Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadi opposes Naira’s work

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi seeing Kartik. He asks will you have juice or green tea. She says you were born and raised in front of me, I know you a lot. He asks what are you saying. She says you are acting, you know what I m feeling, don’t let me say it. He says nothing. She says your heart is big, you love Naira a lot, all this doesn’t affect you, I m not good or blind, I feel bad, all this award, applaud, praise and pics belonged to you. He says no, it was for Naira and she got it, you are just thinking this without any reason, have this juice. He goes.

Mihir says everyone will be impressed with Naira’s designs. Kartik sees Naira on stage. Dadi says we shall leave now. Kartik asks how, Naira is busy. Manish says once she gets free, we will go together. Dadi says you should

rest, Krish and Gayu also need rest. Naksh says I will wait for her here. Kartik says no, you go with Kirti and Krish. Dadi says message her and ask. Kartik says it won’t look good. He goes and hears Mihir talking to Naira about the work.

Surekha asks isn’t Naira coming. He says maybe, she will need time. Dadi says then we will go, its no use to stay here. They leave. Kartik messages Naira that he is leaving. Kartik sits in the car. Naira comes to him and says I really didn’t know anything. He says I know its not your mistake. She says its not in my control, my focus was on you, I thought you felt bad, you deserve this and I got this, but I haven’t done anything, I was thinking how to rectify this. He says its all fine, don’t worry. She hugs him and says I would have been more glad if you got this award. He asks where shall we go to celebrate this success. She says we will have sweet betel. He says as you say. He thinks to be happy in her happiness. They leave.

Kartik and Naira lie down to sleep. She asks do you want to say something. He thinks of Dadi’s words. He asks her to check mails, he will talk later. She checks and says yes, its urgent, don’t know how I forgot. She does her work. She says done, now tell me, what is it. He says promise me, you won’t judge me. She gets a message. He says check it again. She checks mails. They sleep. Its morning, Naira wakes up by a call. She answers and says meeting…. Kartik hears her. She kisses him and says sorry, I have to get ready for meeting. He asks shall I help. She says yes, motivate me to go. He says fine, nothing is imp than work in life, work is worship, go for the job. She laughs.

Devyaani sees Lacchi on call. Samarth shows Naira’s pic in magazine. Everyone likes it. Samarth says Manish said right that Naira should manage jewellery business of Goenkas. Manish says I didn’t say this, reporters always hype things. Dadi says its wrong, you all are not understanding. Akhilesh says Kartik is coming. Samarth shows the magazine to Kartik. Kartik likes the pic and says the writeup is also good. Samarth says yes, I read, Naira is much praised. Everyone praises Naira. Gayu asks Naira to come and see her magazine.

Naira smiles. She takes Manish’s blessings. Manish says you deserve it. Suwarna hugs and congratulates. Naira gets a call. She asks what, today. Devyaani asks Kirti to check Lacchi’s phone once, she has asked her to check phone before. Kirti doesn’t agree at first and then says fine, I will do it. Devyaani thanks and goes. Lacchi comes and gives baby clothes for Krish. Kirti likes it and asks did you make it. Lacchi says yes, its for Krish. Kirti thanks her and thinks she is cute and innocent girl, I don’t think she is bad as Devyaani thinks. She asks Lachhi to make Krish wear it. She goes. Lacchhi shows all the pics to someone on phone. She gets Kirti’s ring and wears it. She shows the jewellery boxes.

Naira says Mihir called and said we have to go for client meeting to Delhi. Dadi says refuse to him. Manish says but mum… Dadi says Naira won’t go anywhere, I don’t want to hear anything, no means no. Kartik says there should be a reason for refusal. Dadi says she is your wife and my bahu. Kartik says she is just an employee in company. Dadi says she should be in limits and work. Kartik says I also go for meetings, you can’t stop her. Samarth gets a message and asks Naira to check the likes on social media, magazine people would have put this. Everyone smiles. Kartik recalls and thinks even I was there in this pic, they removed me from pic, Naira didn’t notice.

Kartik argues with Naira and says our respect will be zero, you are our competitor now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ama Naira already dance acadamy arambichu naala kilichuta. Ipa intha madam overnight la periya designer ayitanhlo…. Oru alavoda naira ku jaldra adinga da

  2. Ama Naira already dance acadamy arambichu naala kilichuta. Ipa intha madam overnight la periya designer ayitanhlo…. Oru alavoda naira ku jaldra adinga da…thu

  3. Because naira is Mahan so over night she can become dancer and even a designer.
    She can become miss India of udaipur also if needed because makeup dukan key alawa koyi khubsurat nahi Hai use serial mein.
    Any age any kind of person from kid to old will die the beauty of only and only naira

  4. Edhungaluku vera vela ena andha otagathuku jalra adikradhu dan

  5. 8-9 varushama Nalla oditrundha serial da idhu..ipdi Salli salliya norukkuringaleeyyy

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