Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sirat gets grateful to Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi and Nani making prayers. Ranvir calls Kartik and says I had delivered the gift to the guard, I hope you got it. Kartik says yes, thanks for the favor, I wish you could see the happiness on her face. Ranvir recalls Sirat. Sirat signs him. Kartik asks him to talk to her. She takes the phone. The call disconnects. She says Lord has cut our connection. Kartik says you can thank me now. Ranvir says I came between, you should get that thanks. Sheela says I will take care of your skin, make up and hair, I will give you discount, I will give a free massage also. Dadi asks Suwarna to get Sheela’s massage done by Sirat. Suwarna smiles. Dadi says you got fine now that you are ready to give a massage. Sheela says I still have pain in my hand, I didn’t care for my sorrow. She sees Sirat and acts. She goes. Dadi laughs. Sirat asks what was she doing. Nani says acting. Sirat says Sheela will trouble you. Dadi says we know to deal with such people. Nani asks how did you get this. Sirat says Kartik got this for me. Suwarna asks Kartik to see the happiness on her face. Kartik says she got her first love, gloves. Suwarna says thanks.

Dadi says Kartik gifted gloves instead jewellery. Sirat says this company is famous, Kartik got these gloves and shoes for me, I will keep it safe. Chandan argues with Ranvir. He says you will run away by shutting this office if you know the reason, your entire family is shifting to Udaipur. Ranvir gets shocked. Chandan says before they reach you, I have to shift you from here. Ranvir says I will shift, I can do anything to avoid seeing them. Chandan says I will tell you why they are coming, Chauhan is fighting elections from this state. Ranvir says he just wins by fair and unfair means. Chandan says you can’t forgive him right. Ranvir says his one decision changed my life. Sirat drops the gift. She sees a yellow paper rose and cries. She says its exactly the same like Ranvir used to make. She says I don’t have to think about him, Kartik got this gift for me, he left me, he never cared for me, if I try to move on, then I will get hurt. She says I have to get up, and make my past away. Ranvir says fathers bless their sons, my dad gave me a curse, he snatched everything, he shall snatch this life and end the story. Chandan says calm down. Ranvir says one will reap what he sows, he has snatched my life, I have snatched his son.

Kartik asks Sirat why did she get late. She says I had kept the gift properly, its so costly. He says you could have kept it in safe. Dadi asks him to come. Sirat says he used to give me such gifts. Kartik says you mean, him, gifts are to give happiness, this thing gives you happiness, if he gave you bindi or kajal, then you would have punched him, I wanted to gift something girly, I thought first gift should be memorable. She says you get full marks. Kairav comes and says we will have a competition to decorate the idol, I will give gift to the winner. Sirat says yes, it will bring excitement. Kartik says its not national level boxing fight, just decorating the idol. Nani says we will see that later, come for puja. Dadi asks Kartik and Sirat to be together. Nani says you have to do puja together from now. Kartik recalls Naira. Sirat recalls Ranvir. Rhea sees the idols. She takes an idol and says I will decorate this well. Kartik gets ready. Aaoge phir…plays… Ranvir and Sirat also get ready. Kartik recalls Naira. He sees Sirat decked up and gets stunned.

Kartik and Sirat dance with the family. They come to the temple for puja. Ranvir and Chandan also come there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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