Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik reveals Vedika’s truth

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik coming back. Everyone asks the reason for his anger. He says I was going to have a new product launch, but there is production delay. Manish says it happens in business. Kartik says sorry. Manish asks him to make his mood better. Kartik says really sorry Vedika. She smiles. He says I will be back. He goes to Kairav. Bhabhimaa says where did Naira go. Naira asks them to complete the Makar Sankranti rasam, its a day for new start. Dadi says yes, forget the past and start fresh. They pray. Kartik says I know everything. Vedika asks what do you know. He asks what. She says I thought you said something. He says no.

He says sorry kids, you would be scared seeing my anger. Kairav says I didn’t see you so angry before. Kartik says I promise this won’t happen again. Vedika sees Kartik with Kairav. Kartik says I will wash hands and come. Vedika asks Kairav was he making some plan. Kairav says yes, dad said don’t tell anyone or you, I can just tell mumma. She says Pallavi is right, I think a lot. Bhabhimaa gifts Dadi on Sankranti. Manish says at least Kartik met his son. The man gets some documents and takes Kartik’s sign. Kartik asks Vedika to sign as well. Vedika sees some legal documents. Kartik says I m starting a diamond collection by your name, don’t worry. She smiles and signs on the papers. She thanks. He says thank you, you gave kidney to Naira, this is nothing. Manish says we shall leave now, we had much happiness here. Vedika says really, thanks.

Kartik asks Vansh to come. Vedika packs her bag and sends it with servant. She says I got the ticket. Kartik says let the bags be here, we will go tomorrow, I have urgent work today, I have booked tomorrow’s tickets, thanks. She thinks Naira can get my tests done again. Naira says sometimes we have to fight our dear ones for truth, truth is mighty, we have to adapt some way that hurts others, but we have to think for whom we are fighting, for ourselves or truth, we don’t need to get scared of anything. Vansh reads the essay, superwoman of our family. He says I have written it on Vedika. He reads. Vedika smiles. Everyone claps.

Samarth asks did you write this yourself. Vansh says yes, thanks. He goes. Suwarna says kids think a lot. Manish says yes. Suwarna says Vedika you are really a superwoman. Gayu thanks her. Naira says some hours more. Vedika asks Manish to have healthy food. Kartik asks Vedika to sit, staff can serve the food. Vedika says I will take medicines, I like doing this for family. He says you have to take rest, those who have one kidney, their immunity gets less. She asks what happened, did I do anything.

He says I m genuinely worried for you, you gave kidney to Naira. She says matter is old now. He says yes, but its true, its my duty to take care of you, don’t take stress. She says please stop talking about it. He says fine, sorry, take care, I feel guilty, I m not keeping up the promise. He gets Naira’s call. He says its manager’s call, its urgent, sorry. Vedika says he cleanly lied, I had seen Naira’s call. Vedika calls Pallavi. She says Pallavi I m scared. Pallavi asks her not to worry, just start a new life with Kartik. Vedika doesn’t sleep. Kartik sees her and gets up. He takes the bag with him. He says yes, I m coming, wait outside. Vedika hides and says where is he going. She sees Kartik hugging Naira and going with her. She runs in front of the car and stops him. She takes the car keys. She asks what’s happening, you promised me that you won’t meet Naira again, what happened now.

She asks about the passports, bags and tickets. Everyone comes out. They ask what happened. Vedika says Dadi, they are going somewhere, they are cheating. Kartik says yes, I m going away with Naira, Dadi and you know I can’t live without her, none can take her place, we decided to go to other country, we will call Kairav there, we are helpless. Dadi thinks I don’t understand. Naira says sorry, we have no option, Kartik doesn’t love Vedika or accept her as wife. Vedika says Kartik chose me to save Naira’s life, I saved your life and gave my kidney. Kartik shouts enough Vedika, you didn’t donate any kidney, stop this drama now. Dadi smiles. Kartik says Naira and I know your truth. Everyone is shocked.

Naira gets ready for her marriage. Kartik says nothing can go wrong today. Kartik and Naira’s clothes get torn.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am sure the paper where vedika sign is not for any vedika jewelry store. I wish it turn out to be kartik vedika divorce paper. and we get rid of these vedika from our kaira life.

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