Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Manish and Kartik’s argument

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik asking the coach about Kairav. Coach says he is in changing room. Kartik says actually, he opted for this sport by mistake. The man says he said he is interested in boxing. Kartik says this sport has much risk, no one should opt for it. He argues. Coach says sorry to say, you are a strange dad. Kartik shouts on him. Kairav says Papa… Suwarna says I have made this sweater for Vatsal, try this on him. Gayu says Naira got this wool for Vatsal, I couldn’t say sorry to her. She cries and goes. Akhilesh says everyone is trying to hide the sorrow. Kirti comes and says since Naira left, Naksh isn’t looking after business, he just talks of Naira and mum, just Kartik has handled himself for the sake of kids. Manish says no, he is pretending, why can’t he meet anyone’s eyes if he accepted the truth, he knows that we can see his pain, I couldn’t give him any peace or support him. Akhilesh asks what can we do. Surekha asks shall I say something, Kartik’s second marriage. They look at her.

Manish gets a call. He says its time to give the answer of your question, what can we do. Kartik gets Kairav and says you may get hurt in boxing. Manish asks Kairav to go to his room. Kartik says I will also go and do the aid to your wound. Manish says there is no wound. Kartik says he is really hurt. Manish says I will take him to the doctor if needed, I got a call from school that you punched the coach. Kartik recalls the coach asking Kairav to tell his dad that one shouldn’t be scared, kids don’t progress because of parents like him. Kartik punches him. FB ends. Kartik says Kairav may get hurt, he won’t do boxing. Manish says he may get hurt in any sports, you are scared that he will be hurt, you need to change, you keep Kairav busy all the time, how long will this go on, Kairav will ask you to give him some time, he wants to be alone, teach him to deal with difficulties, not run away. Kartik says we are dealing with it, I decided to put Kairav in a music class. Manish says you are doing this to make him away from Naira’s memories, which course shall we make you do to make you understand your emotions, you aren’t fine. Kartik says I m fine and accepted the truth. Suwarna asks why didn’t you go to meet Bhabhimaa, Devyaani and Naksh. Kartik says I don’t have time, I have to take juice for Kairav. Kirti says I will take it, you talk to dad. Kartik says he is my son. Manish says you are my son, what shall I do to get my son back, I also want to be a good dad, go and meet Dadi in ashram, play with your brothers, have a cup of tea with your dad. He hugs Kartik and cries.

Akhilesh says don’t lose yourself in sorrow, you are becoming Naira for the kids, you are also imp. Manish says you fought with the coach for Kairav, whom shall I fight for the sake of my son. Kartik says I m fine, no need to fight, my life is just for my kids, there is no place for anyone, not even for myself. He goes. Suwarna says Kartik has befriended his sorrow. Manish says its our duty to make him fine, I will not sit quiet until I give your son and Kairav his dad back, he may hate me, but he has to live again. Kairav looks on. Suwarna asks how will this happen. Manish says I will find some way. Akhilesh asks what will you do. Manish says I will make him away from kids and their responsibilities for some days. Kirti asks how. Manish says I know kids are an imp part of his life, but there should be something else as well. Suwarna asks how can you snatch his life’s motive. Manish says I want to give him another motive. They all say its wrong, this can’t happen. Manish shouts enough, it will happen as I said, his life can’t be normal at this time, maybe he starts thinking of himself if Kairav isn’t in front of him.

Kairav comes to Kartik and sees him murmuring in sleep. He recalls Manish’s words. Vansh comes. Kairav hugs him. He says I miss mumma, Papa also misses her, he will be lonely when I go, I have to leave him and go. Vansh asks where are you going. Its morning, Akhilesh and Surekha ask Manish to talk to Kairav once, and not let him go. Suwarna asks why are you doing injustice with Kairav. Manish says I m doing this for Kairav also, Kairav can’t live a normal life because of Kartik’s over protectiveness, I will tell him that we all went for boarding. Kairav and Vansh come to them. Kairav says wow, I will also go for boarding. He thinks I don’t want to go, but Manish thinks… Lav asks do you know about it. Kairav says I know a bit, I want to go there, you can tell me about it. Manish says I thought you will not like to go to hostel. Kairav says I love you, I know you will miss me. He says I heard that I have to do everything on time there. Suwarna hugs him. Kartik comes and asks who is going to boarding school. He asks Kairav did he get this idea, he won’t go anywhere. He stops Kairav from saying anything. He asks who got this brochure, who got this idea. He tears the brochure. He says Kairav won’t go away from me, he will never go away, he is my responsibility, I have rights on him. Manish asks don’t we have a right on him.

Kartik says you can give just suggestion, its my wish to decide, I m his dad, he is my son. Manish says I m your dad. Kartik says you had sent me to boarding, I didn’t say anything. Manish says I m trying to save a little plant from the tree’s shadow. Kartik says no, you are pulling the plant from the soil and removing the roots, what if the plant gets burnt by the extra sunlight. Manish says send him for some days and see. Kartik argues. Manish asks don’t you trust me. Kartik says no. Kairav stops Kartik and says don’t fight, I really want to go. Kartik says you are lying, right. Kairav says I didn’t talk to anyone, I want to go myself, kids in boarding won’t have their mum and dad, everyone will be same, let me go, please. He thinks like you are tensed for me, Manish is tensed for you, your life will never get normal if I don’t go. Kartik hugs Kairav and thinks I can leave this house, but I won’t let you get away from me.

Kartik and Kairav leave from the house. They are on the way. Kirti asks Manish why didn’t you stop Kartik. Kartik thinks I won’t let Kairav get away from me.

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    Kartik is not wrong. But how he behaved with Manish was kind of mean. Now Naira’s punar janam.😂

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