Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Goenkas visit the Birlas

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjiri and Akshu serving the tea to everyone. Mahima says its good that Manjiri will get a company and also help in the house. Anand asks what’s the plan today. Mahima says we will go for work, but Akshu, Manjiri and Parth will be at home. Manjiri says I thought to do the rasams today, if we invite Akshu’s family then… Harsh asks since when did you start thinking, we are already physically tired, if the rasams go on then we will get mentally tired, we can’t waste time. Mahima asks Manjiri to not keep rasams. Anand says its okay, I will set the meeting at home. He asks Manjiri to do arrangements for the rasams. Manjiri sits to eat food. Harsh asks for sugar free and sends her. Abhi comes and breaks a plate in anger. Akshu gets shocked seeing him. Manjiri gets the sugar free. Harsh leaves. She asks him to have breakfast. He scolds her. Abhi argues with Harsh. Akshu gets shocked. Harsh says he is talking like this, his wife will talk like this tomorrow. Abhi says don’t involve Akshu in this. Harsh says you just do aarti of your wife and mom, and hang your dad. Abhi says you will get the treatment as you treat others, some people don’t have basic manners like I have. Harsh asks how dare you. Abhi says I have learnt this from you. Anand asks them to stop it and get back to work. Shefali asks Akshu not to leave her breakfast, this happens daily, it will look weird in the beginning, but later she will get habitual. Manjiri cries.

She says I will send your breakfast in the room. Akshu asks what’s all this. Manjiri says everything will get fine. She goes. Vansh says you said we will meet after pagphere, but they invited us. Manish says Manjiri invited us. Dadi asks them to do arrangements. Suwarna says they will be doing the rasams today, they want to give double happiness to Akshu. Dadi says Manjiri is really nice. Manish says others are like aliens, do they do strange things deliberately or is it a manufacturing defect. Suwarna says we have to respect them. Manish says yes, we shall go there happy and come back smiling. Aarohi comes and says I m free today after the long night shift, I will also come. Akshu thinks of Abhi and Harsh’s argument. Abhi comes and dances.. Ek mai aur ek tu hai….

He asks what’s this, smile now, I m trying to distract you, leave all this, tell me, did you see my dance, how was it. She says I have seen your anger first and its not going off the mind. He says really sorry, wrong is happening with you, you know my equation with Arjun, so welcome to reality, you just do what you find right. She asks why do you talk to him like this. He says you will understand it. She says you need to understand. He says I have seen him since childhood, we will concentrate on keeping the relations well.

She says you have made me already mad by your talks. Abhi asks just talks, nothing else. Neil comes in and says sorry. Abhi asks him to knock and come. Neil asks him to lock the door. He says I came to talk to Akshu, Abhi will be here but he will be in OT mentally, we will set some rules, she will rule here. Abhi argues. Akshu jokes on him and laughs. Abhi asks Neil to leave, they have to get ready for the rasam. Akshu says my family is getting ready, go. Abhi says we will get ready together. Akshu signs him and asks him to go and help Manjiri. She makes them out and shuts the door. Neil says you made me out, and Bhabhi made you out, I m her Devar now. Abhi runs after her.

Abhi waits for Akshu. akshu gets ready and comes. Jaaniye…plays…. He looks at her and smiles. He signs that he is stunned by her beauty. She smiles. Akshu runs to the door and hugs Dadi. Abhi sees Goenkas and goes to greet them. Yeh Rishta….plays… Everyone hugs Akshu. Anand asks Akshu not to cry so much that her family thinks they troubled the new bride so much. Akshu says no, I couldn’t control myself seeing them. Kairav signs her to ask is everything fine. She nods. Manjiri thanks them for coming on a short notice. Harsh says hats off, how do you find so much time when you are also businessmen. Manish says its our priority. Abhi looks at Harsh. Manjiri asks them to please come. Abhi says its too hot, is AC temp okay or shall I lower it. Vansh jokes. Manjiri treats them well. Akshu thanks her. Manjiri says they are not just your Maayka people but my Samdhis also, keep smiling. Akshu asks her to sit. She goes to get the juice. Harsh says Abhi worships all of them, he is just against me. Anand asks him to not burn so much, Abhi’s mood is bad, if we didn’t get involved in rasams, then he would have felt more bad. Manish talks to Anand. Anand is on call. He doesn’t hear Manish. Abhi looks on.

