Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Naksh and Kirti meet with an accident

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik driving ahead of the truck and getting saved. He holds Naira. Aditya gets drinking and driving. He thinks of whatever happened. Naksh asks Kirti not to worry. He says we should be glad that this time Aditya didn’t harm us. She says thank God for that, I wish we won’t face him. He asks her to smile. He says if mumma is tense, baby gets tensed too. A biker comes in front. Naksh gets worried and asks Kirti is she fine. Aditya follows the two cars. Lav and Kush take Kartik and Naira’s names in sleep. Everyone worries. Devyaani says we heard of kids and came to see them. It gets windy. Things start falling down. Vases break. Glasses shatter. Dadi gets worried. Everyone looks on tensed. Manish asks servants to shut the doors and windows. Kirti says Naksh, that car….. Kartik and Naksh get worried seeing the speeding car coming their way. Aditya drives ahead. Kartik and Naksh shout and take a turn. Aditya’s car passes ahead. One of the two cars gets hit by the bus. Aditya stops his car and goes to see.

Dadi sees Kartik and Naira’s pic, Naksh and Kirti’s pic fallen down and broken. Dadi and others cry in tension. People gather and ask for ambulance, since the lady is pregnant. Aditya sees the bleeding hand. Dadi asks Manish to call them. Manish and Akhilesh try and say none of them are reachable. Dadi prays for them. Some people try to open the car door and get Naksh and Kirti out. Aditya says these two? Where are those two? Kartik and Naira are somewhere in the jungle. Suwarna says its strange, I spoke to Naira, they said they are reaching highway. Akhilesh says I spoke to Nikhil, he is my friend, he has a hotel on highway, he said a major accident happened there. Dadi says no and cries. Naira gets up and says Kartik… She asks him to get up. Kartik gets conscious and sees her. He says don’t worry, we will be going to hospital. She holds her tummy and asks baby are you okay. Kartik asks baby to talk to them. She says baby has kicked…. They happily cry. He says nothing will happen to our baby, are you listening. She says Naksh and Kirti….

They get down the car and try to find Naksh. Aditya gets shocked and says what have I done. The man says police has come. Aditya gets tensed. Police checks Naksh and Kirti and says I know them. Naira asks where are we. Kartik says we were on highway, don’t know which way we slipped. Naira asks will they be fine. He calls Naksh and asks where are you. He gets shocked. Naira asks is everything fine, speak up, I hope they are fine. He says all well. A car stops. The man says Sir and madam, you here, is everything fine. Kartik says manager, its good you have come, take Naira to hospital and then house, I will come. Naira asks why, we will go together, ask Naksh to take us in his car. Kartik says I have to file Fir and get the car towed, don’t be stubborn, just go, I m worried for baby, go home and don’t tell anyone. He asks Manager not to tell anyone at home, its a minor accident. He sends Naira. He calls again and talks to inspector. Inspector says Naksh and his wife met with a major accident, their state is really bad.

Kartik asks doctor how are Naksh and Kirti. Doctor says Naksh is fine, but Kirti had much injuries, she is in coma. Naira overhears this on the call and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why didn’t naira get hit and die once and for all, let the baby live but this female should get thrown out. Or kill other characters and keep only naira and kartik , I’m sure naira will want attention even from her baby. Just end this negative serial.

    1. Omg stfu. This female on female hate is the reason why your country is one of the shittiest in the world when it come to women’s rights. You’re literally hating on a female character who just tries to do the right thing. That says a lot about you.

      1. Shayray I don’t know which country you are from but aren’t there people in country who hates some character on tv. Most people hate Naira the character not the actor who plays it and rightly so. Writers are making everyone look bad to proof only Naira have the mind to know right and wrong. The way they butchered dadi’s character and so many other people’s. I don’t no if you have see the old episodes when akshara was the lead it was nothing like what they show us now. You see a female character doing the right think, I see all the other female characters (or male character) shown in bad light to proof that one particular character as best.

      2. Shayray

        Which country are you referring to here? May I know from what did you figure out which “shitty country” I am from?

        And you still manage to catch up on a serial from one of the shittiest countries in the world? That talks a lot about you there.
        Yes I hate the character of naira. But I’m sure you’re from a country full of love that you don’t hate anyone. Good for you. Okay that’s enough of my sarcasm in case you hadn’t figured it out.

        Well I’d like to tell you something. None of us hate kirti or any other woman from this serial. Why do we have a problem with naira? She’s doing the right thing? Have you even followed the serial enough to know who was wrong and who was right? And how overbearing can naira get? Oh nothing against shivangi Joshi who plays the role of naira. They’re too seperate people, if you don’t know the difference between real and reel. And there’s no woman on woman hate, there’s just right and wrong. Stop this pseudofeminism, that a woman cannot go wrong. Wrong bis wrong, whether it’s done by a woman or a man. And naira is wrong and annoying, she’s fit to be a teenager and not exactly a wife/mother.

        And next time mind your tongue. Don’t assume things about other countries and if you do, don’t follow their serial updates.

  2. Nw ur happy naira b****
    Y cant u die
    Wat did kirti did dat she has to suffer bcz of u
    Nw wat agai blame game again lecture nd mahanata nd elders apoligising to dat loser pig naira rit?
    U can change d serial name to naira’s mahanata instead of yrkkh
    Y ur still showing other dormates nd ya u ppl hav to make d kids suffer just to show ur fav mahanata jodis so called gudness

  3. Disgusting and irritating characters especially the lead mahaan stupid idiot actress so called naira ??????????

  4. So sad hope nothing is wrong with Kirti’s baby she has been through so much first it was Aditya now this.

  5. I will not say anything to anyone so please no bashing here is my take now supposing the actress Naira indeed die tomorrow how will you guys feel knowing how much you hate her for what???? Why say things like she should die and call her bit**. This is fictional not real I have been bash before without mentioning anybody’s name so….. waiting. What have Naira done to anybody???? Huh WHAT????.

  6. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Oh gawd… what’s with the Naira haterz… I love this couple ? can’t wait to see Kartik’s baby ? btw, Kirti will die and before she does, she asks Naira to take care of her baby ? spoilers lol

    Bring it on haterz ?

  7. very bad

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