Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara and everyone rushing to Naksh. They get worried for her. Anshu and Jasmeet are enjoying their honeymoon and takes selfies. Everyone ask Naksh why did he do this. He says to free Akshara of her duties. I m sorry. Akshara cries and says who told you I m worried and I want to get free. She explains Naksh that its not a burden for her, she likes to do this. She says she gets happy doing his work, so please don’t think this. She hugs him. Its morning, everyone talk about Naksh. Naksh talks to Riya and he praises her too Bhabhimaa. Akshara comes with the injection. Naksh says you give it so well that I don’t feel pain. She says she prays to Lord and then gives him.

Naitik says there is good news and says the clients liked Naman’s work. Everyone is happy. Naitik says he did not like it before. Muskaan says he is so nice to accept his mistake. Naman says he does not have any option. Devyaani hears them. Naman asks Muskaan not to take Naitik’s side. Naksh says the code and plays the music. Akshara laughs. Rajshri says Anshu and Jasmeet went two days back and we are missing them a lot. Varsha says even Ananya asks about them. Kaki says she is worried for them. Dadi says I have to make strict rules that no one will talk about them. She laughs and says so that they don’t get troubled by the hiccups. They decide not t disturb them by calls, they will call us. Kaki says we just ask if they are fine. Shaurya says yes, 20-30 times a day. Everyone smile.

Girja shows a star and gives it to Akshara. Akshara says he was finding it. She says Devyaani that Naksh got this star for some extra ordinary work. Devyaani says its good when our children do good, I was proud when Naitik praised Naman. Akshara says yes, I can understand. Devyaani says I feel Naman feels his small success is very big. Akshara says you are right. Devyaani says shall we talk to him. Akshara says no, not now, he is happy, if we tell him now, he may feel bad and his passion can break.

Shaurya calls Varsha and says I love you. She smiles. She says she was checking an international school, for Ananya as this is better. Shaurya says fine, I will come home and talk. Naksh tells Ananya about their group. Ananya says she does not like to be without them. They think some kids don’t meet their cousins for many days, but we all are very lucky. Naman meets Karishma and hugs her. She gives him a bouquet for his first project’s success. He gives her a gift and kisses her. He gets a call from office and cuts it. He asks why is she sad. She says she has to go back to Delhi, as her family is there, what will she tell them, why is she staying here without any work.

Naman says please don’t go, I can’t live without you. She says even me, but I can’t go. The manager tells Naitik that Naman is not taking calls and clients wants details, and I don’t know the details. Naitik says maybe he is busy. Naitik gets head ache. Girja kills the mosquitoes by the electric bat. Devyaani says we have to be careful by the mosquitoes disease. Naksh comes home and says he has to make science project. Akshara asks him to freshen up.
Ananya comes home and says she is getting bored. Rajshri shows her stitching. Varsha says she will talk to Shaurya that Ananya needs more activities. Varsha and Rajshri see the needle missing and says we will get it when it hurt anyone on the sofa. Naksh asks Akshara to talk to Nandini, else drop him to his friend’s home. All the kids come to Naksh with their mum. They lie as they did not wish to get the boys gang at their homes. Devyaani, Muskaan and Bhabhimaa understand they are lying and want to avoid the kids. Naksh goes to play. Askhara says we can’t do anything, as its even Naksh’s project.

Naksh shows the light demo to them. Girja gives them snacks. Naksh asks them to do the project and they argue. Akshara sorts their fight and asks them to work united. The ladies think its tough to manage others kids. Akshara says I salute the teachers for managing and teaching 40 kids together in a class. Akshara says it will be fun to hear music while working and plays it. Naitik calls Akshara and she says she is very busy. She says Naksh has project work and his friends came. Naitik says fine and ends the call. He feels unwell and holds his head.

Everyone clap seeing Naksh’s project. The kids fight and break the project.

Update Credit to: Amena

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