Harsh says we have to tell him that music therapy dept is getting shut in Birla hospital. Abhi argues and says I won’t let Akshu’s dreams break. Akshu sees them fighting and says my decision is….

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Wht’s tht with abhimanyu yrr,m not liking his character at all…the only quality in him is he is a top surgeon…all he knows to do only is either love akshu or yell at others…I don’t see anything else in his character…I would never want a husband like him,I mean yeah ofcourse every girl wants a guy who loves her the much abhi does but the way he does is like psycho,in reality if someone would’ve really like this then the people appreciating and adoring his love would be laughing on him.and this akshu she has just two qualities-1st her voice nd 2nd her beauty…no aim no goal at all…they both are irritating as hell…

    1. I will love having a husband like him. Infact, Abhimanyu Birla only.🤭
      And people have a habit of laughing at every good thing. All the greats have always been laughed at. Don’t pay attention to them.🤷‍♀️

    2. Then I wish u get a husband exactly like abhi…then only u would be able to understand the toxicity…well m not saying it in bad way but just take it normally…but if u don’t mind can I ask ur age,not asking to make fun of u…m asking bcoz my sister is also crazy for abhi so want to know if u both belong to the same age group

    3. Thanks for the wish. And abhi is not toxic.
      It’s 21.

    4. Abhi is not toxic but sometimes his behavior is.nd yess you are in that gully gully age where we expact this kind of love only.I too had that phase but u’ll slowly understand things

  2. Abhimanyu’s behaviour towards Harsh is totally justified but I felt whenever Harsh starts to see Akshara’s goodness, something happens between him and Abhimanyu which makes him against Akshara again. I many times saw the genuine smile of Harsh for Akshara.
    I loved Harsh’s taunt he gave to Manish today😂.
    Goenkas were introduced 7 years ago but I saw them in office only 7 times that too only for 7 minutes.
    I don’t understand why Manish was upset seeing Anand in meeting. They joined the meeting from home so that they can attend both rituals and meeting. I don’t think there is any wrong in that. Atleast Birlas didn’t leave the rituals for the meeting.

    1. What a stupid episode. The fight scene was top notch, at least some acting prowess was shown, especially by that Abhi who is usually so insufferable. But as usual, they had to ruin everything with that stupid dance scene. After such a tense encounter, they ruined it so blatantly, almost as if they are deliberately trying not to be taken seriously 😐 I actually felt bad for Akshu today. They way she ran and hugged her family, you could tell she almost wished she never married into such a cold and unfeeling family with a husband who constantly has a dark cloud following him everywhere.
      Instead of all these daily fights between father and son,Birla family should get a maid and release manjiri so she can live with her precious son and bahu elsewhere. Harsh obviously has no affection towards her, that tau ji and tayi ji are no better, Abhi hates his father’s guts and his father feels thesame disdain towards him as a son, he only brags about him when it has to do with his career achievements and hates the house he lives in…so they should just break up the family and live happily ever after separately. ✌

    2. @Vaijyanthi
      Sometimes, even I am surprised that why Abhimanyu doesn’t argue with Anad-Mahima as they too don’t respect Manjiri and they don’t even stop Harsh from disrespecting Manjiri. Being elders of the house, they should teach Harsh to behave with his wife but they never did so which clearly indicates that even they don’t care about Manjiri. But Abhimanyu always barks at his father and worships his tauji

    3. [email protected] He only does it to get a rise out of his dad and make him feel excluded. Because if it was truly about respecting Manju then he would have been checking everyone not just his dad

  3. Very true, I am watching bepanah and humsafars, harshad looks truely gentlemen in humsafars and witty and hotty in bepannah, in this serial the makers have not given him a good role, behaving like stupid, after marriage both abhi and akshu are not looking good always dull, very irritating

    1. @Shubha Iyer
      None can match with Harshad as Aditya Hooda (Bepanaah) and Sahir (Humsafars). Not even Harshad himself as Prem Singh Juneja or Anurag. He slayed in both the roles. I started watching 3rd generation only for Harshad but I’m highly disappointed with makers for making his character soo irritating.
      His character initially was good but after his and Aarohi’s marriage broke his character became highly disappointing.

    2. @Shubha Iyer
      No doubt, others were good but this character is also good.
      Infact, Abhimanyu as a character can have an amazing character graph.
      People who always complain of him shouting & breaking things do so because they often ignore his past.

