Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira have a clash

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira recalling a lot. Kartik consoles her and gets her water. Lav and Kush worry. Inspector says call us when Trisha is able to give statement. Police leaves. Akhilesh gets angry. Naira says Trisha would feel that I didn’t support her, I have a duty towards her, what shall I do. Kartik hugs her. Suwarna asks is Trisha fine. Kartik says yes. Manish scolds Lav and Kush. Samarth says we have seen the world, you don’t know anything. Dadi says you will get punished. Manish says you will be going to the village and manage Shubham’s NGO, you won’t get any luxuries. Kartik says you will be there for two years and don’t connect with the family. Lav and Kush beg them. Akhilesh says who wants to see your face, be thankful that Naira didn’t tell anything to police, else you would have gone to the jail. Dadi says Naira, ask Trisha not to tell anything to police. Naira asks Kartik is this right.

Kartik says yes, Kush is mentally disturbed, they are foolish, we are worried for Trisha and should be worried for Lav and Kush also. Naira goes away. Dadi says we will keep a puja of Shivratri tomorrow and pray that Lav and Kush get sense. Surekha and Akhilesh ask Naira to go and stop her from calling the police. Lav and Kush argue. They think how to get saved, lets act sad and gain sympathy, they love us, we will also show that we miss them. Kush says good idea, we will act to be sad. Kartik comes and sees them crying. Lav and Kush do the drama that they are guilty. Kartik thinks they regret their actions. He takes their phones. He goes. Kush says he took our phones. Lav asks him to stop it. Naira comes and hears them. Lav says everything will get normal in some time, don’t worry. Naira thinks they have no regrets. Negi calls Naira and asks how is Trisha, who did this, I know you will fight for her and get justice for her. She cries and makes an excuse. She ends call. Samarth asks Gayu not to think of anything and take care. She asks will Lav and Kush get punished, what about Naira, she loves Trisha and ashram kids a lot.

Samarth says I know, but Lav and Kush won’t repeat the mistake. She says Trisha didn’t get justice, I feel this isn’t right, it will get worse. Suwarna says how did Lav and Kush make a big mistake. Dadi says we have to do this right. Naira cries and says sorry Trisha, I couldn’t do anything for you. She goes to Kartik. She says we didn’t give enough punishment to Lav and Kush, they will never realize it. Kartik says they realized their mistake. Naira says no, they are just taking it right. He says we saved them from police, we are punishing them. She says you know the NGO people won’t let Lav and Kush work. They argue. He says they did wrong with Trisha. He asks shall we sent them to jail, if they get beaten up, will Trisha get justice.

She asks what’s the other way, when she asks me, what shall I say. He says you got the truth out in front of the family, you showed much courage. Naira says I didn’t tell anything to police. Kartik says you know their lives will be ruined if you hand them over to police. Naira says I just passed from their room, I heard Lav saying the punishment matters to them. Kartik says you maybe mistaken, I heard them repenting, I won’t let you call the police. He asks her to stop it, he already lost a brother and can’t lose again, tell Trisha, that they won’t go to jail until I m here. He goes. Naira cries. Naina….plays….

Kartik and Naira stay sad and think of Trisha. Its morning, Manish says we will go to temple. Samarth says we have to tell Naira to keep Trisha away from the police. Akhilesh says no. Manish says we will talk to Kartik. Lav and Kush do the work in front of Kartik.

Gayu asks where is Naira, she is not at home. Kartik asks did you check in Trisha’s room. She says she isn’t here. He says don’t tell anyone. He runs out. Trisha says I want to tell to Naira. Nurse says don’t go, I will call her. Trisha thinks did Naira tell the police about Lav and Kush. Kartik thinks why did Naira do this. He sees the police van and worries. The police goes. Naira comes and says don’t worry, I didn’t go to police, I m cheating Trisha, not family, I went to get kids clothes for Shivratri.

Lav says Kush did drama of suicide, our family won’t send us to ashram. Trisha cries. Naira comes and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Verma4

    Lav has a real criminal mind. They are faking the family and Naira will be taken wrongly by all. Kartik doesn’t believe her and she will be kicked out by the Go wanker’s.

    1. she should record the whole conversation of luv with trisha as a proof to show that luv and kush are not feeling guilty and are doing this just to evade

    2. Verma4

      The mobile nowadays are just a fashion accessory not a tool.

  2. This Kartik is soo fake . I just hate him everytime they get separated then Kartik starts loving her always . Acts like she is always right nd show her soo much love . And after marriage he just start his family this and that and starts shouting on Naira . He always lose his senses . He always protect those who r his dear ones but not one who is actually right . During Puru Mama he supported Mansi. And rut now it’s the same case then he is protecting his brothers. These Lav Kush dont hv any remorse just want to escape from the punishment. Naira shud directly call the police and let Surekha do all the drama.

  3. What about poor Kairav when Naira and Kartik serperate? I think Naira should go with Gayu, Samarth, Vansh, Trisha and Kairav because clearly it is going to effect the kids and it is not good that luv and Kush are there and everyone else gives in to their dramas!

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