Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kartik misunderstands Suwarna

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira checking diary. She does not see that page. Dadi holds the page and cries. She says sorry, I had to become part of this. Lav and Kush find food boring and talk of shifting to Naira’s house. They think whose permission to take. Lav says we will call Rajshri, she is cool. They call Rajshri. Lav says we want to shift to your house, make something yummy for us. Rajshri tells this to Devyaani and Bhabhimaa. She asks them to stay there, they will send food to their home. They like the idea and thank her. Rajshri laughs.

Devyaani says kids can be explained, not elders like our Baisa. Rajshri says she is changing, she has kept puja. Baisa and Rukmani come home talking to silently do puja. Devyaani asks how did you go to Naira’s inlaws house. Baisa says I wanted to meet them, I spoke about puja also. Devyaani says we will get ready in morning. Rajshri says I will make prasad. Baisa says no, its small puja, we will manage. Devyaani says Bhabhimaa will come along. Baisa says no need, just she can do my work, stay at home, don’t you trust me. Devyaani says we did not mean that, you take Kirti and go. They leave. Baisa says now none can stop this puja.

Kartik sees Naira sad. He says you will not do my work. Naira asks what. He does drama and smiles. She holds him and says tell me the work, else shut your mouth. He holds her and says smiling work, keeping the face glowing, I always want to see this smile, I don’t like anything when your smile goes, I get scared when I don’t hear happiness in your voice. She says sorry and smiles. He says I know you have many responsibilities and worry, even then just keep smiling always just for me. She says you are alien. He asks why. She says there is no such human on earth, who loves wife so much. He says because you are so good, if Lord made rare piece like you, he made another rare piece for you. He holds her close to kiss. Kirti comes and says oops, I m so sorry, I should have knocked and come. Naira and Kartik ask her to come. Kartik says we already had many hurdles, I will do, its fine, none stops me these days. He goes. Kirti says so sorry Naira, I always come in between your happy moment. Naira says its okay, I will also get chances to take revenge. Kirti says come downstairs, jeweler has come.

Rukmani likes jewelry. Devyaani asks Karishma to select jewelry for Naira and Kirti. Rukmani says you are spending a lot in Naksh’s marriage. Karishma says we don’t do biasing, we didn’t have mood to shop before. Baisa asks Rukmani to take whatever she wants. Karishma asks why, she is getting from Naitik’s side too. Baisa asks her to be quiet.

Kirti asks how does this look. Naira asks her to call Naksh and ask. She sends Kirti. Naira asks Kartik about a necklace. Dadi smiles. Suwarna asks Manish about necklace. Surekha asks Akhilesh. All the husbands say their choice. Dadi smiles and says if husbands have chosen the necklaces, wives can tell me. Everyone gets conscious. Kirti laughs.

Everyone shows their likes. Jeweler says your ancestral necklace got polished. Suwarna takes the necklace and smiles. Surekha says wow, its very elegant. Suwarna says think how beautiful it will look when its worn. Kartik snatches the necklace from her hands. Everyone looks on. Naira sees the necklace thread broke up. Kartik says its my mum’s necklace, you would have given it to Kirti or Naira. Manish says you are misunderstanding. Kartik says you always take Suwarna’s side. Naira says she got this polished for Kirti, none told me but I understood seeing her eyes. Dadi says Naira is right, Manish asked me before itself. Kartik gives necklace to Naira and says sorry. Naira fixes the thread. Naira asks them to give gift to Kirti by their hands. Manish and Suwarna give necklace to Kirti. Kirti cries and hugs them. Dadi and Naira smile.

Kartik sees his mum’s pic and get sad. Naira comes and hugs him. He says I m sorry, I created a scene, you say right, sometimes I do anything without thinking. She says I understand. He says I will be glad if Kirti has mum’s sign. She says even Kirtil will feel good, I was saying you… He says I won’t do this again, I can read your heart. She says I know you will never harm anyone intentionally. He says I can try. They hug. She keeps his mum’s pic.

She feeds him water. He rests in her lap. Baisa goes to Rukmani at night. Rukmani gets scared. Baisa says I m worried if we are doing right, if anyone knows, it will be big problem. Rukmani says you are doing this for good, we told them about puja, we will explain Kirti that you are doing this for her second marriage. Baisa says yes, intention is good, anyone would have done this for family happiness. Rukmani says yes, go and sleep now. Baisa goes.