      Like Akshu’s psychological trauma manifests into Panic Attacks when overwhelmed, Abhi’s psychological trauma manifests into anger & urge to break things as he feels loss of control. He doesn’t do it to put across his point or overpower others. It’s his coping mechanism.
      And, the urge to shout comes from feeling that you & your individuality are being ignored, your loved ones are hurt & you aren’t able to stop it. And it has been the case with him since childhood.
      Abhi feels caged & hence the uncontrollable urge to shout & break everything around him to get the remblance of control back in his hands.

      Apart from it, he has a heart as clean as a child. I love it so much about him. No fakeness, no pretense,whatever he is, it’s always on the face. His love too is as innocent. Just like a child, he cares for those he loves and don’t know about others.
      He has many dimensions to his character which can be explored in the future.

      Coming to them looking dull, it’s because they are being shown tired especially Abhimanyu. That’s why he has that dullness on his face. Though I agree, sometimes the camera work is poor in the show.

    3. Abhi ke harsh ke liye ayse behaviour se problem nhii h but the problem is tht this is the only thing shown of him

    4. @Mahi
      It’s been just 6 months. They will surely show more things. And his relationship with his mother, patients and brother is also highlighted.

    5. @anjali,
      Please stop justifying abhis behaviour. It’s violent, uncivilised, and toxic. He sure may be a good person, he sure might have had a hard time with his dad, but if every wrong thing would have been set right by justifying people’s coping mechanism, the world would have been a zoo with everyone shouting. Tomorrow someone who’s had a traumatic past may cope up with it by hitting people, you’ll say that’s also right?
      There is a way to heal from things, it can be done in a more peaceful and civilised way. Everyday shouting in birla family might seem oh so romantic for you because it’s abhi shouting. But it’s toxic. I don’t want to hurt you, but what abhi is doing is obsession and zero respect for anyone. He really needs a psychiatrist ot control his anger issues. And he also need to to know that shouting at his dad won’t make him feel any better, it will affect him only more and make him all the more depressed.

    6. @Bhavana
      Firstly, Abhimanyu just shouts when it comes to his dad. He is very polite to his patients, his siblings, his bhabhi and all other elders at his house. Have you ever seen how good he is with his patients? Please see before labeling him as toxic. People has this habit of labeling anyone who doesn’t take a shit from others as toxic. He should obviously silently ignore everything seeing his dad insulting his mother and wife, but then he would be termed as spineless and what not!
      Yes, he has a better way to deal with it, that is to leave the house. But his mother doesn’t agree to it and he can’t keep quiet seeing his mother/brother getting insulted.
      And Abhi respect everyone who give respect to others. I don’t know what show you are watching where you are seeing that he has 0 respect for anyone.
      Even today, he didn’t force his hate for his father on Akshu or asked her to stay out of it, he just asked her to observe and decide whatever she feels right. But people so easily ignore such gestures.

      I agree to your last point that Abhi needs Anger Management therapy to come out of his Childhood issues. I really hope makers show it.
      Also, the day he hits/harms innocent people because of his own issues,I will never justify him. He will be entitled to punishment for whatever he will do and I will be the first one to support it.

    7. Abhimanyu’s anger towards his father is totally justified but I still feel he can show his anger in much civilized way instead of breaking things, yelling and shouting. Even that didn’t make his character disappointing but the day he ditched Aarohi on wedding mandap, character Abhimanyu lost respect in my eyes. However Aarohi might me but ditching a girl on wedding altar and then eloping with his brides own sister is very insulting and unjustified mistake. During Mehndi of Abhimanyu and Aarohi, just to show Akshara that he is happy he danced with Aarohi. Even that is wrong when he already cleared to Aarohi beforehand that she shouldn’t expect any feelings from him. After that also, he for once didn’t feel the need to properly apologize to Aarohi as she is vamp according to him but he is no saint. On top of that he kept insulting her repeatedly. His anger towards Aarohi in Manjiri’s accident case was totally justified but his insults before accident and taunts after “sparing” her infront of families were unnecessary. Especially taunts during Haldi and Gathbandhan. I still can’t get why does he feel jealous with Akshara-Aarohi’s bond as any ideal partner will try to sort out the matter between sisters than complicating the situation.
      Anyways this is just my POV towards character Abhimanyu. I didn’t mean to insult actor or hurt sentiments of any viewers and commenters.

