Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara and family ding Gayatri’s Shraddh at home. Naitik does the Shraddh with the help of Vipul. Akshara sees Bau ji very upset. The shraddh gets completed. Bhabhimaa asks the servants to keep food ready. Bau ji calls the employees of his office and gifts them diamond watches saying seeing your hard work, Mr Surana has sent this. Naksh asks a man the time. He says the watch is not working. Naksh asks him to wear new watch. Akshara sees him. She asks everyone to have food and then go office. Devyaani talk about Devyaani doing Gayatri’s shraddh.

Karishma comes and gives some papers to Shaurya. Anshu asks Karishma to stay back and talk to Jasmeet. Jasmeet also insists. Karishma states work and leaves. Naman says I don’t know how stones got missing. The manager says we can’t find it. We will call police. Bau ji says nom we can’t, as it will affecr our office name. The man comes and takes Naman’s sign. Naman asks why are you wearing old watch, did you not get new. The man says I will wear on special occasions. Naman says its strange, his watch is not working, I want to see that watch. Akshara says why.

Naman suspects him. Akshara asks Naman to go. Naman comes to the man and makes coffee falls on his hand. He says sorry, you remove this watch and go to washroom. The watch falls and the diamonds fall from it. Everyone is shocked. Naman picks the diamonds. The man gets tensed. Akshara says call the police manager. The man apologizes. Bau ji scolds him and says you are working with us sicne years, we trusted you and you did this. The man says I came in greed, I won’t do this again, don’t call police. He asks for one chance. Bau ji says enough, and asks Akshara and Naman to do what they want.

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Akshara says we have to teach you a lesson. The manager says yes, he should be punished to make everyone stay loyal and not cheat anyone. Akshara says call police. Mohit tells Nandini that Akshara did not tell me anything. Nandini says maybe as you will worry. He says Naitik went because of me, oif I m doing helping here, its bad. He says he will take her out. Rukmani comes and stops them. She asks her to cut come veg and help in cooking.

Naitik is shocked as Akshara tells him everything. She says I thought you will be annoyed. He says its fine now, my project is going on well, Vipul gave me good tips. Akshara says great, what does he do. He says don’t know, he always stays at home. She says maybe he does not do anything, as his wife always feels short of money, so you can hire him. He says yes, you are right. She asks did he have dinner. He says yes, I eat whatever is cooked. She says great and laughs.

Its morning, Rajshri says I knew Naksh will be sad after Naitik goes. Varsha says we can call NAksh here. Jasmeet says we will plan interesting things for him. Ananya comes home and brings imported veg. Vipul says I m ready, lets go Naitik. Naitik thanks him. Vipul says you came here to do business. Naitik talks in Gujarati and Vipul is surprised. Vipul tells his wife that he is going out with Naitik for some work. She is annoyed and thinks Naitik is taking his help for free.

Vipul says lets leave and asks him not to feel bad, as his wife is not bad by heart. Sorry again. Naitik says no, I did not feel bad. Vipul thanks him. They leave. Pammi asks Jasmeet did she know who is the guy, I will send her Delhi or tell her family, I can’t take risk as she is my responsibility. Jasmeet says don’t worry. Pammi says when I came to know about you and Anshu, I told your dad, everyone knows your inlaws, here we don’t know the guy. Jasmeet says the guy and his family are good. Pammi asks who is he, tell me. Jasmeet says Naman. Pammi is shocked.

She says they both are not talking to me. Naman tells everyone that he stopped Akshara from telling everyone. Bau ji says he caught Pankaj, Naman s very smart. Naman and Akshara gives credit to Naksh, Naksh is upset. Everyone cook the imported veg and talk in kitchen. Rajshri says she will have these vegs as she read in the English novel. Kaki teases her and they laugh. Dadi asks them to always keep mind open to learn new things. Yash and Naksh have a talk. Naksh says he is missing Naitik. Yash asks him to go by train, and he will give the train ticket of Mohit. Naksh gets excited and smiles.

Naksh says he is superboy and will go. Yash says do the packing in school bag. Akshara talks to Naitik. He tells about Shah family having financial problem. He hears them having a argument and knocks the door. He says he got discount by his name and he got much profit, so he should share it too. He says take this share and I have offer, you start working with me officially, I want a experienced and local man like you. Vipul and his family are happy. Vipul agrees. Naitik gives him money. He smiles seeing them happy and does not make them feel that he heard them.

Pammi and Sethi asks Karishma to go back to Delhi, as its about Jasmeet’s inlaws. Karishma says this Jasmeet is so selfish, she is my friend and she told aunty uncle, this is just too much. Naksh and Yash have a talk and Naksh packs the bag. Akshara comes and Naksh tells her that he will complain to Naitik about her. She says fine, you can complain. She thinks he is much annoyed, I will keep his surprise ready.

Everyone find Naksh at home. Muskaan says his books are here. Akshara says my doubt is right, Naksh went to Surat. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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