying sometimes but so naive, n I wanna see him change poo nappies, n wake up middle of the night, the works ?

  4. Nikeita satrohan

    How more stupid can this go common sense will tell you if they had stay had the hotel nothing would have happened to anyone and why do you people focus on the elders always worrying if in real life things happen like that then everyone will be stuck up under their in laws and family and no one will be on their own to live this is so God damn stupid like really why pregnant people have to be treated with all caution there are people in the world who have to work till their babies are born and more so right in India stop dragging this idiotic thing

  5. Aditya is the reason for her death even if you don’t like Naira you can’t blame everything on her.

  6. Wow, what a acting by all, really tears rolling when its telecast, especially new Naksh love ur acting, new Naksh is really better than old two Naksh, Yeh rishta really u did fabulous to entertain us even 2800 plus episodes

  7. In yeh rishta kya kehlata hai serial new promo please don’t do anything wrong with anyone, please save both kartik naira and kaira baby and naksh keerti and keersh baby and bring keerti out of coma. And another thing that if it is kaira baby then I don’t want kartik naira should give their baby to naksh kirti, this is wrong, please don’t do this. Please save both babies kaira baby and keersh baby and even please save both naira keerti also. Please please don’t do anything wrong with anyone.

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