Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik agrees to marry Vedika

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and everyone seeing Dadi and crying. Dadi is taken for the surgery. Naira thanks Liza for coming. She says I m worried to go home. Liza says I am also thinking how will they react, don’t worry, this has Lord’s decision, maybe everything changes for the good now. Naira says I wish Dadi gets fine seeing Kairav.

Doctor says operation was successful, I can’t say anything until Dadi gets conscious. Everyone gets relieved. Naksh says operation went well, I m sure recovery will happen well, don’t worry. Kartik hugs him. Naksh asks him to have coke. Naksh says you will meet Dadi first and tell her the good news that you are going to marry. Kartik gets shocked. Naksh says you would be feeling strange that Naira’s brother is saying this, its not wrong,

truth is our emotions and life’s truth are on either sides, you should move on now, everyone thinks so, Dadi got a heart attack by stress, she will get better if you say you will remarry, else she may get an attack now. Kartik says you are emotionally blackmailing me.

Naksh says I m like your brother and will tell you the truth, Dadi wants best for you, Naira won’t come back, Vedika is a nice girl, give her a chance, I m sure she will become a good life partner. Kartik drops the cake. He sees Naira. She says its all okay, you should respect Dadi’s wish. He says don’t do this with me, I can’t do this. She disappears.

Vedika asks Manish to have juice and take medicines. She asks him to stop worrying, Dadi will get conscious soon. She says I will go to temple and come. She goes. Surekha says I asked Dadi to stop thinking of this, Dadi doesn’t listen, she just talks of Kartik’s marriage and his children, this is her wish. Akhilesh thinks what if mum knows Naira is alive, will Naira come in front, why did she hide, why was she helpless. Surekha asks Akhilesh to go and get the injections. She asks what happened to you, you don’t answer me. He asks her to keep some peace in life. Samarth says everyone has to move on, its life, we can’t stop it. Kartik comes to Vedika and sees her praying. He recalls everyone’s words and cries. Vedika asks what happened, tell me, why are you upset. Yeh rishta….plays… He says marry me. She asks who has pressurized you. He says no one. She says I can’t believe this, why did you keep this demand suddenly.

He says when person loses a lot, he should keep the remaining things safe, I don’t want to lose what I have, you are my friend, marry me, I m not blackmailing you, its just a request. She says I used to think you will say this to me, but I didn’t know this would happen like this. He says sorry, will you do this for me. She says I can’t do this, this would be my life’s happiness if you were happy. He says I can’t get happy, you can see Dadi, what did she get by worrying for my happiness, don’t complicate this relation, we are friends and will always be, maybe this marriage is necessary, think about it soon, I don’t have much time. She cries.

Manish says its late, doctor said we can know about Dadi when she gets conscious. Doctor says she isn’t responding to treatment well, she is sinking, we are giving her medicines, but she may lose her life. Kartik asks her to shut up, how can she scare the patient’s family, think before saying. Akhilesh asks him to calm down. Kartik says how can she say this. He runs to the ICU. Doctor stops the family. Kartik says see I have come, why are you troubling us Dadi, get up, everything will happen as you want, are you listening to me, you want me to marry, fine I m ready, get up now. He cries and recalls Vedika accepting his request.

Doctor comes to stop him and sees Dadi responding. Kartik says I didn’t understand about the marriage, but now I m ready, get up Dadi. He cries. Dadi opens her eyes and says Kittu. Kartik says I have told the truth. Dadi asks him to call Vedika. Manish asks Vedika to go. Vedika goes to Dadi. Dadi says I m very happy, Kartik is a nice guy, he will keep you happy, you don’t leave him. She unites their hands.

Pandit says one of your family member may face any big problem, it can be fatal. Suwarna worries. Kairav faints. Naira cries and worries for him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    that Dadi is the worst !!! emotionally blackmailing Kartik becuz of her whim and fancy 😡 don’t even want to think how she will treat Naira on her return 😤 … I hope Kairav gets better and able to protect his mom from that dragon lady… with his cute little self 😘😁

    1. Don’t understand why you are bashing at her. Everyone knows naira is dead ,it is bad to move on life. Naira is at fault here,she deprived the whole goenka family from their grandson just based on one doubt.!Also it’s really silly and irritating to see her in crying face always as if she was bearing too much lol anyone likes strong justified lady they are most respected but not someone like her who cry’s always to get bechari types sympathy lol

  2. what bullshit.. this blo*dy show should just end right this moment!! it sucks!! and this kaira so just so pathetic and naira is nithing just a selfish and idiotic and useless b*t*h!


    Some people’s judgements are so funny a grandmother who wants her grandson to move on and who got sick thinuking about him is called dramatic
    And a woman who went away from husband and family just because her husband doubdt ed her is called great good….you shouldn’t decide what is right or wrong seeing a person’s face but according to the situations…She even made kairav away fron the family…..she knows whenever she tried to hide something hers and kartik relation always changed…why does she repeat the same mistake….she judged her husband based on 1 mistake….what would she do if she would get a husband like adithya…..but sincerely I hate naira

  4. I only hope they wont start the track if Kairav having some medical problem which needs his sibling…. Just a thought

    1. Or a huge amount of money.

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