    8. @Siya
      So, what would did you expect, he should have married the girl who lied to get him and let her be successful in her plan? She clearly lied that Akshara has left to Abhimanyu and Abhimanyu has left to Akshara on that fire incident. And then, emotionally blackmailed Akshu to lie to Abhimanyu too when he called to confirm. And this literally shaken Abhimanyu’s belief that Akshara loves him& created a fake identity of Arohi being savior infront of everyone.
      Till the time he hasn’t seen that photo, he was going to wear Sherwani while Neil constantly asked him to run away.

      Abhimanyu has suffered/cried everyday because of Arohi. She lied and stopped Akshara too from confessing. She messed his lovestory when he has never even hinted her anything. What about that?
      Even in Tilak 1, she didn’t speak the truth that Abhimanyu has asked her to delete the messages when everyone was questioning his character. He was character assassinated but still he thought of her dignity and didn’t tell the truth. But since he is a boy being questioned, everybody ignored it so easily.

      I agree with the fact that he shouldn’t have run away, instead should have confronted her in front of family and then break off the marriage. But he feared Akshu might again gets influenced by her family’s conditioning(that doesn’t justify his mistake).

      But in no way, he should have done the marriage. Arohi herself knew that the Day Abhi will know truth, he will break marriage. That’s why she tried to destroy that photo. But Destiny played bigger game with her and it came out on wedding day which was really bad. But, she herself was responsible, not anybody else.

      Yes, he was rude with many a times because he can’t forgive people easily. If he would have done that, he would have gained much more respect maybe. But him not doing doesn’t make it wrong either. As I said, he is not portrayed as a Mahaan ML. He is not entitled to behave good with someone who almost destroyed his love life intentionally.

      Still, I wish his character becomes more forgiving in the coming days. There are many things his character has to learn.

    9. And yeah, people can have different point of views so it’s okay if you don’t connect with him.😊
      Though, I feel people easily ignore MLs side of trauma and sufferings. And his every step is questioned. Maybe because in reality, women suffer more. Even in shows too, girls POV are shown more as target audience is mainly female.

    10. I am very well seeing this serial only. Everyday I hope something is sweet and nice. But no, this is becoming like a saas bahu serial.
      And according to you, it’s okay that he’s so violent to people who have wronged him? He can punish anyone he thinks is at fault? I don’t like Harsh, but we also don’t know his video point. I have deep anger for Harsh for treating his wife like a doormat. He’s absolutely wrong. But yelling at him, shouting, throwing things, that’s not the way to go about. You are justifying abhis actions as if he’s a small kid who is harassed by his parents fights. He’s a doctor, he’s a minimum 30 years old, he should know better. When has he even tried to have one decent conversation with his father and tried to know what is the problem?
      I don’t like Harsh, but I’m again saying, there are two times when I felt very bad for him. Once when Abhi said he wasn’t invited to his wedding and Harsh got drunk and created a scene on road cause he felt so bad. And two the time when he was supposed to tie abhis sehra and abhi went on like my mother will do it for me.
      I totally agree with his anger for his dad and the way he treats his mom. But abhi should be a better person. He definitely has the potential to and seeing him being engulfed in anger and bitterness will have a bad effect on his and aksharas life and his life with his kids also.

    11. @Bhavana
      He has never punished anyone. He speaks to Harsh only when he misbehaves with his loved ones, otherwise he don’t even care.
      And everyone won’t understand how people with dysfunctional families suffer everyday. Where from outside, everything seems so normal and people expect you to be normal but only you know the reality. At a time when parents teach their children good things, play with them, all you get is them shouting and fighting. How such fights everyday affects a children’s mind. But I have observed it closely, so I can connect with it.

      And coming to Abhi denying him father’s rights, what signal would it have given? Ki aap chahe kuch bhi bkwaas kro, end m aapko hr vo right milega jo ek father ko milta h? Mtlb vo sbko bura de, and usko sb acha acha mile!
      Harsh clearly knows Abhi hates him because of his behavior towards Manjari, has he ever tried to improve it? But then, claims he loves his son🤦‍♀️

      Just because Harsh n drunk krliya, Arohi n meds le li, Isla mtlb ye nhi ki sirf unko dukh h. If others don’t show often, that doesn’t mean they have not suffered.