Its morning, Suwarna and Naira tease Kirti. Naira asks Kirti to go in puja. Kirti says Baisa kept puja for me, I m much happy. Dadi asks Kirti are you ready. Kirti says yes. Dadi says go, do as she says, so that this puja gets completed, take this puja items, you have to take this from Maayka, mahurat will start, you won’t have any problem in your life, its imp puja for your and Naksh’s married life. Kirti goes. The puja items fall down. Dadi worries. Naira sees the badam beads. Kirti goes. Naira thinks badam necklace, its used in…..

Baisa pours Shuddikaran water over Kirti. Naira stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Kaina1

    Hello guys I hope that every1 is going great
    @fenil bro I am so happy that your health is fine may u always be at the best of your health
    @anjana keep commenting I agree to you 100% now every1 patience has evaporated regarding kaira
    @missy girl please try to comment daily I really miss reading ur comments
    @sachu plz keep commenting ur comment are my words I also want to say what you are saying but I am waiting for keesh wedding track to end after which I will brust my anger till then I will keep gathering points
    @ponkuri di I am always happy to hear from you my health is fine , variation in blood is reducing and some I will be normal though in a day I do suffer from terrible mood swings but its all part of it tell me how are you and one thing I am curious to know is that how do you watch yrkkh as it is in hindi( which I guess u don’t understand becoz u asked me once a translation)
    @raf and rahul bhaiya guys come out of your hibernation period and plz comment
    Coming to todays episode I want to ask few question
    1} If I am not wrong its naksh-keerti wedding THEN WHY NO SCENE OF NAKSH ? guys its his wedding atleast yahan toh usko credit do (plz give naksh his credit )
    2} karthik has shouted on suwarna way more badly than this during his wedding or after his wedding when he decided to leave goenka villa and at that time to he was wrong but WHAT HAPPEN IN THESE FEW MINUTES THAT HE SUDDENLY IS SORRY FOR SHOUTING AT SUWARNA ? (or is it that you want to show over-acting ki dukan childish naira great))
    3} was rukmani not present at naira wedding why the hell is she saying that shinghaniyas are not spending on naira wedding seriously cvs have you lost it naira wedding was way more lavish and extravagant than naksh there every1 went to that haveli , called baadshah , and then all those dancing .wait a minute CVS ARE YOU GUYS FORCIBLY PAINTING YOUR OPINION ON AUDIENCE? Becoz who so ever watch you show daily they can easily say that kaira wedding was way more grand then keesh as you guys went over the top with promotion and all and here people are there who are watching ur show from last 9 yrs DO YOU THINK U CAN FOOL US LIKE THAT ???
    5} sorry didn’t watch kaira scene today I AM DONE WITH KAIRA .#IAMHATINGKAIRANOW
    7} you guys can show naira-rajshri,luv kush –rajshri, karthik-rajshri, but not naksh – rajshri WHY? Have you forgotton how much rajshri was attached to chiku.

    1. Kaina1

      really guys i am feeling damn bad about baisa ,she is the only one who is worried for naksh and this pooja is for both keesh happy married life her subconsious brain is already alarmed she isnt selfish she is doing all this for naksh nup this pooja is for happy-married life for naksh-keerti atleast she is thinking right and wrong good or bad self questioning hasnt left her unlike dadi who is what i said is line on stone follow it i can never be wrong where baisa has sub-consiousness left
      baisa i am with you tomorrow i will along with everyone burst our anger on naira just wait
      10} WHY SHOW KEERTI SO WEAK ?? she is a girl who went through trauma and no one even got to know you now why becoz she didnt want to tell anyone such was her capicity to control and get over thing it was her decision to nat tell any1 and till the end no1 got to know such was her mental capicity to bear thing and stck to her decision of not telling any one now this girl cant even choose her jewelery .SERIOUSLY??????

    2. Ponkuri

      Dear Sis Kaina its great to know ur well…. Pls continue to stay positive… As for how I understand YRKKH its bcoz I read update… n in my country the subtitles r in English…

      Ya.. Is it I hve mistaken Raf is boy? ?? I keep address her as Sis?

      Ur right Sis Kaina I also worry for Baisa she is so afraid the family abt puja… N she is only one in family to care for Naksh as she sense Naksh is not happy?

  2. Fenil

    Hello Everybody.

    Episode was nice.

