Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira revisit past

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik getting Sharma’s call. Sharma says I got the date, I will come to pick you. Kartik says I can’t hear you, I will call later. Servant calls him for some problem. Kartik goes. Naira gets Pandey’s message regarding the final hearing of the divorce. She takes phone to check. Mohit asks her to forward some number. Naitik asks Nandini why are you upset. Nandini says it would have been good if mum was here. He says everyone is doing a lot to bring Kartik and Naira together, Bhabhimaa went to do puja for them. Kirti asks Naira to go tilak, so that they can take baraat. Naira keeps phone. She does Anmol’s tilak and aarti.

Rukmani asks the man not to call and trouble her, she will send money in few days, if Mohit knows I have bought all the jewelry, not rented it, he will be angry on me, I have to pay 5 lakhs. Rukmani says Anmol wanted to go on horses or elephants, but this rainy season and day time mahurat spoiled the fun. Naira recalls Kartik. Kartik says I have done all arrangements, go to the gate. Lav and Kush talk of Kartik’s baraat. Kartik hears them and recalls Naira. Lawyers talk that the case will end today. Pandey says I have sent a message to Naira, Singh has gone for imp work, its strange a marriage and divorce is happening in that family. Sharma says I have informed my client as well. Anmol gets welcomed by Surekha. Lav and Kush come and say Mansi has gone somewhere. They all get shocked. Surekha asks what are you saying. They say we are saying the truth.

Rukmani says bride has run away. Ashi reads… sorry to hurt you all, you have seen perfect marriages breaking, if Kartik and Naira’s marriage didn’t work out, whose marriage will work out then. Surekha says I told you Kartik to wait for few days till Mansi’s bidaai, you didn’t listen to anyone, you did much drama, you fought and consumed alcohol, look at the result now. Manish says don’t be upset, I think she did right, marriage is just a game for today’s generation, you would be more upset if she took divorce after few years of marriage. Rukmani says everyone considered Kartik and Naira as ideal couple, now bear this. Naksh says we shall find Mansi first. Naira says there are so many people here, no one has seen her leaving, how can this happen. She goes up and finds the storeroom locked. She calls Kartik and says I have found Mansi.

Mansi cries. Kartik and Naira come in and ask where are you Mansi. Kartik says we know you are here, come out. Naira says please come out. Mansi gets up. They go and hug her. Mansi says sorry, I don’t want to get married. Kartik says talk to us, maybe we can help. Mansi says I can’t do this, I m very scared, if your marriage…. I mean if such issues can come between you two, Anmol and I hardly know each other, we aren’t so understanding, I don’t want divorce, I don’t trust love anymore, I won’t marry, I don’t trust anything, neither love nor marriage. Kartik says you will have some trust on Anmol, so you wanted to marry him. Naira says our parents also had trust and married, trust is imp. Kartik says your parents had arranged marriage, still they are successful. Naira says my parents and, Kirti-Naksh too… Mansi says what about you two, you are in this situation, it means my fear is true, this can happen with anyone, I don’t want to get married. They explain Mansi not to compare everyone’s relations. Kartik says you shouldn’t give you. Naira says never lose hope. They see each other. Yeh rishta….plays… Anmol comes and hugs Mansi.

He reminds their promises. She says I was scared. He says I love you. She says I love you too but… Kartik says there is no place ‘but’ when you love someone. He sees Naira. Anmol says come, everyone is waiting. Mansi says why did you come, Dadi said you can’t see me, its bad omen. Kartik says don’t believe in it. Naira says marriage is based on trust. Anmol says I can’t see your face, its concealed behind makeup, so no abshagun, come. Mansi smiles and goes.

Kabhi yeh bichaate hai…..plays………… Kartik and Naira see each other. Rukmani says he needs 5 lakhs today, how shall I get it. She sees the cash and takes it. Lav and Kush look on. Naira sees the trunk falling. Kartik and Naira see her bridal dress and wedding album. They keep it back. Kartik and Naira’s alter selves get together and watch them. Their alter selves compliment each other and want them to talk to each other. O morey saiyyan…..plays…. Kartik and Naira recollect their old moments. Kartik closes the wedding album and keeps it. Naira asks why did our marriage break. Kartik says you know why. Their alter selves ask them to try and reconcile, there is still hope. Lav and Kush come and call them downstairs. Kartik and Naira leave. Their alter selves see the trunk open and say the memories didn’t end completely, there are still changed. They smile.

Kartik and Naira have a loud argument. Sharma and Pandey come and ask them to come to court for the final hearing.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Soofia bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia naira kartik can’t have a divorce they love each other they can’t live without each other they r made for each other I can’t believe it that naira kartik r getting a divorce I’m not happy they r divorcing each other for good this time

    Kind regards soofia

    1. Soofia dont worry nothing will happen to them..Even if makers show them divorced, they will bring them back together as show cant go on with lead pair separated and married to other people. I just dont like a long drawn thing they are showing and I just hate looking at Suwarna the pig.

  2. Hahahahaha hahahahehehe I love your description of Suwarna. LMAO Suwarna the pig women like her should go bag their face I like the way Manish is acting up he has to be cruel to be kind. And now Dadi is realizing her mistakes she always use to put herself on this pedestal she was superior to everyone man the whole generation thinks highly of themselves. They did not stop to think that the higher they climb the harder they will fall stew.

  3. This is my first ever personal view of the whole situation but if Karthik can not forgive Naira and move on, if he wants to brood over Shubham issue so much then why does not say it out, why does the whole Goenka family blame Naira when its Karthik who can not move on with his life, poor Naira how many more days does she have to stay her parents place? 2 years, that seems to be a long time to keep a girl hanging without any certain decision. how can any husband be so mean?

  4. Naira is a self obsessed bitch.
    Kartik deserves better.

  5. Yrkkh third class serial, suvarna and kartik are too bad characters k vo otni nafrat karte hai. Maa k ilava use kutch nhn dikhta serial is too bad now. We can’t see it any more.dono ko milate h nhn ek dum bekaar serial kr diya

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