      And it’s so strange. People can sympathize with Arohi and Harsh who have really abused Akshu and Manjari at some point of time. They can explain them with their backstories and what not when they have clearly hurted innocent people.
      But Abhimanyu is bashed for hurting even people who have done bad to his loved ones.👏🤐

    12. @Anjali
      I never said he should have married Aarohi. Had he thought wisely he would have understood that he must expose Aarohi infront of families and then break wedding. Just because he is scared to loose Akshara doesn’t mean he runs away from marriage and then keep on insulting the girl whom he left on wedding altar. However Aarohi is, she atleast deserves a proper closure after being abandoned on wedding altar. I agree Aarohi was at fault sometimes and did many foolish blunders but the way she was insulted and taunted by Abhimanyu repeatedly is also not correct.
      And I already said that it was my POV regarding Abhimanyu’s character. Neither I forced my opinion on someone nor someone can change my opinion regarding that character. That’s why I didn’t tag anyone’s name and just wrote my POV.

    13. All the three characters- Akshara, Aarohi and Abhimanyu have their own set of flaws but I’m little upset about the fact that makers completely whitewashed Abhimanyu and Akshara’s faults and magnified Aarohi’s faults.

    14. @Siya
      Only Abhi & Akshu did mistakes. What Arohi did was intentionally, and intentional things are not considered as mistakes. Like her dropping Alta was a mistake.

      I don’t think they whitewashed them. Infact both had to bear the brunt of Badepapa. And even Arohi has been whitewashed. She said that she forgive Akshu for everything when it was her who blamed her for years. She has not even once apologized to Akshu for her years of Abuse. I don’t even understand what they are doing with her character. Apart from Abhi and somewhat Manish, no one has questioned her much when she did everything intentionally. During Tilak, she was shown with an aim to create hurdles in it. But then, they made a 360° turn without even justifying how it happened. 🤷‍♀️

    15. @Anjali
      Akshara in her full consciousness decided to SACRIFICE her love for her sister even when she knows that Abhimanyu loved her madly and I don’t think this is not intentional. She can sacrifice her personal things for her sister but Abhimanyu’s love and feelings is not her personal thing that she chose to sacrifice only to flip on the day of wedding. She did everything and hurt Abhimanyu to the core to keep her sister happy only to make her sad on her most important day. She knew from beginning that ABhimanyu and Aarohi won’t be happy with each other but still kept quiet in her full CONSCIOUSNESS.
      And you said that Abhimanyu is bashed for being rude to the people who hurt his loved ones. That is because he himself is not a saint but behaves like one in the show whereas Akshara always accepted her mistake. That is the reason many are disliking Abhimanyu but not Akshara. Akshara has the guts to accept her mistake and apologise but Abhimanyu acts as if he is the most pious person on the planet which he is not. And I don’t think anyone is sympathizing with Harsh. Atleast not me. He don’t deserve any sympathy.
      Coming to Aarohi, she knew where she was wrong and though she didn’t apologize and accept her mistake openly, she tried and is still trying her best to reform herself and be a better person. And as you said I really want to see Aarohi accepting her mistake of blaming Akshara for Sirat’s death and both the sisters bond strengthening which leaves no room for anger and misunderstandings.
      I just tried to answer your dilemma of why Abhimanyu is being bashed in a polite way. My hearty apologies to you if I hurt your sentiments. 😊
      And as we both agreed everyone will have their own POVs and opinions regarding characters and I hope to have a healthy conversation in future also just like we are having now without any personal comments and abusing words. 😃

    16. @Siya
      Akshu didn’t sacrifice, she was forced to sacrifice by Arohi by emotional blackmailing in Hospital. And she ditched her on Wedding day because she realized Arohi doesn’t love Abhimanyu really & wants him just for her being more successful.

      Coming to apology, even Arohi owed an apology from Abhimanyu for lying to him and creating a false identity of herself to get the proposal. Inact, she so proudly accepted it in Mandir as if it was a good thing. Atleast, Abhi has apologized in Mandir saying no girl deserves being left on her wedding day.
      She owed apology from Manjiri too but none of the sisters apologized. Arohi owed apology to Akshu & Kairav for spoiling their Valentine when Akshu trusted her as a sister. But she didn’t even register it.
      And apart from Arohi, Abhimanyu didn’t owe apology to anyone as far as I remember.

      So, all 3 of them haven’t apologized for some of their mistakes. But since Abhi is ML, only his are noticed.