    Cow also utters when water throws on her but Suwarna will not utter one single word….Jai Ho Suwarna Ki….Is This Is A New Soch of Star Plus ????:(:(:(:@:@:S:Sthat too in YRKKH.

    Lav-Kush is feds up of low fat sugar free food….lol:)):)):)):))

    Baisa and Rukmani’s both scenes are good ,Night wala funny.:)

    where is Naitik and Naksh,Yash ?

    Pls give us Rajshree-Naksh-Naitik.I’m folding my hands.

    1. Ponkuri

      Bro Fenil wish ur now in good health☺?

      Yes we want more Naksh Naitik Yash Rajshree scenes??

    2. Fenil

      yes i m fine now but still weakness .

    3. Ponkuri

      I wonder whether the maker of YRKKH see our comments or not? So many r not happy with recent episodes focusing too much on Kaira instead of Keesh. Hope they make some changes n focus more on Keesh n Singhanias family interaction n Rajshree sides?☺

    4. Yes. Suvarna has very very less dialogues. I too have noticed this. But I read somewhere that she is soon going to turn negative once her son is introduced. sad. I like her.

  3. Yes yaar I also fed up.if v see tomorrow episode v will get more angry.just kaira’s shouting.

    I really don’t know why they didn’t send kaira for 3months honeymoon in was far better than this.i really don’t know if the makers don’t want to show anything related to keesh why they are showing keesh marriage with out keesh.

    There were lots of ups and downs happened in YRKKH but I never fed up,I really supported each episode .but if they continue like this sorry guys it wont get any trp..they have to concentrate on story than kaira.

    After kaira s scolding, everyone will start scolding bhaisa for sure.poor bhaisa…..her intention are not bad.

    Chikku or lalla was everything for every everyone is talking about only chikku at all………….

  4. Sachu

    Hi guys. Hope all r fine n healthy. Hi Kaina I also would love to comment more frequently here but what to do life has become much more busy these days. Its nice to read ur comments but dont take this drama onto ur nerves. Stay relaxed dear. Be happy n bubbly always.
    I happened to see today’s precap while my mother was changing channel. In that puja is performed n Keerthi sits crying knowing her shudhikaran is being done. When baisa is about to pour water on her someone comes n holds the pot, throws it away n breaks it. Seeing the hands I felt it was Naksh. If yes I ll be happy because that d bring keesh closer. If its Karthik I wont like it.
    Hey CVs if u dont get proper storyline please ask us we ll tell u what to show and that ll be far far better than what u r showing right now. No Naksh today also. Guys can u believe this ? He is the groom and makers dont find it necessary to include him even in one scene a day. No Naitik also. I had hope that Singhanias ll get more screen space now. But no Rajshree is still their representative n she is busy pampering everyone except her cheeku.
    Iam dying to see the old charm of this serial which Iam almost now certain wont return.
    Gdni8 guys hope to peep in later when Iam free.

    1. Fenil

      Agree Sachu dii.
      how is my champ ?

  5. Kaira is 2 minutes fame but naksh,(duggu..lalla,chikku) is more close to audience heart from the beginning.. his character is more loved than naira. BUT don’t know why his character is sidelined..

  6. Boring naira karthi scenes useless scenes useless naira she told karthi who loved wife so much half mental , natik love akshara so much than ur boring love scenes

  7. Exactly they have to show kaira great.. earlier I was also supporting kaira.. by now they getting irritating.. and naira Ko th banana hi great hai th they can show anything to make her great.. infact make her rude to elders or anything.. she is pathetic!

  8. Again coming to naira.. CVs don’t have brains or what? Who gets married at the age of 20/21 these days? And what about her academy? As far as I know to open a dance academy also one needs to have a minimum qualifications.. bt naira doesn’t have it so how can she be even eligible for the same? Kuch b dikhate hai CVs to show naira the great…

  9. Ponkuri

    Hi Sis Anjana Sachu Kaina ur all so right abt Kaira… I was wondering why Naira worried when she saw the beads..even if its for certain puja for second marriage so what? Whatever Baisa is doing is for the good of both Keesh..she shuld trust her family would not do harm to people only wellbeing?☺n Sachu I think the hand belong to Naksh…

    1. Ponkuri

      Bro Fenil pls rest well n take good care… Speedy recovery ok?

    2. Coz Naira has to poke her nose everywhere. She can’t leave anything to others. ☺️☺️

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