Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Karishma arguing with Naitik. He says he can’t fulfill Naksh;s wish if ist not good for him, a parent can know the best for child, and I don’t need to learn from her, is this right to get kids on your side, I m not a kid, I understand everything. Karishma asks what do you mean. Akshara asks them to calm down. Devyaani scolds Karishma. Bhabhimaa asks her to talk to elders with respect. Bau ji says Naitik is right, we can’t make his wishes fulfilled. Karishma says then make anyone else work. Naitik says either you will work your way or nothing, fine part cancelled. Karishma says I have made the bookings. Akshara asks them to end the matter now. The kids have a talk. Naksh cries.

Akshara talks to Naksh. He says dad won’t agree, as Naitik scolded Karishma too, no one loves me. Akshara says we all love you. He says dad was better before and my birthday was celebrated, I always agree to him, you all celebrated well when dad came out of sleep, shall I also sleep for long. She scolds him. He says he does not want to talk. Naitik sees Akshara. She signs him and he leaves. Rukmani talks to Karishma, and says she understands her, if they can’t listen to her, what can they do, its not her mistake. She says they blame me, and call it opposite. She says yes, this family is such. Devyaani comes and they stop talking. Karishma leaves.

Rukmani says leave her, she is immature, don’t worry, I explained her that such small fights happen. Devyaani smiles and says I expected this from you, you are elder, try to make things fine, not spoil. She leaves. Shaurya and Varsha come home and tell about Karishma’s mistake. He says Naksh is bearing this because of her, her birthday got cancelled. Varsha says Naksh will be sad. Rajshri says I will call Naitik. Dadi says no, it will be interference, it depends on parents what to give kids. Mohit comes to Akshara. He asks her to tell her problem. He asks her to lighten her heart.

He jokes and asks her to talk as a pandit or stranger friend. She says you are Naitik’s friend, and you know him very well. He says you can complain about him. She says he is very adamant and Naksh went on him, I feel angry on both son and father. They are annoyed, I don’t know whom side to take, he sometimes makes all demands of Naksh true, and sometimes don’t know what happens to him. He smiles and says I don’t know who I am. She smiles and everyone should have a friend.

Karishma says mum did not support me, no one thought about Naksh. Naman says Naitik and Akshara are his parents and will think about him. She argues. Muskaan talks to Alok. He asks did she call him. She says no, why would I call you, maybe it got connected by mistake. She hears someone else talking, and asks who is there with him. He says genie. She asks who. He says its someone, are you jealous. She says why will I be jealous. He says she is some special girl, she is very sweet and cute, and beautiful. She asks does she stay here. He says no, she stays in neighborhood, but comes here to spend time. She says it means I disturbed you. He says I called you, as you wish, fine, good night, genie is 10 year old sweet girl, who sometimes comes to learn maths from me. They smile.

Devyaani tells Akshara that Naksh did not have anything. Naitik says he will eat when he gets hungry. Devyaani says he is kid, if he gets unwell. Mohit asks Naitik to understand Naksh. Naitik says I want to break Naksh’s stubbornness. Mohit says you should explain him with love, its his birthday tomorrow. Naitik says he can grow more stubborn, I hope Akshara agrees and not does any foolishness. Akshara says I will make Naksh have food later. Naitik says no one will go to him, he will have food himself. Devyaani tells Bau ji that fight comes in parents because of kids. Bau ji says yes, I m afraid of it.

Naksh feels hungry and wants to eat. Naitik and everyone come there, to wish him at night. Naksh smiles Akshara brings the cake. Naksh asks are they not annoyed. Naitik asks him not to waste time, and make a wish. Naksh wishes and cuts the cake. Everyone sing happy birthday to you. They all get happy. Naitik says he will celebrate birthday as Naksh says. Naksh thanks and hugs him. Naksh talks to Maheshwaris and they wish him. He invites them in his birthday. Its morning, Naksh asks for gifts. Akshara says you will get it later, when you cut the cake.

Dadda ji says I can’t see him upset. He says he will gift her now, and gifts Naksh. Naksh thanks him. Rukmani blesses Naksh and gifts him. Naksh asks Karishma is everything ready. Karishma says all set and tells her plans about a big cake and she will pick Naksh from school, and they will take his friends and celebrate. She says we will party at home in evening. Devyaani asks her will she take Akshara, Naitik and Muskaan. Karishma says no elders, I m going as I m organizer.

Karishma comes to know she is late and gate is closed. The kids wait and she says the entry is closed, we have to go back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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