      And yeah, It’s good to have healthy discussions and I hope it remains this way.🌸

      [ PS, I know Arohi asked for apology during wedding Rasam, and Abhi forgave her too. After that, Abhi hasn’t shouted at her. Even during Joota churai, he was speaking normally & participating in rasam and at Hospital too, he was normal. During gathbandhan too, he allowed her to do and said to tie her strongly only when she faltered doing it 2-3 times)

  4. That’s true sometimes I think if both Arohi and Harshad could have married that family would have been had some peace of mind anyway Arohi is clever she could have given back to back answers to mahima,and her family mouth shut,akshara doesn’t have any boldness like old akshara,that lady was damn cute and sweet

    1. Arohi and Abhi*.
      And if the marriage would have happened, it would have just added 1 more name in the list of busy Professionals in the house.
      Akshara is right one for the family. Abhimanyu has already been answering them, but it hasn’t helped much. So, Akshara’s way of dealing will better suit the family.
      And Arohi in her intention to answer back Mahima, got stuck in that MD scam.🤦‍♀️ So, she isn’t that intelligent either.
      Akshara is the best character in the show when it comes to understanding situations. She is slow, delicate but still often has right ways to deal.

  5. So guys tell me what will our Akhu (Akshara) says
    onething for sure Harsh never loved her wife maybe his father married both his sons to some rich family daughters mahima and majiri .
    I don’t like Harsh atttude to his wife she is her partner not maid how he can behave like this to her and how manjiri taunted all this years in that family and i had doubt there is no nani ,dadi our some old day in Birla’s house as that character is much important in like this joint families 😉 😉

    I think Manjiri want to leave house with her sons (Abhi,neel) and akshu…………..
    then that family will set right mainly harsh and mahima …………………..As mahima to doesn’t even care for her sister ………………………..we all think that Aarohi is bad sister but guys she is far better than Mahima where mahima is so much cunning …………………………

    Now what will story will be daily abhi will say akshu akshu akshu and harsh-abhi jagada………………..
    thats it no forward story shaadi hogaye what is new current track

    1. @Rishi
      I agree with you that Manjiri should stand up for herself and also Aarohi is far far better than Mahima.
      Aarohi never faked her feelings and emotions. She always shows what is in her heart unlike Mahima.

  6. @siya
    Yeah siya and the trouble and drama all started by mahima as she could tell that abhi-aarohi are in love in first so their would be no problem at all
    i;m waiting for Neel -AArohi story

    1. @Rishi
      You mean *Abhimanyu-Akshara are in love. Yeah! Mahima in struggle to secure her place disturbed lives of 3 individuals- Akshara, Aarohi and Abhimanyu and she ven ruined her own sisters life by getting her married to her mannerless devar.
      I’m waiting for Neil-Aarohi story since the beginning. I sometimes wished makers could have made Akshara-Abhimanyu and Aarohi-Neil as couple from start only instead of this stupid forced love triangle track. The show would be much better with cute romance of one couple and nok-jhok of other.

  7. @siya
    Yep sorry yeah abhi and akshu are in love yeah me too waiting for Aarohi-neel love story

  8. We can’t really judge Abhimanyu and akshara as they both are stressed out and in a tight position. I feel bad for arohi she is getting accused for everything why can everyone see akshara’s pain but not arohi’s? @Siya u are right arohi is way better than mahima as mahima is selfish she wanted akshara as the daughter in law bc she thinks akshara won’t be above or at her stage when arohi can.

  9. Abhimanyu’s anger is justified with his dad but instead of throwing things at least talk to him nicely for once but no he has to shout scream etc

  10. Anand’s character isn’t that bad he respects Manjari and akshara and the rituals their decision etc and he is also sensible and calm. I feel bad for Manjari she has to suffer through a lot between her son and her husband, harsh shouldn’t shout at Manjari I don’t get what’s the problem with her she does everything she respects and listens to everybody but no one has any respect for her. I think abhimanyu should also not fight with his father bc poor manjari gets more stressed but Abhimanyu doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings he says things what comes to his mind. Poor Akshara since the first day of marriage she had been feeling lonely and upset and confused but I am telling u one day bc of Abhimanyu’s anger it will effect everyones relationship so bad it is starting already.I am glad that arohi is focusing on her career and nothing else and moved on which is a sensible decision for herself.

  11. Everyone has their own POV of Abhi! He is just a human! He has his own ways of venting his anger towards Harsh, who as a son does not wanna respect his father as much as he does his mother!! Of coz there are reasons we are unaware of! But those that we r aware of is the way he disrespect n treated his wife! Even I feel like slapping him!! As s son he too wanna see his family happy n in perfect harmony but frm wat we see it’s almost impossible frm the way Harsh has been behaving even to Neil!

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