Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rashmi is say sorry to Duggu. At m’s Ananya is still playing with the doll. Varsha is worried. Rajshri tells her not to worry about it as they understand. Kaki teases Anshu and says Anshu and Jasmeet can give Ananya a brother or sister. Anshu gets annoyed. Everyone laughs.

It’s morning, at ss everyone sings Happy Birthday for Dadaji. Dadaji takes blessings from Biasa. Everyone else takes blessings from Dadaji. Naksh gifts him a play station as a gift. Duggu gets jealous and says when I asked cor a video game on my birthday you said no and now you are giving it to Dadaji. Everyone laughs. Bhabhimaa says to him, don’t get upset, you both can share.. Rashmi gives him a card from Baby Gayatri. Naitik asks Duggu why didn’t he

wear the blue shirt that he was gonna wear. Duggu says, from now on I’m only gonna wear black and white clothes as baby can only recognise those 2 colours. Yash asks when are we gonna fly the kites. Rashmi asks Duggu if he got his kite. He says yes and I even wrote a massage for Dadi in the kite. Everyone feels sad. Dadaji says to write thank you from him as well. He says I know wherever she is she will pray for us.
They start kite flying. Rajbanna looks at the massages Duggu wrote in his kite and gets emotional. Akshara sees him and feels sad. She says to Naitik look at Bauji, he looks lonely. Naitik says he lost his partner, he will feel lonely but we are here and we will try our best that he doesn’t. Akshara says doesn’t matter how much we try we will never be able to fill that place. She says maybe I’m not able to explain but… Naitik says I understand but as I said we will try not to let him feel lonely.

The kites flies in the sky and YRKKH takes 1 year leap.

After a year, baby Gayatri started walking, everyone is in the same place celebrating Dadaji’s birthday and Kite Flying festival (sorry I don’t know the name of the festival) Nandini says to Bhabhimaa today is Dadaji’s birthday how come Biasa didn’t even call. Bhabhimaa says I was thinking the same. Dadaji and Rajbanna remember Gayatri and gets sad. Duggu calls everyone and says tells them about kite flying competition. He says all the mens will fly the kites and ladies will help. Dadaji says I won’t be able to do it. Duggu says you can sit down and do it. Rajbanna remembers Gayatri and feels sad. Akshara looks at him. She says he is standing in the same place where he did a year ago. she says a year ago in here I told Naitik that Bauji is feeling lonely, many things has changed within a year but Bauji’s loneliness didn’t. After a year of Maa’s death there is no difference in Bauji’s life.

Akshara says to everyone, you all are calling yourself an champion but the real champion is someone else. Duggu asks what do you mean. Akshara says about Rajbanna. She says no one can defeat him in kite flying. Naitik comes and says the same. Naksh tells everyone lest have an competition against Bauji. Rajbanna refuses at first but they insist and convince him. Akshara tells Duggu to become his assistant. Everyone fly their kits. Girija tells Maharaj ji and Sudha to join as well. They have competition. Rajbanna says he will go down and take rest. Bhabhimaa also takes Dadaji for some rest. Yash and Duggu still playing with kites. Duggu’s kite falls and Yash wins the competition. Duggu fells bad and says he will go down to eat something. Yash follows him. Maharaj ji and Sudha goes to make food for everyone. Rashmi tells Girija to take Baby Gayatri down as it’s cold outside.

Rashmi tells everyone about kite playing competition by using one hand. Mohit says wish Nikhil was here. We could’ve played with him. They talk about Nikhil. Akshara says at m’s they also play such games. Rashmi says then lets play here as well. She says Naksh and Mohit Nandini to play and she will be the judge.

At m’s they are also playing with kites. They having an competition. all the mens are flying kites while blindfolded. Anshu and Jasmeet cheats and wins the competition.

At ss, Naksh and Mohit Nandini having competition. Mohit Nandini wins. Naitik says to Akshara we couldn’t even fly the kites. Akshara says not to worry, we will fly in the ground. She hugs him from the back. They have a romantic talk. Naksh romance as Jaddu Yeh Kya Chal Gaya plays in the background.

Precap : Dadaji falls from his chair and everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amina

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