Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naksh fearing of the water and the kids calling him a coward. Nandini talks to Rukmani about Yash. Rukmani takes Yash with her to buy him some toys. Maa asks Naksh to eat something. Naitik says let him not eat if he does not want. Maa says don’t force Naksh for swimming. Naitik says its his loss, he will be afraid of everything. Maa says I won’t let anyone force Naksh. Naitik says I was afraid of darkness but I fought with it. Naksh has to fight with his fears. Maa gets a call from her brother. Akshara asks what happened.

Varsha and Kaki are doing the preparations of the breakfast. Akshara’s Maa comes there and says I will make it. They say we will make it, you take rest. Varsha jokes with him. Akshara and Bhabhimaa asks Maa to go and meet her brother on the Raksha Bandhan Day. She asks her to pack her belongings and go. Maa says I m excited. Naitik says I will confirm the ticket. Maa gives the responsibility to Akshara. Maa says don’t force Naksh to swim, let him do what he likes. Bhabhimaa says I know your heart will be with Naksh. Naksh asks Maa where she is going. She tells him about his brother. Naksh says ok go. Naksh says I will miss you but its ok. Naksh says who will save me from my parents. Maa says don’t scold Naksh and hugs him.

Naksh sees Naitik doing some work. He asks Akshara to tell Naitik to talk to him. I tried but I could not do, then why are you feeling bad. Akshara explains him. She asks him to get rid of his fears. Naitik wants him to be brave. Akshara says forget it, go and get ready for the Independence Day. Akshara sees Naitik and talks to him. He is repairing something. She says Maa and Naksh are going to the park. Bhabhimaa is not at home. I m free so.. Naitik says let me repair this first. Akshara leaves. Naitik stops her. She says tubelight….

Rama asks Rashmi to eat. Rashmi says I m not in a mood. Rama says sorry for not providing her good things. Rashmi says you are taking so much care of me. Nikhil is also doing the same. Rashmi speaks well and wins Rama’s heart. Rama blesses her. Naksh talks to his friends. Maa sees Anshu and Ananya. Anshu sees Naksh and goes to meet him. Maa asks Ananya about Naksh and says don’t tease Naksh. Ananya meets Naksh and says sorry for teasing him. She says don’t be afraid of swimming, its fun. Akshara’s Maa comes to her husband. He asks her to tell Varsha to make popcorn. She feels the house has changed. She leaves.
Maa asks Naksh to go to the school on time. Naksh runs inside the house with dirty shoes. Akshara scolds him. Naksh says the maid will clean it. Naksh argues with her. Akshara calls the maid and asks her to bring water as Naksh will do the cleaning. Maa says this is not the right way. Akshara says he will understand when he does him himself. Maa says I will explain him. Akshara says no, not this time. Naitik comes and asks what happened. Akshara saays punishment. Naitik leaves. Akshara asks Naksh to start cleaning the floor. Maa feels bad. Naksh cleans the floor. Maa says do like this only. Naksh dances while cleaning. Naksh says I am having fun. Everyone laughs.

Akshara’s Maa is crying in her room. Dadi comes there and asks what happened, did anyone tell anything. She says no one needs me in this house, everyone have learnt to live without me. The house has changed. Dadi says is life which does not stop. Dadi explains her about changes. She asks her to accept the changes. Maa smiles. Dadi says we missed you a lot after you went. Her husband comes and says everyone missed you, we need you even more. She says sorry to them. Dadi laughs.

Everyone are in the hall. Naksh comes and says I will become an Indian soldier when I grow up. Everyone gather for the flag raising. They ask Dadda ji to raise the flag and gives him the honor. Everyone are happy.

Akshara sings a song. Naksh goes to pick up something..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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