Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the cricket match going on. Rajshri and Devyaani bond well. Naitik looks at Naman angrily. Naitik’s turn comes and he does batting with Rashmi. Naman bowls and takes Rashmi’s wickets. Naman plays very well. Bhabhimaa comes to play with Naitik and is out on first ball. Varsha is happy. She says Maheshwaris won. Everyone claps. Akshara says one player is left and one over is also left. She says she will play. Rajshri says how can you play. Bhabhimaa says don’t play, let us lose. Varsha says yes, we will lose if you say, you don’t play.

Akshara says lets play fair. Shaurya says can you bat. Akshara says yes, but I need a runner Naksh. They start playing. Akshara skips the first day and asks Naksh to run on second ball to make a run. Naitik comes to play for the last ball. Naman does bowling. Naitik hits high. Naman asks Shaurya to catch the ball. It’s a six and Singhanias win. Naitik gets angry seeing Naman making a loser face. Akshara says yes Naitik, we won. Naitik throws the bat and leaves. Rashmi asks what happened to him. Akshara says nothing, he has head ache. I will see him. Rajshri says congrats to everyone for winning. Bhabhimaa says come lets go home.

Akshara comes to Naitik and asks what happened. Naitik says nothing. She says you know you can’t hide anything from me. Naitik says Naman and Muskaan, they lied to us, that they went to Nana’s house to stay and he has to leave. She says did he not go. Naitik says they went but they did not tell them they went to stay. Naitik says they came to stay with Devyaani. Akshara says you are mistaken. Naitik says no, Nana told me this, Naman and Muskaan lied to Devyaani too. They have to understand what we are going through. He gets angry. Mohit comes and teases them. He says everyone are leaving, come. Rashmi talks to Rama and says I will come soon.

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Dadi asks Varsha and Anshu not to worry. Rajshri says be happy, Jasmeet is coming tomorrow.Mohit says keep another game. Naman insists and says we will win next match. Naitik fumes. Mohit gives the prize to Dadda ji and Naitik. He asks Naitik to speak few words. Naitik says its for both families, for our unity and happiness. Mohit jokes. They take a group photo. Devyaani is happy seeing Naman play so well. Naman says Naitik was not happy and playing with anger. Devyaani says no, don’t think this. Naman tells Muskaan about Naitik’s weird behavior. Muskaan says don’t know why. Naman says maybe because I was playing well.

Muskaan says I asked you not to play well. Naman says I want to ask Naitik face to face. Muskaan says we should not forget they have supported Devyaani in our absence. Naman says I Know and I respect them, it does not mean to behave awkward. He leaves annoyed. Everyone have a talk about the match. Anshu jokes on Rajshri. Naitik taunts Naman and says I think there should be sportmen spirit. Naman answers him well. Akshara calms them down. Naksh asks Naitik what will we punish to the loser team. Naitik says Varsha should make our fav dishes and send us for one week. Varsha smiles. Vishwamber says we will leave now. Akshara’s family leaves.

Nandini says Mohit we should also leave. Rashmi says I will stay here. Rashmi talks to Naman and says that Naitik also plays well. Naitik leaves in anger. Jasmeet meets Suresh. Suresh asks her about Naman and Muskaan and asks her to give this parcel to them. Muskaan coughs and Devyaani cares for her. Rashmi sees them and is shocked to hear Muskaan calling Devyaani mom. Naman jokes. Rashmi is stunned seeing them and goes to Naitik.

Akshara asks Naitik to keep a happy mood, she will talk to Naman. Rashmi comes to them and asks about Devyaani and her children. She says did you know this, do everyone know. Akshara signs yes. Rashmi says no one tells me anything. Naitik says try to understand. Rashmi overreacts. Rashmi leaves annoyed. Naitik says Akshara I told you our family can break because of them. Akshara worries.

Naman and Naitik have an argument. Everyone look on and are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I request to that director to finish the serial don’t bore us like this it has no story at all it’s really boring show nobody watch the serial in my house please please end it end it please if u don’t have good story end it it’s been enough now boring boring i cannot even express how boring serial is YRKKH

  2. priyaaaaaaaa……………u are right babes…… i love gals who find serials boring………..
    love me..plz be my gf!! I hope tum s*xy ho!!

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